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#2533163 Tatar Signs 3 Year Deal $2.75 mill AAV

Posted by StormJH1 on 28 July 2014 - 01:49 PM

Think about how this compares to Damien Brunner - Brunner was a horribly one-dimensional player with little NHL track record but already in his mid-20's, and there were those that pissed (at the time) that the Wings wouldn't go to 2.5 or 3 million per on a 2 or 3-yr deal.  


Tatar posted a 19-goal season in really his first full season (on a team decimated by injuries and surrounded by other young players).  To get him on a 3-year evaluation period AND he's still an RFA at the end of the deal is terrific.  It benefits Tatar, too, but it's a good signing for the organization, nonetheless.


UPDATE: And I see that it's $2.75 per now.  You can see from my posts that I was preparing the mob for this :)  I think it's perfectly valued.  Maybe he's worth just shy of $2 million now, but if he progresses at all, he's easily a $4 million player in year 3.  And if he doesn't pan out, qualify him conservatively or cut him loose.

#2449429 Franzen believes hes playing well.

Posted by StormJH1 on 01 November 2013 - 10:32 AM

The criticisms of Franzen are totally fair, so I get it.  But the reality is that while his contract isn't a good contract, it also a manageable enough cap hit to avoid it being a total disaster. 


The other thing about Franzen is that he's going to have knee problems because he already has and because of how he's built.  If he played like Ryan Kesler, would he be capable of banging his way to a 30-goal pace every year?  Very possibly.  But I also think he'd average about 25-40 games missed from injury every year.


The thing that irks Wings fans about Franzen is what people call "work rate" in soccer.  But there are some good strikers in soccer that have notoriously poor work rates, yet still put the ball in the net.  That's what Franzen is, or at least what he's supposed to be, in a streaky fashion.  He sticks out like sore thumb on a team on a team full of defensive minded forwards, but as great as 13 and 40 are, you will see them disappear for weeks at a time from the scoresheet.  That was made Marian Hossa (IMO) such a great Red Wing during the '09 season, he carried that team for weeks in the regular season when nobody else was scoring.  Then his shoulder tore apart in the Playoffs and he skated in circles.  But Franzen was never as good as Hossa, nor was he ever as expensive.  He literally cost almost half the price from a cap standpoint, so the comparison is ridiculous.


Also, if he just has a TERRIBLE year (which I don't think he will), isn't compliance buyout still an option after 2014?  Provided of course he isn't on the IR.  My opinion remains that I'm not going to dwell on him until that window has closed.  I think fans are right to worry about what's ahead, but the contract is what it is, and it's not killing us right now.

#2448465 Would you want Moulson on the Wings?

Posted by StormJH1 on 28 October 2013 - 11:09 AM

I'll respond to the general question by saying, "Sure, why not".  I don't have an opinion on the proposed trade yet because we don't know what BUF will look like in January yet, even though they'll probably be sellers.  For all we know, BUF uses that abundance of cap room to overpay Moulson, and he extends there making this a moot point.  That probably WON'T happen, but we don't know.  Hypothetical trades like that one presume that teams with cap room want to spend it on all the overpriced crap we have and want to get a rid of.  BUF was smart enough to get a 1st and a 2nd without even losing much production for the remainder of the year.  Sammy, Eaves, and Tootoo are not players that do anything for BUF.  Of course, if the Wings were to trade a decent prospect, then yes, that's always on the table.  I wonder if signing Ville Leino, however, has them feeling a little burned (even though he went through PHI).


My concern about signing Moulson is that it's kind of like doing a more extreme version of the Franzen deal all over again.  I don't know anything about Moulson's defensive game, but I'd have to think we're looking at a $6 million AAV player on the open market, at least.  Does he keep up this scoring for several years, or is he Mark Parrish?  People bemoan the Franzen contract, maybe unfairly so, but that's a $3.9 mil. AAV deal.

#2445845 The Daniel Alfredsson Appreciation Thread

Posted by StormJH1 on 18 October 2013 - 10:53 AM

I understand why a lot of people were skeptical about the Alfie signing (or glancing at CapGeek and dreaming what else we could have done with the money), but it was almost impossible to imagine him playing on a line with Datsyuk and Zetterberg and not having that become one of the most cerebral, veteran scoring lines imaginable.  He's also a coveted right-handed shot that actually can play the left point on the power play, which was not a good role for Brunner.  


He's 40 and staying healthy for a season could be a challenge, but it's a vintage Red Wings' free agent signing and I loved the idea as soon as I heard it.


