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In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

Yesterday, 10:11 PM

Tends to happen when you barely play any hockey in 2 years. *cough*Helm*cough*

In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

Yesterday, 10:09 PM

Just a sore groin, guys. These things tend to happen when you don't play for a long time. Remember when Helm finally came back and he went out with a sore groin almost instantly? Nothing to worry about as far as I'm concerned. This is basically the reason why he was sent to GR to begin with.

In Topic: Halloween pic!

Yesterday, 04:19 PM

Well, I rarely drink to get drunk anymore, so that's why I stick with the light beer. If I'm drinking to get drunk, I'll get on the liquor... :tounge:


I love how we have been to a couple parties at the same time, and even had chats and had no idea we were both members on here until now haha

Lakeport -- a buck a beer! Ontarians know what I'm talking about.


Now this brings back some classic memories. But hey, it all tastes the same when you're already hammered

In Topic: Halloween pic!

28 October 2014 - 03:32 PM

Well I can only speak for myself, but when I was younger I used to drink to get drunk, so I'd go for whatever beer had the highest alcohol content, which was Max Ice (7.1%) at the time. Half case of this s*** and I was good for the night... Now that I'm much older and somewhat more mature... I drink whatever beer tastes the best to me, which in my opinion are the light beers, Coors Light (4.2%).


Max Ice... that brings back some teenage memories LOL

In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

28 October 2014 - 03:06 PM

This is a good thing. He can now get in game shape so when he cracks the lineup now he won't have to play so much catchup and be limited to 8 minutes as a result.