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Possible to stay friends with someone who "shot" you down?

20 July 2013 - 01:24 AM

What do you guys and gals think? Is it possible to keep a friendly relationship with someone after they reject your request to take them out to dinner? I am not talking a long life friend just like an ex coworker you have lunch with every month or so and text once and awhile. Thinking of asking an ex coworker out that I still keep in contact with but if she says no I do not want it to destroy our friendly relationship.Do you think something like that would be to awkward to deal with in the future?

Leaving a job.

05 May 2013 - 11:41 PM

*standard wall of text warning*


So, I just got back home from giving my 2 weeks notice from my job (retail) after working their for 5 years, I will be taking a month or two break from working just to get somethings together (I have another source of income) and I cant help but fill completely sad. Not that I am going to miss the job which consists of ringing up customers and being yelled at by them. But the coworkers is who I will miss. I will miss talking smack on the customers that just cussed us out. I will miss some people more than others. I will miss the social interaction. The only reason why I stayed for as long as I did was because I couldn't bare the thought of leaving certain people. (One girl in particular not in a I Love Her sense or crush just that I really enjoyed talking to her and she really pushed me to do better where others wrote me off as an "idiot").   And I feel like I want to stay there forever just for the people but at the same time I know that eventually they will all leave to go after their own careers and their is no way I can handle working weekends and the whole customer aspect for the rest of my life. So I just decided to "pull off the band-aid"  and get it over with. I want to make an effort to visit them once a month or so at work cuz i only live about 12 mins from their. But still can not shake the feeling of sadness.... just wondering how long does this take to get better in your experience? 


I don't feel like i will get depressed or anything serious like that just normal feelings i guess...