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#2676215 Mantha

Posted by VM1138 on 19 May 2016 - 07:38 AM

The fan base would've hated Gordie Howe, too. He was a "floater" as well. In reality smooth skaters and strong positional players often look lazy because they're not flailing around to make things happen.

#2676190 Mantha

Posted by VM1138 on 18 May 2016 - 05:44 PM

Mantha doesn't have to be a Z or Dasyuk replacement. I've always figured him for a Franzen replacement. Kind of a floater but a safe player and effective scorer.

#2676082 Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Posted by VM1138 on 17 May 2016 - 07:54 AM

Stamkos is a no-brainer, even with the clot issue.  1) I think there are multiple kinds of blood clot issues, not all of them are dangerous enough to be fatal risks, but I'm not sure.  2) If, God forbid, something did happen to him, he's young enough to not hurt us with a cap recapture penalty if he retires.  He's light years ahead of any other talent available, it's not even close, so Holland has to make a push.

#2675894 WCF: St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks

Posted by VM1138 on 13 May 2016 - 02:58 PM

Blues. Easy. I'm pegging them with the Cup. Hate the Blues but it's an old, stale hate. Rather them than Pittsburgh or San Jose. Still pretty neutral about the Lightning.

#2675629 Fixing this mess....

Posted by VM1138 on 10 May 2016 - 03:37 PM

If we signed Todd Bertuzzi I really don't get what the argument is against signing Radulov.
Bertuzzi paralyzed a guy and ruined his health for the rest of his life. Moore still suffers from headaches and lightheadedness everyday.

Bertuzzi was never a locker room cancer or a coaches nightmare, at least not that I'm aware of. Different scenario.

#2675624 Fixing this mess....

Posted by VM1138 on 10 May 2016 - 02:59 PM

I don't think Radulov is a slam dunk solution. We just don't know how he'll transition to the new NHL. And of course, attitude issues. But if there's no one else and it's not a long term contract what could it hurt?

#2675575 WCSF : St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

Posted by VM1138 on 10 May 2016 - 07:23 AM

Wow...Game 7 for this, and the Preds/Sharks.
Would be strange to see a Preds/Stars Western Conference final.

I really do miss the West.

#2675489 Jim Bedard gone... Ferschweiler demoted

Posted by VM1138 on 09 May 2016 - 02:51 PM

Bedard may not have been fired. He may just have decided to move on to a new challenge. Or maybe he doesn't do well with hybrid goalies like Mrazek. After all, Howard is as boring and safe in playing style as they come.

#2675185 Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Posted by VM1138 on 05 May 2016 - 02:58 PM

Rather keep Oullette. Higher ceiling.

#2675044 Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Posted by VM1138 on 03 May 2016 - 08:13 PM

I'll point out the obvious here: there is no reason to expect Pulkinnen to score 20 NHL goals unless he learns to hit the net, skates better, gets bigger and stronger (or maybe he just plays small?), and somehow manages to shave a second or two off of his telegraphed-way-in-advance-slap shot. And even then he's a one trick pony with a skill that you can only really get away with if you're Ovechkin.

#2674613 Mantha

Posted by VM1138 on 30 April 2016 - 08:06 AM

At 5v5 Mantha was on the ice for 4 goals for and 10 goals against. If you're giving up 2.5 goals for every 1 you score, it's not exciting. It's getting blown out. You need to do something better. He doesn't need to be a Selke candidate, but there's some evidence to suggest he needs to be better.
I don't think he's wholly responsible for all the goals against, but I don't think he's wholly responsible for all the goals for either. And I don't believe that right now his offense is good enough to outweigh his defense. At least not in a top line role. 

Who cares if he is on the ice for goals against? +\- is misleading. Did Mantha cause those goals against?

#2674477 Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Posted by VM1138 on 29 April 2016 - 02:17 PM

Yeah I keep hearing avs are the favorite. Varlamov seems to have played a roll and Roy coached Radulov back when he was in the Q too.

Ha, he and Varlamov WOULD have some sort of connection. And the crazed Roy is a perfect coach for a violent prima donna player.

#2673227 I Hate Jeff Blashill because ...

Posted by VM1138 on 23 April 2016 - 07:27 PM

You're splitting hairs. He's won one more playoff game and had what 2 more regular season wins? If he's "better" the difference is negligible. Efforts to paint Blashill as some kind of failure are almost entirely attributable to a frustrated fan base which is unaccustomed to transitioning teams.


Well, there's also no doubt that Babcock had a worse team and yet performed better. So there's that.  I agree, though, that a lot of the anti-Blashill stuff is just frustration, which is why I don't want him gone. But he did, beyond a doubt, screw up and botch things especially late in the season.  But coaches have growing pains just like players.  If he has another terrible year next year with a similar roster, then we should start talking replacements.

#2673105 Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Posted by VM1138 on 22 April 2016 - 10:23 PM

I was just reading that some insiders are saying if Dats doesn't play next season and Holland does find a team to move the contract to, they'll most likely want a major asset like a first rounder along with it. So should the Wings just absorb the cap hit for the one season, or possibly lose assets to get rid of it?

That'd be a pretty silly deal. No way it's worth it to lose a first round pick just to save cap for a year. Unless we absolutely need it to fit someone like Stamkos, then it's kind of sort of like a first for Stamkos. Kind of. But not really.

A deal with a team looking to reach the cap floor shouldn't need a sweetener. It's an even deal as it is.

#2673075 Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Posted by VM1138 on 22 April 2016 - 07:56 PM

So, Larkin is going to sit out the AHL playoffs that start tonight for GR? 

Why risk an injury when he has nothing left to learn? Let him recover and train instead.