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#2428992 Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

Posted by VM1138 on 09 July 2013 - 12:39 PM

Go over to the Florida boards.  All ten Florida fans rave about him.  They say he was the heart and soul of the team, he's feisty, is good on faceoffs and can control the puck.  He goes for the net, he's a great teammate, a classy guy, and is underappreciated.


About the only negative they said was that he's not super-tough, but he doesn't shy away from using the body or going into tight areas.  They also said his forecheck leaves something to be desired.


But all in all it sounds like he's a huge upgrade over Flip and the Florida crew thinks he'll be a fan favorite.

#2428961 Wings sign Alfredsson to 1-year, $3.5m deal (+$2m bonuses)

Posted by VM1138 on 09 July 2013 - 10:41 AM

Our new division is going to be a cakewalk compared to the Central.  Isn't the Central the most competitive division in the league?


The only consistently bad team we had to deal with was Columbus, and even they learned how to play last season.  Now we'll have both Tampa and Florida and Toronto and Buffalo?  I imagine it'll play out like this: 


Boston, Detroit, and one of Montreal or Ottawa will be strong.  I'm really excited.

#2428444 So.. what are our expectations for this roster?

Posted by VM1138 on 07 July 2013 - 12:33 PM

To those people saying Cup or bust, why do you feel that way?  I was saying stuff like that for about 15 years, but not anymore.  Roster isn't that good and IMO it's an unrealistic expectation with this group.  


We replaced Filppula with Weiss and added Alfredsson.  Is that really all last year's team was missing?  


I believe we can win the Cup with this roster because it IS good.  Our defense is going to be really good in a few years, but what impressed me most is their ability to lock it down in big games.  They may not finish first in the league, but the balance of youth and experience, added to their big game performances, makes me think they've really got something.


Plus, I expect big things from Tatar and Nyquist this year, making a potent third line.  Weiss makes our second line a good one finally, and a top line of Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Alfredsson could be lethal.  The only line that would lack an identity is our fourth, and it's still early.  We've got to dump some roster space, and maybe Holland makes unloads some contracts for a gritty fourth line.  


Look at how well they did this year with a garbage roster.  Now, the roster issues will be resolved, the lines are balanced and have identities, they're motivated, and they can only do better than last year.  


I know playoffs are a crap shoot, but does anyone really see any team other than Boston or maybe Pittsburgh posing a really serious threat to the Wings?  Boston got a little worse, and Pittsburgh is always a 50/50 flip on whether they'll show up or not in the playoffs.


I think we'll finish top three in the Conference, and make the Finals at least.


We'll have balanced, deep scoring, enthusiastic youth, we'll be more aggressive (Tatar, Alfredsson, Weiss [to a point]) than we've been before.  It's not an all-star roster, but you don't need one to win anymore.


Every area has been improved, it's hard to see how this roster wouldn't compete for the Cup.

#2428369 Brunner Contract Talks

Posted by VM1138 on 07 July 2013 - 09:39 AM

Really, Alfie's contract is like 2.9 with deferred bonus, and the cap hit is 3.5. Can we please stop pretending his cap hit is 5.5 and saying it's an overpayment? He is still an effective scorer. Tgis isn't like the Modano signing. There are no questions about his desire or ability to keep up and okay the game. Sports fans are so obsessed with age. 40 is just a number. He plays better than most of the 30 year olds.

#2428368 So.. what are our expectations for this roster?

Posted by VM1138 on 07 July 2013 - 09:34 AM

Cup or bust. They could've won it this year, or at least made Finals. Now they are better, deeper, and more dynamic up front. Plus, going to a new Conference in which there are very few real threats. Finals at the very least, but after a few years' hiatus I'm thinking championship.

#2428365 Wings Attempting to Re-sign Cleary

Posted by VM1138 on 07 July 2013 - 09:26 AM

This is the sound of Holland s***ting the bed. 16 forwards (including Andersson and Nyquist) and he signs #17. Say good bye to any chances of there being any youth on the team.