Also, T.Low's point about "playing for Alfie" in the Playoffs is huge.  This is a team with guys who have pretty much all won it before (Howard being the key other veteran that hasn't), and the Swedes get to play with a living legend who never won a Cup.  Reminds me a lot of the veterans on the 2002 and 2008 teams.

#2444661 % Chance that Monster can Survive B2B Games?

Posted by StormJH1 on 15 October 2013 - 01:25 PM


Gustavsson did have a very nice game.  But the thing you notice about him immediately is that his movement for a big goaltender is very chaotic.   Most large goaltenders (Sean Burke, Giguere, etc.) identify the angle, and then play a little deeper to limit the amount of movement they have to do.  This would be in contrast to someone like Manny Legace, who had to run about 5 feet out of the crease at times just to cover the net.


When Monster goes side to side, he seems to over-commit, and then either falls or shuffles back to the correct angle while the puck is in traffic.  While he's doing that, he's basically effed if there's a shot on net.  There were a number of times yesterday (including one where Weiss blocked two shots on his ass) where Boston could have scored quite easily, but the D cleared it out.  Then again, he is a backup goaltender, and we're actually spoiled watching Jimmy Howard, who I think may be a Top 5 NHL netminder right now, and plays very under control with his movement.


I'm not pointing this out to rail against Gustavsson, just pointing out that even in a win, there's a bit of luck involved.

#2442836 Devils sign Brunner 2 yrs. $2.5 million AAV

Posted by StormJH1 on 09 October 2013 - 11:48 AM



Haha, that blog post is awesome.  It's easy for armchair fans like me to look at scoring numbers and wonder why Brunner wasn't resigned (well, initially, anyway), but if you're a coach like Babcock that understands the game on a higher level and has seen mistakes like this over and over again in games and practices...it's no small wonder skilled guys like Brunner and Tatar end up in the doghouse for reasons that seem unwarranted.


I really think the whole NHL is just smarter about this kind of thing now.  It's really no different than basketball - it's a 5-on-5 game where each player has both offensive and defensive responsibilities.  But in the NBA, casual fans seem to understand that a guy that puts up 20 PPG but plays crap defense is a garbage player.  Meanwhile, the Marian Gaborik's and poor man's versions of him with offensive skill seem to skate along, and invariably get big money from dumb teams, even though they cost their team as much as they help.  To be fair, defensive in hockey is much more amorphous than the largely man-to-man NBA.

#2436456 So....did Cleary just take Tatar's spot?

Posted by StormJH1 on 13 September 2013 - 08:59 AM

You could make an argument that Tatar has the most intriguing offensive game in the Wings organization right now.  At least from the standpoint that he's much closer to NHL-ready than some of the newer draft picks, and I believe he has more scoring upside than Nyquist and Andersson.  Maybe considerably more.  


I'm just not really that receptive to these "bad attitude" complaints about guys in their very early 20's.  If Sean Avery can play two half-seasons for the Wings, surely Tomas Tatar deserves a chance to become a professional while actually playing at the highest professional level.  These are just kids that come over from Europe chasing a dream to play in the NHL.  He's 22 now, and I'm sure he watches highlights around the league of 18 and 19 year olds already that he may be better than.  And no offense to the City of Grand Rapids, but living and playing there and in other small U.S. cities probably isn't what he had in mind. Especially now that he's achieved (in his mind) the highest prize the AHL has to offer.


Maybe he is a bad dude, cancer, "coach killer", whatever.  Or maybe he's just an immature, talented kid who is frustrated because he wants to prove he's better.  Either way, he's an asset, and I'd prefer to know more about him before we move him.  And I'd certainly prefer to see him getting ice time over Dan Cleary.

#2436158 Cleary re-signs with Detroit, 1 year, $1.75m deal

Posted by StormJH1 on 12 September 2013 - 11:58 AM

Well, now Tatar is has said that he will not go back to Grand Rapids, and is angry.  I have no idea why the Wings are toying with their future to keep around another forward that we didn't need.  Tatar probably should have been up LAST YEAR for the playoffs, but they left him down to help the Griffins win an AHL championship.

#2435701 Report: Cleary to sign with PHI, 3 yrs, $2.75m/yr, NTC

Posted by StormJH1 on 10 September 2013 - 12:04 PM

I really appreciated Cleary's contributions to the Wings (particularly the 2009 Playoffs, when Cleary CARRIED us at times), but he had to go.  As hard as it is to let go of important veterans, I'm glad that the Red Wings organization is not overly sentimental when making roster moves.  We have young players ready to take his spot now that can do it better and cheaper.

