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Today, 10:01 PM

Kickazz...Datsyuk and Zetterberg were not top 10 scorers for a decade.  Each of them finished top 10 only 2 times in their careers.  Datsyuk finishing 4th twice and Z finishing 9th and 8th.  That said, I do think Datsyuk has a good chance at the HOF due to Selke's....point totals are low though.  Guy Carbaneau (sp?) has the Selke's and decent point totals, but not enough and he hasn't gotten in so far.


Carbonneau played in a higher scoring era and never scored 60 points in his career.  He scored around .50 PPG for his career.  He was great defensively, but he's not comparable to Datsyuk.

In Topic: Hall of Fame Worthy

Today, 03:45 PM

Splitting hairs. Datsyuk basically would have hit 1000 points if he didn't leave NHL early. You may have misinterpreted my post. I was saying that Dats will likely be an exception to 1000 point consensus.

But I can't say the same for other players. As it stands Vincent Lecavelier has 949 points and scored over a 100 points, over 50 goals in a season, won the Rocket Richard trophy and a Stanley cup. But would you accept him into the HoF? I wouldn't. A good way to weed him out would be the 1000 point mark


My point was that this is the dead puck era, and I can only see Crosby and Ovechkin hitting 1,000 points (among players who entered the league post 2002).


The HOF can't just let in two or three players from this entire era.  

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Today, 03:35 PM


I don't know about that.  He scored 90+ points twice.  Exactly what Datsyuk did.  Neither ever topped 100 pts. in a season.  He won a Conn Smythe AND a Selke, so it's not like he was a non playoff performer or a one dimensional scorer.  Datyuk was definitely flashier, but in terms of his on ice contributions I'm not sure he ever did anything substantially greater than Richards did. 


Datsyuk was regarded as the best two-way center in the game for several seasons.  I don't remember Richards ever being looked at similarly. I think you could build a team around a prime Datsyuk as your number one center.  I wouldn't build a team around a prime Richards. 

In Topic: Hall of Fame Worthy

Today, 03:29 PM

There's about 5 players that are active with more than a 1000 points and another 5 that are close to a 1000. If they change the goalie pad sizes, the scoring could increase overall. 


And most (if not all) of those players came into the league before Datsyuk.

In Topic: Brad Richards Retires

Today, 02:24 PM

The difference is Datsyuk was one of the best centers in the league for many years.  Can't say the same for Richards.  He was never a superstar player.