This obsession with youth needs to stop. None of the signings benches youth. Tatar, Nyquist, and Andersson are all guarantees roster spots. Smith, DeKeyser, and Kindl are still there. We are not an old team. If anything, we were too young and inexperienced so we pick up two top 6 vets to balance things out.

Five or six second year and young players is more than enough for a roster.

#2428009 Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

Posted by VM1138 on 06 July 2013 - 11:51 AM

I'll admit it - I dont really know him very well and I have been watching a lot of hockey over the past decade. He has never really come across my radar, but I am not sure if that is due to the "he's buried in a terrible franchise" or "he's got terrible line mates" or the dreaded "he's not really that good".

The one thing I have noticed watching his highlight videos is this: he goes straight at the net more often than not. Never going to complain about that. It will be interesting to see how he dishes to the 2 swedes on his line to start. Hoping for the best, but cautiously optimistic on this one.

Alfredsson goes for the net, too. We went from having no one in our top 6 go for the net to having two very good players who do just that. Plus Tatar's shoot first mentality.

We just became a more balanced team with greater work ethic, skill, and scoring ability.

Plus, imagine if this change rubs off on someone else. Either way we're better than last year with the potential to be really, really good.

#2427945 Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

Posted by VM1138 on 06 July 2013 - 07:49 AM

The kids will be the X-factor next year. We improved pretty well in the Top 6, but not by leaps and bounds. If Nyquist and Tatar have good years on the third, and give us three scoring lines, look out NHL.

#2427653 Dan Cleary Watch

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 06:24 PM

Cleary is a great grinder. But on the Wings he was a top 6 guy and it didn't work until playoffs. Even then he rarely made things happen, he just happened to be there at the right times.

I'd take him back, but short term and bottom 6.

We may be stuck with Sammu, but after the move he pulled I doubt Babcock ever plays him. Enjoy the press box all season like White, Sammy.
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#2427294 Bobby Ryan to Ottawa

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 02:53 PM

Wash for Ottawa. Gave up a lot. Ryan disappears at times. He replaces Alfie and is younger. So...I'd say it was a good move, but it doesn't really change anythig in Ottawa.

#2426707 Wings buy out Colaiacovo, will keep Bertuzzi

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 12:02 PM

Cleary the fourth line grinder who can chip in some ugly goals is great.

Cleary the top 6 would-be scoring superstar? Not great.

#2426586 Brunner Contract Talks

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 11:27 AM

Just because he hit the free agent market doesn't mean he is gone. We've signed several players over the years after they hit the market. Is like to know if these writers have any real information indicating he is gone or if they are just assuming and being unimaginitive.

#2426525 Wings sign Alfredsson to 1-year, $3.5m deal (+$2m bonuses)

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 11:05 AM

If Alfredsson is the start of a big summer, it's going to be a good one.  If he is the end, next season is going to be every bit of the slog last was.

#2426509 Wings sign Alfredsson to 1-year, $3.5m deal (+$2m bonuses)

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 10:55 AM

Yeah, the big difference with Modano is that he had a reputation as a floater for a few years before he came to us.  Alfredsson, while old, still has game.


EDIT: As discussed in the other thread, the problem most people have with this signing is the money (rumored to be around $6 million), and the possibility that he is our big free agent acquisition this summer.  I don't think most of us actively don't want him here in any form.  But with all the talent we're losing, people are worried he isn't going to make that much of a difference.  We are still where we were a few weeks ago, and need help offensively.

#2426454 Wings in on Alfredsson

Posted by VM1138 on 05 July 2013 - 10:27 AM

Would take him for 1 year over Cleary for 3

Sure, how we perceive this Alfredsson signing depends on who he is replacing.  Is he replacing Cleary? Then it's a good move.  Is he our "big signing" of the summer expected to solve all of our problems?  Then it's a bad signing.