#2432834 So the consensus on Shanny's #14 is a no?

Posted by StormJH1 on 08 August 2013 - 12:33 PM

The very thing that made Lids a lifelong Wing is the same thing that would prevent him from playing one season in TB.


That is what you are missing, Lids could have gone to Boston to play with Chara (Both talked about wanting to play together) probably got more money with any team than he did with the Wings.



Like Yzerman before him, Lids embodied what it means to be a Red Wing, and that includes taking less personally to achieve more as a team.


Each one of your statements is true individually, and they add to the qualifications for a guy having his # retired.  But to extrapolate each of those into a rule that ALL future nominees must follow like checklist?  Sorry, no.  Jarome Iginla should have his number retired in Calgary, and he'll have played on at least 2 other teams hopping around looking for a contender.  I really don't fault him for it either, and neither do most Calgary fans.


Eras are different, business differs by era, and every player's career is different.  What if the Wings had botched the '89 draft and didn't end up with Lidstrom or Fedorov.  Maybe the Wings make a few first rounds, get bounced, and are back out of the playoffs.  Maybe some of those veteran players we later acquire don't want to play for the Dead Wings.  You can tell me, with full certainty, that a mid-30's Steve Yzerman who never won anything here, NEVER would have left because he just loved Detroit so much?  I don't think anyone can know that.  Yzerman deserves the praise he gets, but he wasn't the only one determining his situation.  And the Red Wings organziation, with the help of almost a dozen other Hall of Fame players here and there helped to make that situation pretty darn nice.


Plus, as has been mentioned, Howe, Sawchuk and other retired numbers didn't play their whole careers as Wings.

#2432820 NHL to takeover of NJ around the corner?

Posted by StormJH1 on 08 August 2013 - 10:59 AM

So the team that finally broke the '05 CBA (by signing the first Kovalchuk deal), and then put the first crack in the 2013 CBA (by having Kovy retire and getting out of the 2nd Kovalchuk deal), doesn't even have enough money to pay their salaries?


I had heard grumblings that New Jersey was in rough shape financially, but this is pathetic.  For a team that's had the caliber of players they've had in the last 25 years, won multiple cups, and is in a metorpolitan area that should draw a ton of hockey interest, you have to be pretty dysfunctional to not make that work.  At least when Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Nashville, etc. have money problems, people can look at that and go "yeah, I can see how that makes sense".

#2432530 So the consensus on Shanny's #14 is a no?

Posted by StormJH1 on 05 August 2013 - 04:31 PM

To me, trying to parse through details of what happened with Shanahan in 2005 or Fedorov in 2003 is missing the forest for the trees.  By that point, both of those players had won multiple Cups for this team, and were in the waning phases of their careers.  I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time somebody cites the "_____ isn't good of a guy as Lidstrom/Yzerman" or "I don't know how much it would mean to _____ to retire their #" arguments.  Under that logic, Sawchuk (who was not a perfect human being, nor did he have a great relationship with the Wings at all times) wouldn't have gotten his number retired long after he died, since it obviously doesn't "mean anything" to a guy who isn't alive. 


I think both Shanahan and Fedorov are potentially deserving of having their number retired, but you CANNOT have Shanny and not Fedorov.  Fedorov was a Hart-caliber player, and it was he and Lidstrom that made this into a pernnial Playoff team.  Yzerman, for how great he was, was a one-man offensive show for years on a team that wasn't all that good.  You can't put Shanny in the rafters as a reward for showing up in October 1996 and capping off a nearly-finished product...while ignoring what Sergei Fedorov was a part of for SIX seasons before that, including making the Playoffs every year and a Cup Final in '95. 


I would feel legitimately sick if this organization spent years tooting its own horn as the "United Nations" of hockey clubs, celebrating the Russian Five, and the first European captain to win the Cup, but then pisses all over Fedorov's legacy because he's Russian and left in free agency at a time when he only had one good year left in him anyway.  The Wings basically stole him from Russia at the Goodwill Games as a teenager, and he gave us 13 of the best seasons ever to be a Wings fan.  All the rest of it is just crap.  Shanny and Fedorov, or neither.

#2432044 ESPN/Sportscenter gives the NHL 2.7% of its time

Posted by StormJH1 on 31 July 2013 - 10:39 AM

I think it's better for espn to just cover the only thing they know and just leave. Hockey alone. I mean even if I were into the other sports their coverage is simply overkill and espn is going the way of MTV. As hockey fans we can be really thankful for TSN and their superb job of covering hockey.

