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#2374620 Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

Posted by StormJH1 on 27 March 2013 - 12:30 PM

Absolutely and the proof is in the pudding. I'm sorry but there is zero percent chance Larry Murphy taped that Nashville intro while under the influence, yet he still was rambling, mumbling, and falling over his own words. He simply just had a little trouble getting what he wanted out sometimes. I can do the same thing time to time, I can understand this. Anyone does. He just did it at a more accelerated rate which makes me think he actually had a problem. I don't think awkwardness played a huge role, but it could have been influential. He did play professional hockey in front of millions, and has been on the air for over 10 years now, I can't say he still has the jitters being in-front of the camera.


I think the biggest thing is what VM just said. I would HATE for these rumors to get into the media and run rampant.  


I'm an out-of-market fan, so I don't always catch the cold opens on GameCenter.  For whatever reason, I caught that Nashvillle one.  It was creepy and weird, but I blamed 95% of that on a stupid idea by FSN staffers.  At no point did it even occur to me he might have been drinking.  Especially since they probably taped it a 1:30pm on a game day with a camera crew following him around.  (Was pretty funny when Ken Daniels was walking in the crowd of Wings fans - male and female - and you couldn't even find him because he's like 5'5"). 


I understand this is message board forum, that Murph got fired, and people are just going to toss out possible reasons why that happened.  There's just no evidence of it, and it doesn't do any good.

People are losing sight of the fact this was a MID-season firing.  If FSD has a meeting in August and decides, "Look, Murphy's just too akward on camera, we have better options for that job", I would have had zero problem with that.  Letting him go before a road trip in March in the midst of a truncated 99-day season is either indicitive of some type of misconduct, or is a HUGE slap in the face.

#2372528 Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

Posted by StormJH1 on 23 March 2013 - 07:54 AM

This is really sad and classless. As an out-of-market Wings fan, it's pretty jarring to see how low-quality that broadcast has become. Everything from the 80's era looking studio work to selling out the entire broadcast to an ambulance chaser law firm...and they blame Murph for the ratings. Right. Anyone with a GameCenter Live account who watches other broadcasts can see what i'm talking about. What I hate most is that ex-players on the broadcast (like Mick and Verbeek also) is a way of keeping players "in the family". Murph actually WANTS to live in Detroit and wanted to keep covering the team, and FSD decided they don't need him. Sad. Sent on iPhone using Tapatalk

#2371328 3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

Posted by StormJH1 on 20 March 2013 - 03:04 PM

Going to a local bar with a couple of Wild bros. Busting out my Fedorov jersey OH YEAH!!


These two teams usually play each other tough.


Hopefully we can get the 2 points tonight. *fingers crossed*


My buddies at work are both pretty big Wild fans.  I happened to be visiting Detroit for a wedding on July 4th, but the taunting and absurd wave of optimism after they landed Parise/Suter that day was pretty rough.  Whereas the Wings/Wild game used to be a cute little novelty, now they seem like serious business.


Wild and Wings have also been almost identical in the standings all year, so there's a realistic chance that one of these teams makes the Top 8 at the other's expense.  Wild are see-sawing with VAN for the division league, but if they don't win the division, they're in a horse race with everyone else to get in.


Go Wings! 

#2367959 Nyquist called up, Tatar sent down

Posted by StormJH1 on 12 March 2013 - 11:00 AM

This move infuriates me.  My rage was slightly reduced upon learning that they did it to call up Nyquist.  But Nyquist is 23, and probably should've been up here on Day 1. Tatar is 22 years old but he has a skill set that many NHL'ers will never have.  The fact that Abdelkader and Cleary continue to destroy Pavel Datsyuk on the top line while we drop two in a row to Columbus...and then send down Tatar?  Makes no sense to me.


The problem with "overripe" is that just as soon as these guys get established on the Wings, you look up and Valterri Filppula is turning 29 next week.  The longer you string these guys out, the more tempted you become to fill the roster with padding like Samuelsson, Cleary, and Tootoo that cost more than young players and have little to no hope of making us a better offensive team.


