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#2312595 Red Wings Sign Jordin Tootoo to 3-yr deal, $1.9M/yr

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 02 July 2012 - 07:10 AM

I don't mind this signing at all. He'll give the 4th line some identity. Hopefully Abdelkader will follow his lead. He's a hard hitter, drops the gloves, and very annoying.

I like it.

This. Man that 4th line was painful to watch last year with Emmerton and Homer on it. Had no identity and looked irrelevant every time it took the ice. This signing changes that.

#2312317 Hey what do you think of 7 Million in two years for X player

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 01 July 2012 - 07:15 PM

I understand that this is a polarising signing, but seriously, what are you going to do? Stop supporting the Wings? What if they prove to be steller signings and help win us the cup this year? Don't necessarily think that disliking someone for their past actions should preclude them from doing well in the future and turning a new leaf. Avery wasn't a d*** when he came here, why would you think Tootoo would be?

There's still a lot of time to sign free agents and we have a lot of pieces to trade if needs be so we're in a pretty strong position on all fronts - have cap space to sign FAs, have pieces to trade, have depth so that trades don't criple us.

I'm still going to support the Wings no matter what and support the players who put on that jersey every night and go out there and give their all to win. If someone does something reprehensible I'll ***** about them letting us down, but if they play good clean hockey and have a real desire to win then I'll love them. Don't knock someone for their past indiscretions, everyone has them and no one wants to be defined by them.

#2311832 Tsn coverage

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 01 July 2012 - 01:52 PM

Pierre has it on good authority that the Pens are front runners to sign every free agent available: Suter, Parise, Garrison all want to be in PIT SOOOO BAD. Pierre says so.......

....fool :glare:

#2304762 LGW Contest!

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 02 June 2012 - 06:59 AM

I shall say (Holmstrom - Howard) + Smith = 63

Sounded much bettter than saying Joakim Andersson

#2304761 Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 02 June 2012 - 06:53 AM

Agreed. These premadonnas are a diamond dozen. It's a doggy dog world out there so these kids shouldn't be taking stuff like this for granite.

I nearly threw my chair across the room and prepared to punch you from over 3000 miles away as the crow flies... but the granite settled me down :) I was born in the 1990 so I don't remember those pre-Madonna days but I'm sure they were better for the overall standard of music

#2302853 Congratulations to the LA Kings

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 23 May 2012 - 03:46 PM

They beat the #1, #2, & #3 in the west. That's a pretty awesome accomplishment. Good luck to them in the finals.

If the Rangers get there as well... they could win a perfect cup (sort of). #1, #2, #3, and #1... technically speaking the 4 toughest teams you could draw.

#2295023 Here's an off-season plan

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 21 April 2012 - 06:48 AM

You lost me at 'trade Ericsson'. I think he's been big towards the end of this season and our PK suffered with his injury. He's the best defensive dman we've got.

Not to mention Lids will/should get $2mill. I sincerely hope he can do that for this team. After getting $7-$8mill a year for probably 10+ of the 20 years he's been here, I'm sure he's got enough to last him. After all it's not like he's not going to get another job somewhere, i.e. here as a coach or scout. It'll be sweet if he takes sort of 1.5-2mill.

Plus I want Iginla with the temptation of a playoff appearance/challenge. Man that would be sweet. But I'm biased and just love the guy. Always plays with heart and passion and can still score. If Calgary decided to rebuild (which he's on record as saying he's not in favour of) throw him $3-4mill I'd say

#2292856 600 Posts for a Game 5 Victory

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 19 April 2012 - 04:44 PM

Ironically, if everyone posted something when they viewed, this thread would have well over 1000 posts by now <_<

Lets Go Wings!

#2292341 Will Detroit win this series?

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 18 April 2012 - 05:05 PM

Tell me how you call yourself a fan. Do you have any optimism at the beginning of the season? Are you only happy if your team is loaded with superstars?

You called this team a failure when they lost in Game 7 in 2009 because that was the one time you got to see them live. Well boo hoo how about all the real fans that would love to take a trip to the Joe to see their team? You say you won't go to the Joe unless they have a legit chance at winning the Cup. I live in St Louis and I would pay a lot of money to just go see a regular season game in Detroit. You aren't a fan, you just want to be associated with a winner so you get upset when the team doesn't go 82-0 and sweep the playoffs

+1'd your ass, because this is exactly how I feel. Poor you Lenny for getting to go to Game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final at the Joe. Going to the Joe for me, would cost upwards of about $1000, you know, considering a plane ticket across the Atlantic, hotel costs, then not to mention a game ticket?! I mean you go and actually watch the team so you must like or support them in some way? Why not show it? Have some faith for goodness sake that they can at least take the next game, and then really it's who can keep their head. It's 3 seperate 1-game series for Detroit. I'm not saying that they can continue coasting and not hustling as they have been at times because they really need to start shooting from good areas, main thing. All I'm getting at is that for us, it's do or die, and I'll ALWAYS pick them to do. Otherwise what's the point in caring?