The MTV comparison stole the point I was going to make.  I don't have access to CBC or TSN here in Minnesota.  But after beating this argument into the ground for so many years, it's almost come full circle to the point where ESPN is controlling less and less of the narrative nowadays.  Yes, they're still HUGE, and they are definitely a major player in covering events and dictating the narrative of sports culture.  But SportsCenter is no longer a monolithic force in telling you what events are important.


ESPN competitors, like NBC Sports and Fox Sports One, have been traditionally mocked for focusing on niche sports and missing out the big time contracts.  But just like how MTV stopped showing music videos and replaced them with reality shows and cultural material, sports is also succumbing to our "a la carte" society.  If you're a racing fan or a soccer fan, you may spend more time on NBC Sports than you do on ESPN.  You don't need ESPN for highlights or news, that's what the internet and smartphones are for.  Any shocking highlight in ANY sport with any type of following will be posted on Deadspin with a YouTube link within an hour, and passed around on Twitter.


Just thinking about the joke that the OLN network was in 2005 and to think about what it is now as NBCSN is pretty amazing. The reality is that NHL hockey probably does have 2.7% (or less) of the collective sports interest in this country.  Football itself may occupy over 50% of it, and baseball and basketball are also huge players.  The NHL is a regional "niche" product, but the fans are very loyal. 


"Mad Men" gets about 1/4 of the viewer ship of "The Walking Dead" on the same network, but that really says nothing about the quality of product or the depth of enjoyment by its fans.

#2431789 Pierre McGuire's past that NBC doesn't want you to know about

Posted by StormJH1 on 29 July 2013 - 11:49 AM

I read this and was stunned and entertained by it.  I honestly had no recollection/knowledge that he was a former coach.  I'm 31, and my hockey interest kicked in during the mid-90's, but I certainly didn't follow much outside the Red Wings until later in the decade.  And with no real internet coverage, that was mostly whatever The Deuce (ESPN2) was showing.


If you really look at NBC's lineup, it's just littered with guys that have been more or less discareded by the game of hockey.  Compare that to the NFL, where the same network employs legendary, accomplished coaches like Cowher and Dungy.  Milbury's one of the worst GM's in NHL history.  Pierre was a pompous brat and a terrible coach.  Roenick betrayed his own union and the fans after the 2004 lockout.  And Eddie Olczyk is f$%&ing Eddie Olczyk!

#2431398 Red Wings popularity in Detroit/Michigan

Posted by StormJH1 on 24 July 2013 - 12:24 PM

This thread is full of s***.  Everytime I come to this site all you guys do is talk about Red Wings this, Red Wings that.  Hockey must be pretty f'ing popular.  Nobody talks about how Angelina Jolie is too skinny, how Oprah is too fat, just hockey, hockey, hockey.  LOL.


Here in columbus, my friends think it's odd that where I grew up in MI every driveway had a goalie net in it like the driveways here have basketball nets.  Our Gordie is their Archie.  Strange since we are so close to eachother.  Like a previous poster stated outside of MI and Min hockey is down the chain.

I think he was joking, but it's obvious selection bias to come to an internet forum for discussion of a particular NHL team and remark how popular hockey seems to be around these parts...


There IS a problem of waning popularity with the Red Wings in metro Detroit, however.  In the late 90's (when it was a very special time to be Red Wings fan), we could look to cities like Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc. and it was easy to feel like we were "Hockeytown".  Those cities have excellent fanbases now.


It will be interesting if moving to the East has any impact on the appeal of the team.  Detroit was already a fixture with the national media, but will be moreso now that we'll play and compete for position with the likes of NYR, TOR, MTL, BOS, etc.


The mid-2000's, unlike the 90's, had us playing a huge chunk of games against recent expansion teams in crappy markets, namely Nashville and Columbus.  Who was our biggest "rival" in the 2000's....the Ducks?  You could argue it the Hawks later, but they didn't get the upper hand on us until the decade was over.  The Penguins "rivalry" only applied to two consecutive finals.


Think about East Coast markets that have flourished recently, and all of them have several huge rivalries that seem to matter even when one or both of the teams aren't that great (PHI/PIT, NYR/NJ, NYR/WAS, PIT/WAS, MTL/TOR, etc.)  Detroit had nothing like that dating back to Colorado, and I think that really hurt the interest.