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#2612086 ECF : Tampa Bay Former Rangers vs. New York New Rangers

Posted by Euro_Twins on Today, 01:03 PM

"The King" still has no Cups.  "The squire" is a more fitting nickname for someone with one Finals appearance and no Cups.
Elvis was "The King"
Gable was "The King"
Lundqvist's having that nickname is absurd.   

While I don't care for the nickname he can't score goals for his team, you don't win if you don't score

#2611523 ECF : Tampa Bay Former Rangers vs. New York New Rangers

Posted by chaps80 on Yesterday, 09:58 PM

Feel so awful for Henrik. The team in front of him can never get it done. Ever.


Same. He was pissed. Probably mostly at himself, but your def right. He does all he can, and they just can't get it done for him when it counts. I dunno if he ever thinks of moving on and trying to get a cup elsewhere, but he's got 5 or so years left in NY, and doubt the Rags would move him anyways.

#2611126 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by 55fan on 28 May 2015 - 05:52 PM

Hey, guys, it's not that bad.  Remember in 2007 when the Ducks won the cup?  They had a whole parking lot full of people come out for their parade!

#2611111 should mrazek get #1 tag next season

Posted by roboturner on 28 May 2015 - 03:41 PM

There is absolutely zero chance Howard gets moved. You can bank on the two splitting duties for at least a year. Pretty good situation, we'll have a deadly tandem where both goalies are more than capable of running with it. Lots of competition every night can't wait

He has to get moved at some point. Maybe not next season, but you can't have a $5 million cap hit for your backup goalie.

#2611084 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by jimmyemeryhunter on 28 May 2015 - 02:22 PM

Theres no way it can be a huge difference.
He's been running the same systems, he knows the kids on the team well, and the vets that are here have been here long enough to not have to worry about how they get along with blash, who knows the respect they've earned.

The kids aren't going to play worse for him, so its just a different voice.
Kind of....

They do legitimately sound the exact same.

#2611048 should mrazek get #1 tag next season

Posted by DickieDunn on 28 May 2015 - 01:08 PM

Why would they draft a guy 7th overall knowing that he probably wont ever play for them?

KHL draft is pretty meaningless.  They have junior teams as a feeder system that they don't need to draft players from.

Lol. The chances of McCollum being the next Drew Mac are pretty slim. But cool.


You're right, he probably won't be that good.

#2611041 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by number9 on 28 May 2015 - 12:49 PM


The old toy wasn't donated. He left. It was out of Holland's control. He wasn't forced out to be replaced. Blash is a guy Babcock hired. Babcock pretty well groomed him. The Babcock stamp of approval on Blash is what keeps me at ease about our coaching situation. 



The Pens were s***ting the bed when they fired Therrien and brought in Bylsma. That was 100% a case of exactly what I was talking about. A struggling team bringing in a fresh face is always a great thing in the short term. Like I said, the true test of Blash will be beyond this upcoming season. Babs kept this team competitive and working hard for ten years. Even through a rebuild. Only great coaches do that. People keep pointing to early playoff exits as concrete evidence of Babcock some how not being one of the best coaches in the world. While conveniently overlooking the youth on the roster having yet how to learn how to win. Screw the year we lost to Chicago in round 2. That was a shortened season. Weird things happened. The Leafs made the playoffs for god sake. The Tampa series was the first real playoff lesson for the youth on this team. That is when they finally started to get better every playoff game. That would have continued going into next season with Babcock, and it will continue going into next season without Babcock. When the team does better next year, it won;t be because of a magical coaching change. Like I said, a new voice only makes an immediate positive impact when the ship is sinking. Not when a team is already on the rise anyway. 


We are well aware you are gonna prance around about how "right" you are about Babcock holding this team back when the Wings improve upon things next season. But most of us will also know there is so much more to the story than a coach. The team has made strides in becoming better this past season. Babcock had a huge part in that, whether you agree with it or not. Blashill will do a fine job carrying that torch. But he isn't gonna be setting the world on fire like some of you expect. 


I feel like a bitter ex girlfriend


bahaha, prance for me kip, prance

#2610999 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by Helmethead on 28 May 2015 - 10:00 AM


#2611004 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by PavelValerievichDatsyuk on 28 May 2015 - 10:21 AM

Any improvement the team makes will be mostly the result of the kids improving. And back tracking will be mostly the result of them regressing or stagnating. And I stand by my belief that most people drooling over Blashill will turn on him when he plays Ericsson with Kronwall and Abdelkader and Helm in scoring line roles, and doesn't give Holy Slapper 4 minutes of PP time a night.

