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#2318552 Homer

Posted by stevkrause on 12 July 2012 - 10:02 AM

It's a simple old tale - The mind wants what the body can't do... he still has the desire and love and isn't ready to hang them up, but his body is... ultimately, I think he'll come to that conclusion and retire, but Holland is allowing him to go out with grace and rather than come out in the media and say "He's old and useless, we're not bringing him back", he's going about it the right way, for a warrior who has given this team a LOT and deserves to go out on his own terms, so to speak...

He will not be back here next year as a player, I guarantee that.

#2318547 Doug Janik signs with Adler Mannheim, DEL (germany)

Posted by stevkrause on 12 July 2012 - 09:54 AM

bummer, but best of luck to him... he was a real good piece in GR and a good depth guy to have in the event of an emergency call up, but I'm sure he can make more overseas and at some point, a player has to do what they can to best provide for themselves and their family...

#2318536 Holland Content with Current Roster

Posted by stevkrause on 12 July 2012 - 09:41 AM

That line has been on loop for the last 4 years.....

4 years? like the year we landed Hossa and went to the SCF, to lose in 7, when in a pivotal game 6, the Pens got to play with 6 men on the ice for 30 seconds with no penalty, which resulted in a goal that tied the game, that they then went on to win? That 4 years ago? Or how about the following year where we were capped out and didn't have space, Hudler held us hostage and we had to re-sign, oh, like half our team at once? How about that one?

It's only been 2 off-seasons that haven't gone ideal and the FA market in both sucked, name ONE player that we missed out on that would have had an impact in either, that we ever had a chance on? You could argue there were ZERO of those players last year and this year, it was Parise and Sutter or bust, both of which we never even had a chance... any other contract would have been piss-poor and a reach...

but, once again, let's not let facts get in the way...

#2318530 Holland Content with Current Roster

Posted by stevkrause on 12 July 2012 - 09:33 AM

Look, Holland is being smart here. He tried his best to get both Parise and Suter, but in the end they wanted to be close to their families, which Michigan cannot provide. After those two, the free-agent pool drops off considerably. We have money and we have needs, but is it smart to utilize that money in a poor free agent market in attempt to fill your needs with average players, or would it be better to put a bandage on all the wounds for now and wait until next year when more high profile players will be free to sign wherever they like? Trades are always an option too, but when you need someone to replace Lidstrom, or some top-six sniper (in a dry free agent year no less), prices are going to be high. Holland admitted he wants at least another player before he's comfortable with the team, but it's goIng to be a bandage, not a permanent fix to our roster issues. This year can't provide us with a permanent fix. That's just the reality of it. Better luck next year.

exactly. :clap:

#2318424 How bad are we if our roster is now finalized?

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 10:54 PM

So to summarize, Kenny's too cheap to get the players he really needs. No one's saying blow the whole f***in' wad every year, that's just your tired response to any Holland criticism whatsoever. I'm tired of seeing retreads and reclamation projects, and then a bunch of excuses on why he didn't do better in acquiring guys. The "everybody's too expensive" excuse is starting to wear thin, especially when he's holding 16 miliion dollars.


Name one guy that's signed elsewhere, that would be an impact player, who was worth what they got? Just ONE? And furthermore, worth their TERM... You just ***** to *****... You're mentality is like saying you have 300k for a house, but all that's on the market is a bunch of shacks, and rather than NOT take out the mortgage, and wait for something to come on the market worth the money, you'd rather buy the 800 sq ft ranch at WAY over market value, because it's available now, in a horrible market... ridiculous...

#2318407 Reminder: Personal attacks, trolling will not be tolerated

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 10:28 PM

Can I talk about Sidney Crosby yet :angel_not:

With the new profanity filter on the new board, can we make that name one? it'd just be funny to see all the asterisk's in Carman's posts :lol:

#2318404 How bad are we if our roster is now finalized?

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 10:24 PM

So in other words, as long as Kenny is running the show, we'll never get another top notch UFA because there will ALWAYS be bidding wars for them. He'll keep filling the roster with Ian White's and Dan Cleary's and the LGWers will all beat off to how much money we saved.


No, he'll spend when it makes sense, not chase and over pay for above average players, or mid range guys, just because we have money or cap space, thus hand cuffing our team...

There were only two prizes this year, THAT'S IT

They chose to play in Minnesota together, and for a ridiculous amount at that, and it didn't mater what anyone else offered them, because their minds were already made up...

No one else in this FA class is worth the money, and more importantly, the term they've been getting... Other teams can continue to f' themselves with horrible contracts (Ville Leino says hello), I'll just sit back and be grateful the horrendous arm-chair GM's on LGW don't run this team, and we have someone like Holland to know the difference...

#2318385 Wolski signs with Washington

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 09:05 PM

sigh....not that we have room nor wanted him, but GM's are doing things and Holland is.....well....Holland.

I really hope he has a plan....

Exactly, Holland is Holland and not panicking and making poor decisions and hurting his team by signing guys we don't need...

COME ON........ :glare:

#2318378 Panthers sign Mueller

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 08:42 PM

Yeah, well, you gotta take risks sometimes if you're gonna be successful.....something Kenny needs to learn about ;).


#2318353 Six teams on Nash's trade "list", none Canadian

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 07:09 PM

according to the Thunder buddies (Zach + Ryan ) everyone and Jesus Christ is going to be wanting to play in Minnesota LOL

Jesus Christ? That guy is lazy and sucks, I don't know why the Wild would want him... He apparently does too much partying with hookers and blow anyway...

#2318298 Wolski signs with Washington

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 03:37 PM


If true, this is a steal.

Wow, you aren't kidding... If that price is true, that's a steal for potential alone

#2318253 Smith Leads Charge

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 12:44 PM

I can't believe the sort of garbage I'm hearing from you! It's 42 or bust!!!

42, how could you even say that?! Bears eat beets, bears, beats... Battlestar Gallactica...

#2318211 Smith Leads Charge

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 11:50 AM

Smith will lead the D corps in scoring, book it.

travelocity, or priceline?

#2318088 Six teams on Nash's trade "list", none Canadian

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 07:52 AM

Never going to happen. Ducks want a sheet that would blow them straight out of the water. We can't afford to give the assets it would require to acquire Ryan.

They'd be smart to trade him for a reasonable return before he demands a trade and threatens to sit out, because that's almost the direction I see this going... and the day that occurs, the offers go down...

#2318086 Sign Jurcina or Vandermeer and call it a day

Posted by stevkrause on 11 July 2012 - 07:44 AM

Anderson is a slower Abby who is not as good on faceoffs. Helm needs more ice-time not less, he is possibly our 4th best forward and definitely one of our 6 best. Putting Fil on the 3rd line would almost guarantee losing him next year.
Kindl is actually very mobile

Bouwmeester is way overpayed

Although Andersson has made great strides, there's zero chance he earns a spot on this roster, unless we are ravaged by injuries, he's simply too far down the depth chart, as he should be currently, due to all the reasons you already stated... Fil is top 6, no doubt....

As for Boumeester, he is WITHOUT a doubt overpaid - luckily, we have a ton of cap space and nothing to do with it... for the right price, I would gladly take him on here, as I think he would thrive here... with that said, I still think signing a big, shut down d-man for the 3rd pairing (Vandermeer or Jurcina) is the better choice... give some of the young guys a chance to prove themselves, including Kindl (I also think he's a lot better than most give him credit for) and see where it takes us, I think people would be pleasantly surprised...