#2292059 Will Detroit win this series?

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 18 April 2012 - 08:40 AM

Why the heck not? I'm still going to be hoping for us to win this series, so why on earth would I say no? Yeah, it's probably naive but if it's still possible then I'm always going to believe we can win it. Been watching this team for a good few years now and I know what they are capable of if they want to.

Franzen needs to pull his finger out and get in front of the net, Z need to stop taking up office BEHIND the net and get in the slot (I honestly don't remember a shot from the slot all game last night), Rinne is a big guy but he's down on his pads early and it's really his sprawling reach that saves him. Get a shot high on his blocker side and he'll have trouble. I mean this goal says it all, Rinne goes down way before Dats pulls the trigger and then can't get his shoulder up in time.

He's not unbeatable but pucks need to get up off the ice, not stay low and hope they go between the pads. If they're intent on playing the game behind the net then have a guy waiting in the slot because when Rinne hugs the post he stays down, he rarely stands back up when the puck comes out front. That actually frees up a lot of net.

I'm still a believer and always will be. Because this is the team that I love and I'll never bet against them.

#2291995 Time to start looking for a new coaching staff

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 18 April 2012 - 06:11 AM

Fighters are losing their role in the game across the league, it's not just Detroit. Hard to justify a roster spot for a guy who doesn't bring much of anything else to the table especially when the other teams aren't carrying pure fighters either. They just need some guys that are hungry. I'd settle for a hint of chippiness at this point. I really don't give a s*** about fighting one way or the other, I just want guys who are willing to do whatever it takes to win so much so that they sometimes do something stupid.

I'df****** kill to have Shea Weber on our side smashing some other team's star's head into the glass at the end of a game that's clearly over in your favor. I want a team that gets fined because they want it so bad that they make some stupid mistakes like that. Where's the tenacity on this team? It's absolutely non-existent.

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#2289961 700 Posts for a Detroit Game Four Victory

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 17 April 2012 - 04:05 PM

Posted Image

:lol: I love that it's Walt from Gran Torino!

#2289849 700 Posts for a Detroit Game Four Victory

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 17 April 2012 - 02:39 PM

Hadn't drawn in a while, so thought I'd give it another go. Not as good as I'd hoped but here's hoping for a bit of Miller Time :)

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#2289521 Trotz lobbying for more goalie interference calls?

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 17 April 2012 - 08:09 AM

SOB wants more PP? Hope it backfires and the refs get pissed at him for calling them out.

I dont know what he sees, I saw howard get run into wayyy more then rinne

Thing is, Babs doesn't call out the officials like this because Howard knows it's part of the game and deals with it. Don't think I've ever seen that guy flop around, just tries to stay strong in his crease and battle for the puck. He probably could get a lot more calls if he embellished a little like a lot of goaltenders do (lol first that came to mind is Ozzie :P ) but cudos to him that he doesn't, just gets on with it. Might also have something to do with the fact that Jimmy is a crazy muthafudger who likes to punch hehe

#2289501 Preds not allowed to play ping pong at Joe Louis Arena

Posted by Wing Across The Pond on 17 April 2012 - 07:32 AM

First off let me say this: I like to post on here, I try to daily because it's a good site for all things Red Wings, yet more than posting on here I like to pick apart people's incompetence... so I shall begin.

You guys need to learn the meaning to words before you erroneously throw them around.

"In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community."

I have done no such thing. I'm commenting on the topic of Baby Bertuzzi allegedly pulling this little stunt. Then commenting on how thrilled you guys get over it when you should be worrying how you're going to get pucks past Pekka Rinne and convince Howard to actually stop a few.

First of all, I'll agree you came in on topic and didn't troll. Then you proceeded to troll. This post isn't about Rinne and Howard ∴ trolling - this is indeed trolling as well because you could barely stick a cigarette paper between the two. Rinne has given up 7 goals, Howard 8. They've both made good saves but have been fairly average.