Hope he's back sooner than later, he felt like he was on the verge of becoming a difference maker.

#2366708 Ducks re-sign Getzlaf 8 year-contract

Posted by StormJH1 on 08 March 2013 - 03:34 PM

The only thing that surprises me is how many people thought the lockout would translate to lower cap hits. I thought he could get around $10M as a UFA so this seems about right.

I almost spontaneously combuted when I read that AAC value.  I agree that there are players who could get $10 million per year, but the idea that Getzlaf is an upper-end trend-setter for that trend is borderline absurd.  This guy had 11 goals in 82 games last year.  His playmaking is unquestionably elite, but his numbers are basically Saku Koivu. 


I know the guy won a Cup, but you can't contribute that kind of money to a guy.  As was said above, how do you Corey Perry or Bobby Ryan for LESS than that now?  I'm pretty sure anyone who had to guess who would be the most productive out of those 3 in the next 8 years would have Getzlaf 3rd in that discussion (I would, anyway).

#2365777 Should Visors Be Mandatory In The NHL

Posted by StormJH1 on 06 March 2013 - 04:06 PM

I remember Sami Salo saying in an interview that he wore a neck protector for a while but quit because he got tired of his teammates making fun of him. One would think that after what happened to Zednik the attitudes would've changed.


Maybe this has something to do with the body language of when you're facing someone with your nose up giving the impression that you're not afraid to the extent that you even keep your most vulnerable part visible and uncovered. This is just me thinking out loud because in reality I have no idea why hockey players talk about safety and wear some protection but at the same time aren't interested in wearing some very sginificant pieces of equipment. The idea of (male) players wearing full face masks would make most hockey fans laugh.


Great story.  Shows how hockey, as much as any other sport, really celebrates old school machismo, and is slow to adapt to modern realities.  I remember a similar story about Tony Granato in the 90's after he had some concussion problems, and players made fun of him for wearing a thicker helmet.  Guys like Gretzky wore those Jofa helmets that were basically a thin piece of plastic with only enough padding to make it comfortable.  They weren't even HECC certified.  A lot of players they asked about it basically said that "vanity" and not wanting to get made fun of were the primary reasons they didn't wear more equipment.


Occasionally, you'd hear a guy say that they couldn't see as well through them, but given that 61% of the league now wears some type of shield (including Crosby and some of the highest skill players), that's obviously mind over matter.  


I would mandate it to "save players from themselves", the same way helmets needed to be mandated, and even then, Craig MacTavish was still allowed to risk cracking his head open into the mid-90's.  People say it's overreaction to a freak accident, but that's absurd.  There's been SO many close calls.  Brendan Shanahan almost lost an eye when he was with the Devils.  Yzerman had the orbital bone fracture and started wearing one full-time afterwards.  And the Hossa/Berard incident wasn't a "near miss", that really did wreck Berard's career.


Will it prevent eye injuries from ever happening?  Probably not.  But I see no that it would harm the game in any other way, and I think it could only help.  Henrik Sedin got absolutely rocked in the face by a shot late last night, from almost the same angle as the M. Staal shot.  It stunned him and knocked him on his feet, but he got up and was perfectly fine afterwards, and I think the only difference was the visor.

#2361119 Red Wings to be in an Eastern conference in latest NHL/NHLPA proposal

Posted by StormJH1 on 25 February 2013 - 01:47 PM

The saying used to go..."where is the best place to get tickets to a Wings game"? answer..."United Center".


I love now that the Hawks have a good team that everyone forgets their history...no broadcast TV...the Eric Daze and Alexei Zhamnov years...they were named Worst Franchise in Sports by ESPN in 2004, they straight up sucked from 1998 to recently when they got all those great lottery draft picks. Like Pittsburgh as well.


Red Wing history is not always spectacular either, but that was late 70's, early 80's. And now they say. Oh, now that they aren't that good, they run to the other conference? I guess they are tired of being a doormat for the last 20 years. We helped them get those Top 3 picks. You're welcome.

