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In Topic: former Red Wings stars join rec-leaguers for game

08 May 2013 - 05:17 PM

I did like when Maltby says "Let's have a good time" and takes a swig of beer before leaving the locker room. Legends.

In Topic: Playstation 4 Thoughts?

21 February 2013 - 09:05 AM

Definitely agree with you on a lot of that, it looks a powerful machine, not as powerful as top end gaming-PCs but I use consoles for the convenience. I don't like the idea of having to upgrade every 18 months to get the best games to run well.


I hate the social aspect of the console, it smacks of jumping on the Facebook/Twitter bandwagon, I'm not buying a PS4 for a glorified social network I want to play gams, preferably without some stealing all my info from PSN.


I did find it odd that Watch Dogs, a game about rebelling against a fully digitally connected world, was the centre piece for the most social console released.


The exclusive games announced aren't really that exciting, Killzone and InFamous aren't exactly revolutionary, they're good but not enough to swing the balance in Sony's favour. Watch Dogs, Destiny, anything from a SquareEnix will be multiformat. E3 will make or break, Sony will want to start announcing their exclusive titles.


Really like the new advertising angle, the war on reality, it's a clever and relevant.


You seem to forgot that it was Sony that patented the technology to block second hand games but they've smartly backed off from that. I expect MS will do so as well, if the reports were even true in the first place.


Not willing to commit to purchasing a PS4 though. I'm going to wait until Microsoft announce theirs, to say that Microsoft won't put much thought into their next Gen console is incredibly naïve, Microsoft are an hugely successful company, you don't make money without putting a lot of thought into your products, especially your flagship ones!


The deciding factor for me will be price point of both systems, online subscription (removing XBL's subscription could work to MS's advantage) and exclusive games/studios for each one. Though I do think the amount of titles exclusive to each console will continue to drop, it makes little sense for developers & publishers to reduce their potential market.


Always on connection will be another bug bear of mine, PS4 won't have it, rumour is Xbox 720 could have it, if it does that's a deal breaker for me. I hate that style of DRM.

In Topic: Durango Kinect mandatory

18 February 2013 - 07:46 AM

Just search through the internet, if the rumors are true the system won't work if you don't calibrate it. The idea itself is like mentioned beyond stupid! Read somewhere, someone could just put a black scarf over it.


As for the used games market:


If I buy an overpriced game and decide I've had enough with it, I'd rather resell it to someone, also if I'll never connect a console to the damn internet so M$ will never know, if its an original or "used" game, tough luck for them :_) Anyway, nothing about the Durango so far is screaming "buy me" especially their quote about making an entertainment hub, which just happened to be a console" is worrying enough to not tough this.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the idea of no second hand games. I regularly swap games with friends so we can all try something new, it'll remove that fun completely. I've borrowed the first game in a series, liked it and have then bought the sequel, it's a really short sighted policy which could impact long term game sales.

You're right that the Kinect will need to be calibrated (can't find anywhere that says if it's a one time thing out of the box or every time you play) but it will be at the developers discretion whether or not they use it for their games. Personally, I've no interest in motion tracking in games but if it doesn't get in the way of what I like to play I'm not going to care, calibrating the thing doesn't bother me too much. That being said, if they can come up with a cool or interesting use for Kinect, I'd give it a go and then move straight back to my controller.

In Topic: Durango Kinect mandatory

17 February 2013 - 07:21 AM

Note: Rumour


according to this site http://www.geek.com/...inect-20130212/ M$ next console won't work = start without having your kinect plugged in and calibrated.  I know M$ is lately known for stupid things but honestly can they really be that stupid? I play games, just to play them I am not interested in jumping around, yelling and do some stupid gestures with my hands. When will M$ come to the conclusion that Kinect will not hold a candle to the Wii.


Also I find the discussion here http://www.gamefaqs....ox-360/65442319 laughfull at best, the guy doesn't even understand that its still an accessoire only difference is, this time it will be included in the Durango bundle.


Combine that with the rumours about required internet connection, no used games and other crap I refuse to believe that M$ would really be that stupid but then again, who knows, they really seem to be desperate now http://www.gamespot....ncement-6403894 guess what most people don't care about all these stupid gimmicks, they just want a powerful console to play games and not an entertainment hub, filled with netflix, youtube and whatever that's what tablets, smartphones and pcs are for.


Mind you still rumours, but I think the powers will be something like this:


Ps 4 >>>> Durango >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wii U


so if Sony is playing their cards right, they could have a huge advantage this time.


It's the PS4 (or whatever it's called) that has the block on used games. As far as the Kinect goes, the next XBox may ship with it but nowhere does it say that it will be mandatory with every game, I imagine that status quo will remain and some game will have an option to use it and other developers will ignore it all together.


But an always on Internet connection is stupid, do they not remember the backlash Ubisoft got for their always on DRM?

In Topic: Lidstrom - it is time

03 January 2013 - 08:14 AM

Also, sine he announced his retirement publicly he isn't allowed play for one season. Not to mention he sold his house in Detroit and moved his family back to Sweden.