Oh and please keep being original and telling me how I have sexual relations with sheep, live in Hickville oh and ever so fresh "We have more cups than you" jab that is universally known as the Bandwagon Red Wings insult.

I don't give a damn where you come from, frankly I don't know you. That said, it's your posts make me think you're an idiot, which is fair because they're all I've got to go on. Just as you'll probably think I'm an idiot after this. That's fine, maybe one day we'll bump into each other in a bar and realise we're both awesome. However, I'm not going to tell other people to stop saying it, it's their choice.

It's equally cute seeing Red Wings fans getting all bent out of shape because the Preds finally finish above them & pretending it doesn't. Of course I am happy because we finished above the Red Wings, not only for bragging rights but home ice advantage.

It has become apparent in the world of hockey "fandom" that Red Wings fans can't accept anything negative about their team.

I was told yesterday in this forum's very chat room that Nashville won game 3 because of the refs and because we were "goons."

1)Home ice hasn't been all it's cracked up to be, not just this series but ever series. It's yet to be seen whether that's a game-breaker.
2)You've obviously not been on this forum long enough if you think "Red Wings fans can't accept anything negative about their team". Obviously never seen the '[name] is lazy and he sucks' topics.
3)Tell me, in all honesty, that no Nashville fan has ever said the refs cost them a game. It's sports.

Yeah but guess what...they don't! They are a little more classy and tend not to use winning something in the past as a CURRENT reference to their team.

The bad thing is the majority of Red Wings fans who throw that stat out there have not been alive for more than the most recent 4, yet live off the others like they were in some guys testicles wearing a Gordie Howe jersey.

I just find it silly to resort (when losing a battle of wits) to bringing up things that happened 20+ years prior to my birth.

This is illogical. No one in here mentioned winning cups in the 50s. They said we've won more. Which is both true and fair. If forced to be specific, most fans here WOULD simply mention the 4 since '97 as they're the ones they were lucky enough to see. What's more, they can still talk only about the ones they were alive for and the fact "we've won more" would still ring true.

ANYBODY on the Red Wings could score on the Preds and it wouldn't hold a candle to KEVIN KLEIN putting a move on your defenders and going shelf on Jimmy Howard. I think all of us hicks down here in Nashville spit our dip all over the screen when that happened. I know we had a good laugh about it. "Hell if Kleiner is scoring then I know we got this series in the bag" was one of my favorite quotes from the viewing party.

Enjoy your thriving economy in Detroit!

The last comment is trolling, which of course you said you weren't doing. Clever. The first comment is for reference below¹

I noticed you joined this site after they won their last Cup...coincidence?

I'm sure it's not.

Either that or you were late on the whole "Internet" boom thing...doubtful though.

The person you posed this question to has replied since so you'll know that he's only 18 and therefore was 15 when he signed up. Plus it's irrelevant. I can see YOU'VE only joined this site since the Preds had even the slightest chance in hell of beating the Wings in a 7 game series. Coincidence? Don't give me that bull.

See here is the big difference between our fans.

I have NEVER said the Red Wings were trash or not talented.

I have NEVER dismissed the fact they have a history of excellence eras.

11 Cups is a nice stat for a team, and apparently for a fan to toss around like a used hooker.

Nashville has no Western Conference Titles, Division Titles or Stanley Cups but I hardly hold those stats against them when referencing their current and past talents. Let's be real here the Red Wings have been around what... 86 years vs the Predators 14. It's not exactly fair to compare in that essence. Stop playing hockey for 72 more years then let's compare our team's accolades. Until then stop riding the high horse of a franchise that did most of that before 95% of you were even thought about.

That's what truly makes you look dumb IMHO.

This is referencing the above post¹. To the comment "I have NEVER said the Red Wings were trash or not talented.", I retort with "ANYBODY on the Red Wings could score on the Preds and it wouldn't hold a candle to KEVIN KLEIN putting a move on your defenders and going shelf on Jimmy Howard." Somehow I think this is trashing the Wings, saying they're not talented if they can't, "hold a candle to KEVIN KLEIN". Not to mention Datsyuk robbing your defenceman and sticking it past an onlooking Rinne made them both look pretty silly.

I only managed to get to this point in your posting before I had to reply. You're contradictory, and your arguments are fueled by anger, which means you post without thinking. This leads not only to fragmented arguments that can be shot down rather easily, but also IDIOCY.

To quote yourself, "That's what truly makes you look dumb IMHO".

EDIT: Had to put the Datsyuk goal in there... how could I not?