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In Topic: Buffalo to retire Hasek's number

Yesterday, 09:23 PM


I don't think he was ever bad here. Average/acceptable but not outstanding, sure. But not like some complained about him.


EDIT I also think Osgood deserves more credit than most give him


EDIT 2 he was also way past his primeyears those seasons, I thought ppl had unrealistic expectations, and despite that he still played pretty good


I think the 2008 playoffs is when Hasek was most criticized.  Of course, it ended with him getting benched.  I wasn't here in 2002 (did the internet even work back then?), so I don't know what was being posted late in the year and during the first games against Vancouver.  Guessing that was bad too.

In Topic: 10/21 GDT - Red Wings 1 at Canadiens 2 (OT)

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

Howard looked like Manny Legace there.  

In Topic: Buffalo to retire Hasek's number

Yesterday, 09:04 PM


And LGW still found things to be unhappy about. God for bid a goalie can't be #1 in the league night in and night out.


What does his all time ranking have to do with his Detroit days?

In Topic: Buffalo to retire Hasek's number

Yesterday, 08:53 PM


Thats cool to hear, I've never seen his ranked #1 (not that I am looking at lists all the time lol). He definitely deserves it. I think its his post 2002 career that hurts him in the eyes of some.


I read hfboards a lot (the history section), and he's ranked number 1 by many posters there.  I consider many of them to be experts based on their hockey knowledge.  I wish I had some of their hockey knowledge.  

In Topic: Buffalo to retire Hasek's number

Yesterday, 12:18 PM

Bygones?  LOL~




No comment.  That's surprising, though.  


Completely agree. He definitely didn't have the longevity of a Roy or Brodeur which is why he usually doesnt go down as the best ever. But IMO he had the best "prime" of any goalie in history. Just so much better then the second best goalie in the league.


A lot of experts do rank him number one all time.  He did have longevity, technically, since he played for so long.  It may not have always been in the NHL, which does get counted as a knock against him.  But still, a lot of people rank him first.