I haven't forgotten Chicago's history (routinely bottom 10 in attendance pre-lockout), but that's an oversimplification.  They routinely have some of the best attendance in the league now.  Their old ownership was so bad people couldn't even get the games on TV (and the team sucked).  TV viewership and fan interest is one thing, but when it comes to putting butts in the seats and the prohibitive costs of ticket sales, I really don't blame "casual" fans for staying home when the product is terrible.


Also, I wonder how Detroit would rank if you measured ACTUAL attendance as a percentage of tickets sold.  JLA is embarrassing at times on TV, especially in the lower bowl - it looks like 15,000 to 17,000 out of 20k capacity actually show up for games.  Of course, those are terribly expensive tickets you see, but even they're corporate, somebody has that ticket and is sitting on it.

#2361048 Red Wings to be in an Eastern conference in latest NHL/NHLPA proposal

Posted by StormJH1 on 25 February 2013 - 10:22 AM

I want realignment badly, but (a) I'm not getting too excited about any one plan, given what happened to the 2011 plan; and (b) I'm not sure I like a lot of the proposals that put us in with a bunch of "Eastern" teams.


The argument that the Red Wings shouldn't be in the "West" has merit, but if you look at a map of the franchises, so do the arguments that would keep us there.  I'm also privy to another angle on this debate, living in Minnesota.  Wild fans here are convinced that they have it the worst in the league right now (well, except for Winnipeg's temporary arrangement) because they are a Central timezone team that exclusively plays teams in Pacific/Mountain timezones.  They also rack up a ton of travel heading out to Vancouver, and 3 of their 4 division opponents are Canadian, which probably causes more issues with customs, etc.


On the other hand, look at a map of the U.S., and Minnesota is basically dead in the middle of it.  Detroit, meanwhile has a ton of in-conference games with a three-hour time difference, and a large amount of travel.  Those games are as late as 10:30pm starts in the D, whereas the latest a Wild game can start is 9:30pm.  


I liked the original realignment proposal because kept us in with Midwest teams like Chicago and Minnesota, and would prevent us from ending up on the West Coast for the first two rounds of the playoffs.  Anybody over the age of 25 probably recalls all those playoff series against San Jose, Anaheim, and Los Angeles in the 90's/early 2000's, those late starts were pretty brutal (and they frequently went to overtime).


But as much tradition as Montreal, Toronto, and Boston have, I just don't feel a strong connection to playing those teams as a Wings fan.  Granted, nobody really wants to have a "rivalry" with towns like Columbus or Nashville, but that argument would apply to any team equally.  Long story short, I'm not so sure that I do want to trade CHI, MIN, and STL for BOS, TOR, and MTL

#2359307 Tootoo

Posted by StormJH1 on 22 February 2013 - 09:01 AM

Since I'm an avowed Tootoo hater, I do feel obligated to check in and give him credit for the last few games.  For what Tootoo "is", he's been extremely effective the past few games.  I actually found myself wanting him more on the ice, though I'm not sure that's a testament to him or just how irrelevant guys like Abdelkader and Miller have been.

Still, given that we did LOSE the game, and have lost several where Tootoo has been "active" in this manner, I do think you have to put that in the context of the "end result" and ask if you like watching Tootoo because it makes you feel good, or if you truly believe he's making us a more effective team.  Tootoo stepped in to a fight between Dorsett and Ericsson, which was (a) kinda embarrassing to Ericsson given his size, and (b) borderline worthy of an additional penalty or suspension for 3rd man in (Ericsson hadn't really engaged yet, so it wasn't that bad).  Oh, and by the way, the Blue Jackets scored right after we fired up their whole bench, and held the momentum for much of the rest of the game.


Similar thing late in the game where Tootoo pretty blatantly dove and took that minor in the 3rd that put us on the power play.  Yes, it worked, so Tootoo deserves credit for that.  But he was also warned by the referee, and that very easily could have been called a dive, which might have been disastrous.  


