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In Topic: Burke's gaff

04 August 2007 - 12:44 PM

if edmonton sucks and anaheim gets the 1st overall then losing penner wont even matter

In Topic: Rumor: Ducks won't match offer for Penner

02 August 2007 - 02:41 PM

QUOTE(YoungGuns1340 @ August 2, 2007 - 02:20PM) View Post

Thats basically a Bert for Penner deal...ouch

thats good news for us , especially if neidermayer and selanne retires .........now i just hope that the oilers dont really suck next year so the ducks dont get the 1st overall pick

In Topic: Rookies this year

29 July 2007 - 01:57 PM

QUOTE(RyanBarnes! @ July 29, 2007 - 02:20PM) View Post

In case you did not know, a player must not have attained his 26 birthday by September 15th of the season in which he is eligable. This rule was implemented after Sergei Makarov won the Calder trophy in 1990. Grigorenko is only 24 though.

ya i knew that rule but i didnt say anything cause like you said hes only 24 still had a few yrs left before he wouldnt be eligible

In Topic: Rookies this year

29 July 2007 - 12:18 PM

QUOTE(Andy Pred 48 @ July 29, 2007 - 12:54PM) View Post

Does Grigs qualify for this ?

why wouldnt he ? its his first yr

others who im guessing might be rookies this year

bobby ryan
jonathan toews
martin hanzal
carey price
andrei kostitsyn ( played 22games , might be eligible for calder this yr)
marc staal
luc bourdon
nicklas backstrom
jack johnson
erik johnson

if i was a betting man the rookie of the year would be nicklas backstrom or jack johnson, wouldnt count out toews as well

In Topic: Burke whining again.

27 July 2007 - 11:33 PM

QUOTE(GordieSid&Ted @ July 28, 2007 - 12:30AM) View Post

Okay, so what if Kindl turns out to be a star and after a couple seasons he's putting up big numbers for a dman and he's making 500K and someone offers him 4.4 million per season. Are you going to sing the same tune? Burke admitted he understands the idea of utilizing the offer sheet, but face reality, 4.2 mil for a guy who had 45 points last season and was only making 450K? That'sf****** absurd and that's what Burke said he thinks is wrong with this. He stated that it wasn't the offer sheet rather the ridiculous overpayment by Lowe.

Burke may be an ass and a whiner, but he proved everybody wrong by building a cup champ in how many years in Anaheim? And IMO, he is right and so is Darcy Regeir when they say the RFA offer sheet will not work and is only bad for the sport. I agree with them both 100%

i agree with you 100 %