I do think that Blashill can inject some new energy, but I agree that improvement will be from prospect coming in (Mrazek, Marchenko, Pulkkinen) and youth improvement. Getting Mule back and the possibly having Weiss make a larger impact could also make us better if either happen.


I also totally agree that those that have railed against Babcock's roster decisions will find that any new coach will do similarly. After Abdelkader's last year he should and probably will be with Datsyuk. Also, the magic man wants him there(or a similar player) so it's been a player decision as much as a coaching decision.


Big E on the top pairing is a result of lack of high end talent on D. As of today, it's probably still the best way to handle the D pairings given the personnel. We'll see if we add someone or if Marchenko or can take a huge step this year. Otherwise, there will be more complaining about E as he plays a role slightly over his skill level.


Helm will be pushed down the roster if we either: get Mule back, have Weiss take a larger role, Pulkkinen finds his NHL scoring touch, Jurco finds his offensive game (though he needs to claim a 3rd line spot first). I love Helm and don't mind him filling in on the 2nd line and like that he is basically able to move up and down the roster an fit in. It's an important aspect to have in the event of injuries or struggling chemistry.


 I think Babcock's reputation for unlikely lineup configurations is exaggerated and I think many people ignore the causes for certain decisions.  

#2610987 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by kipwinger on 28 May 2015 - 09:02 AM

I realize that there's all sorts of residual hate from the rivalry (or what was left of it), but I really don't understand hating the Blackhawks and wanting teams in our conference (and particularly our division) to win.  Firstly, because f*** anybody else in our division.  But secondly, because the Hawks play (and win) EXACTLY like we used to.  They're the Red Wings.  If anybody should be able to appreciate just how good they are at what they do, it's us.  If you'd just thrown Red Wings sweaters on the Hawks last night, it could have easily been confused for the 2009 conference semis. 


Maybe that's the reason why, now that I think about it. 

#2610371 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 26 May 2015 - 09:28 AM

The conference finals is potential two games away from Stanley Cup finals ratings death.


Indeed.  It will be a "Bash at the Beach" for the Stanley Cup.   :lol:



#2610368 At what point does the GM deserve credit/blame?

Posted by kipwinger on 26 May 2015 - 08:56 AM

Ken Holland has been with the organization for 30 years.  18 of which he's been the GM.  He started as as scout, then the director of scouting, then the assistant GM, then the co-GM, and then the full GM.  It's not a coincidence that he was hired just prior to the Wings beginning an epic playoff streak. 


To try and dismiss his contributions to the organization as anything less than profound would be an absolutely gross understatement.  He's been more important to this team's success then any other individual. 


If you hire a GM from outside the organization, you can argue he's riding coattails.  But it's a little hard to say that about a guy who's been a member of the Red Wings longer than Steve Yzerman and Nick Lidstrom. 


To a lesser extent, this is true of Stan Bowman as well.  Sure Tallon was the GM before him.  But he started with Chicago in 2001 when they were a garbage team.  Unless he was just standing around playing with himself for 8 years he likely contributed to their assent.  Is he entirely responsible?  No.  But he's contributed from the bottom up. 


Yzerman doesn't deserve much credit for that first conference finals appearance as he had just come in from outside the organization and had been with the team for less than a year.  But he deserves credit for every single other success they've had since. 

#2610179 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by Tr!PoD#19 on 25 May 2015 - 10:50 PM

Andersen is a joke. Way to let your team down bud. Sieve.

#2610058 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by Internet.Unknown on 25 May 2015 - 05:10 PM

I don't get why you would think that Glendening would "follow Babs"... He's under contract with the Detroit Red Wings. He can't just decide to pack up his gear and move to Toronto, nor would he even if he could. There has been a lot of joking about trading Glendening to Toronto for Kessel or a 1st round pick or whatever because of how much Babcock loves him but he isn't going anywhere. I'm sure Holland and Blashill appreciate Glendening's game just as much as Babcock. He's here to stay and for good reason, he's a great 4th line shut down center.

This all day.


Glendenning should be part of the Wings' future. His absence for five minutes of the playoffs turned the entire series around.

#2610102 All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Posted by krsmith17 on 25 May 2015 - 07:33 PM

McCollum is playing great. The team as a whole is playing much better than last night though.