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Why are the Wings making such bad decisions with the puck?

28 October 2015 - 11:55 AM

I don't know what some people think but I don't think that our rough streak has been a result of poor effort or lack of or not trying, being lazy, not skating, etc. It's just that every time a player on our team gets the puck he does something stupid with it. The is no poise or patience with the puck. I've said this before here but it's like anytime a defenseman gets the puck on his stick he goes for a hail mary pass through the neutral zone and it is working terrible, they never seem to pass it behind to slow down the play and make a controlled break out. Our defenseman don't hold onto the puck for more than 1 second in most cases. We not passing the puck so much as throwing it as quickly to a teammate as quickly as possible. We throwing it away way too easily in the offensive zone instead of having some patience and making a good play.


That is what the problem seems to be to me. The question I have is why is this happening. The scariest answer is our new coach. Is he instructing our players to get rid of the puck as soon as possible? Obviously this is worrying because I don't want to throw our new much anticipated coach under the bus so soon but it's possible that while his systems worked in lower levels, they're noting working so great in the NHL and hopefully he can adjust. Or maybe our players just have no confidence, but then why the sudden change from going 6-0-2 in the preseason and 3-0 to start?


I think until our players start making better decisions with the puck we'll continue to struggle. I don't think it's a lack of effort, I think it's a lack of patience.