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Kronwall in the Playoffs

04 May 2015 - 08:11 PM

In the playoffs, since Lidstrom retired, Kronwall's stats read like this.


25GP, 1G, 5A



Simply not good enough from your #1 defenseman in the playoffs.  Even his biggest fans here who claims he's a legit #1 will have a hard time defending those stats.  I know Ericsson is a cog and the rest of the defense is underwhelming talent wise, but Kronwall just hasn't been very clutch for us.  I expected more from him when Lidstrom retired.    


We need to find a #1 defenseman.  That's what this team needs more than anything.  I know it doesn't grow on trees or in lower draft picks, but it's our biggest need.  Even more than a legit scoring winger with size.  

Man Games Lost

16 April 2015 - 12:58 PM

I found an interesting website that studies man games lost and overall impact on team. Not sure I entirely understand it yet, but found it informative.  Anybody else know this website?


I've attached the link below.  This shows the total man games lost since 2009-2010.







It appears the teams that have won the Cup since that time were the teams with the fewest injuries. 

No Scoring and No Fighting

13 April 2015 - 01:18 PM

No this thread is not about the Wings.  


So the league leader in points this year was Jamie Benn, with a whopping 87 points. Ovechkin led the league in goals with 53.  Only two other players even hit 40 goals!  Only 15 players hit 30 goals.    


I know this is the era of butterfly, oversized pad goaltending, but this can't be what Bettman and company want to see.  You'd think all the top players in the league spent the season overseas when you look at these stats atop the leaderboards.  


Oh and only 16 players hit 100+ PIM, with only 4 of those players hitting 150+ PIM.  I can't imagine that happening any other time in a full season in the modern era.  


To sum up, this "new NHL" has no scoring and no fighting.  I guess if you're a fan of big goalies swallowing up pucks, you'll love today's game.   :sleepy:



Oh I almost forgot.  There's parity, so that makes everything more fun to watch, despite the fact that nobody scores, hits or fights.  Parity is what really counts here folks.  

Ranking Wings Players by Draft Order

11 November 2014 - 02:13 PM

So just for the hell of it, I ranked current Wings players based on where they were drafted in their respective draft years.  Obviously, many of these players were drafted by other teams. 



Weiss - 4th overall

Cleary - 13th overall

Kindl - 19th overall

Sheahan - 21st overall

Smith - 27th overall

Kronwall - 29th overall

Jurco - 35th overall

Abdelkader -  42nd overall 

Tatar - 60th overall

Howard - 64th overall

Nestrasil - 75th overall

Andersson - 88th overall

Franzen - 97th overall 

Nyquist - 121st overall

Quincey - 132nd overall

Helm - 132nd overall

Datsyuk - 171st overall

Miller - 186th overall

Zetterberg - 210th overall

Ericsson - 291st overall


Glendening -undrafted

Gustavsson - undrafted

DeKeyser- undrafted

Lashoff - undrafted