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#2364653 if we can find a couple of power forwards.....

Posted by Bring Back The Bruise Bros on 04 March 2013 - 04:14 AM

He will drop the gloves with anyone.

You've got to be kidding. He's one of biggest spotpickers in the league. He's fought guys like Datsyuk, Rafalski, Jay McLement, Brent Burns, Derek Morris, and Gilbert Brule. Fought Stephane Robidas earlier in the season. Robidas has like 10 career fights and he's played over 800 games.

Scoring goals and occasionally smacking a finesse guy with your purse doesn't make you a power forward. Perry is a fraud. He's gifted with the puck, no doubt, but no way in hell is he a power forward.

I'm not just a fan of the Wings. So this isn't just blind hate for Perry. I watch all teams. Power forwards are guys like David Clarkson, Ryane Clowe, and Wayne Simmonds.

#2364620 if we can find a couple of power forwards.....

Posted by Guest on 03 March 2013 - 11:38 PM

upcoming free agent PFs

Anthony Stewart


Perry is a sniper, not a power forward; Getzlaf is certainly not a power forward (any Anaheim fan would laugh to see that assignation given him); Jagr is not a power forward; Morrow is old and fragile; Penner is generally garbage; Antropov is a wuss; San Jose fans hate Clowe this season; Clarkson isn't going anywhere; Knuble is long since old and washed up; Bickell is not a power forward; and Stewart is not a power forward.


Horton is a decent option, assuming Boston lets him go.

#2364580 3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by esteef on 03 March 2013 - 10:01 PM

Ugh....those three better light it up or I may finally become one of the wing bashers and join in the hate here at LGR





#2363730 3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by Wingsfan72 on 03 March 2013 - 01:16 PM

Every time I see Keith Jones: "FLINTSTONE!"

#2362803 Red Wings "Fake" Criminal Charges

Posted by Z Winged Dangler on 28 February 2013 - 09:56 PM

Tuzzi for aggrevated assault  :lol: .  Sorry, couldn't help myself.  Love Tuzzi though.  


Flip for pistol whipping, but never taking the shot.


Helm for speeding.

#2359533 Tootoo

Posted by Hockeymom1960 on 22 February 2013 - 04:10 PM

I don't get why Tootoo is all of a sudden such a fan favorite.  We need hockey players on this team.  Not goons.  Goons don't help us when we can't score a goal of the Blue Jackets after the first five minutes.  Oh whoo he fights.  Great.  Let me know when fighting gets you goals. 


Obviously, you don't know the definition fo a goon.

The were a lot more variables in 09 than the lack of enforcers.  And even so it came so close they could just have easily have won the cup. 


Also you can't honestly tell me you would rather have Tootoo than Hossa. 


Why are you even comparing Tootoo to Hossa?

#2357614 Dan Cleary appreciation thread

Posted by Guest on 19 February 2013 - 07:16 PM

just picked this up from the library...an incredible inspirational story.


#2357202 No need to panic

Posted by b.shanafan14 on 18 February 2013 - 08:24 AM





"Our July 1st was really April 4th when we were able to lock up Filppula, Howard, and Cleary long-term. We really liked our team and thought that if it wasn't for injuries last season that prevented our team from really gelling, be would have made some serious noise. We'll wait and see for the next month how it plays out, but we like our squad now. We think the addition of *insert one-time second/third line winger with one high scoring season forever ago turned journeyman* really bolsters our secondary scoring, plays tough, is a good veteran presence for the (one or two) young players (who will see even less ice-time than said scrub acquisition), etc. etc."

#2355768 Bertuzzi's continuing back problems

Posted by rick zombo on 15 February 2013 - 02:08 PM

Tonight's lines?


Cleary's left half - Datsyuk - Flipper

Cleary's right half - Z - Brunner

Nyquist - Abby - Tatar

Miller - Emdog - Toots

#2355303 2/13 GDT : St. Louis Blues 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

Posted by LeftWinger on 13 February 2013 - 10:47 PM

I was being sarcastic, because Babcock tends to shake up lines after every loss, seemingly without rhyme or reason. 


Oh...well, I do think Tatar should get more playing time though.  I just think he is looking a little better each game and TONS better than Cleary, so I think Babs should shake it up a bit. Would help if all were healthy, but its time to reward Sheahan and Ferraro with some NHL time. I think M-Raz should start the next game as well...

My face during 2/3 of this game:



Jiri, is that you?

#2355027 2/13 GDT : St. Louis Blues 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

Posted by Dave on 13 February 2013 - 08:54 PM

WHY IS CLEARY ALWAYS ON THE ICE!? He's on pace for like 30 minutes of ice time.

#2350641 2/2 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 4

Posted by puckbags on 02 February 2013 - 08:52 PM

But we'd be much better off with those 6 and 7 million dollar goalies.  We're not the team anymore that scores 3+ goals a game and gives up around 25 shots.  We need a goalie to carry this team.  
Look at his save percentage this season.  I realize the defense is terrible, but that's what great goalies do.  They carry their teams into the playoffs despite crappy play around them.  Howard is a solid netminder, but he's not elite enough for a team that doesn't have enough talent surrounding him.  
It all comes back to Kenny and the mediocre roster he allowed us to be left with.    

Clearly, or Cleary?   ;)



I'm pretty sure you would find a way to be negative in a swimming pool full of naked women and 100 dollar bills

#2349948 2/1 GDT : Blues 3 at Red Wings 5 (Z with Hat Trick)

Posted by frankgrimes on 01 February 2013 - 08:48 PM

Quincey for McGrattan straight up

#2348905 1/29 GDT : Stars 1 at Red Wings 4

Posted by FireCaptain on 29 January 2013 - 10:02 PM

They said Richard Bachman was coming in and I expected to see Stephen King take the ice.

#2345969 PK Subban

Posted by Guest on 24 January 2013 - 05:50 PM

LGW, where PK Subban isn't worth 3.5 mil, but Kyle Quincey already makes more than that.