The reason I dislike Tootoo so much isn't really about me disliking him as a person or even his game (though both of those are occasionally true).  I just fundamentally don't believe that crap "fits" on a team like this because in a 2-2 or 2-1 hockey game, I believe the Red Wings are better at actually playing hockey than the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Players like Tootoo have a target on their back with both opposing goons and referees.  Simply by putting him on the ice, the game becomes about Tootoo running around.  The game devolves into chaos, and in a chaotic game, the skill advantage of the Red Wings is dissipated.  Fans are stuck in the "Cold War" mentality of the Wings getting pulverized by the Devils and beat around the rink by the Avalanche before we won our Cups.  That's not what I see happening now (and it's also a different game than 15 years ago).  Tootoo isn't the "reason" the Wings are struggling - he doesn't play enough for that to be true.  But throwing him on the ice is always going to him, and that's not going to benefit the team long-term.

#2358332 Biggest mistake Red Wings have done

Posted by StormJH1 on 20 February 2013 - 02:49 PM

Correct but there is a point where they get too over-riped in the minors and need to come up to the majors.  


The Winner!


-Not having a post-Lidstrom sucession plan in place.


Honorable Mentions

-Franzen vs. Hossa

-Uwe Krupp debacle.

-Not getting more Defensive Depth when you knew Lidstrom was going to retire in a few years.

-The Jimmy Carson Trade.

Border Line (I couldn't decide if they should go)

-Robert Lang trade.   There are a lot of factors that went to this one including A. The Fact he was leading the league in scoring at the time B. The 2009 Cap mess etc.


You listed a lot there, and some of them go further back and are good examples.  I think the Krupp situation is a good example of a "mistake", at least in retrospect.  Of course, poaching a 6'6" right-handed defenseman from your bitter rival probably seemed like a great idea at the time.  He had missed a good amount of time previously due to injury, but predicting the whole thing with the dog sledding while he was supposed to be rehabbing (and the grievance) would have been hard to foresee.  http://blog.mlive.co...wings_no_9.html


But the "failing to have a Lidstrom succession plan" one, which you are far from the only person to suggest, just makes me chuckle because you CAN'T find another Lidstrom, and it's not like having 2 "good" defenseman is the same as having 1 "elite" one that logs 25 minutes a game and virtually never screws up (not to mention quarterbacking the power play).


Plus, unless you're talking about Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer, or Zdeno Chara, it's really pretty hard to find examples of defenseman that are so impactful you could basically plug them into any team and have an instant defensive powerhouse.  No better example of that right now than what is happening with Ryan Suter in Minnesota.  I was among the people who really wanted him here, but it turns out that when your partner is Tom Gilbert instead of Shea Weber, suddenly your defense doesn't look as stellar.  


The problem the Wings had with replacing the defensive corps is the same they have all over the team.  Other than Suter, there really was no "free agency" fix for a top-tier defenseman in the offseason.  You could argue that Holland should have traded for one, but since the Red Wings rarely have draft picks above the 20th pick, it's not like the Red Wings have elite caliber prospects like a Hodgson or Kassian that you see swapped around for considerable value before their careers have taken off (in that case, they were swapped for each other).  If the Wings are lucky enough to develop the next Datsyuk or Zetterberg, that won't be apparent to the league until they're already proven pros, at which point we'd probably want to keep that player.


And even though the Wings seem to trade their 1st rounder basically every other year, it's almost a guaranteed low first rounder, so the returns are more like Kyle Quincey than Jonas Brodin or Victor Hedman.  

Nobody doubts that the defense is a problem, but to call it a "mistake" seems a bit unfair, or unrealistic.  

#2358252 Pavel Datsyuk dangles the entire Predators team!

Posted by StormJH1 on 20 February 2013 - 12:07 PM

When they show the highlight package for Datsyuk's career, I have to think that goal will be included in there...right after his patented shootout move on Turco, kicking the puck the Z for the empty netter, and any number of other blind passes, take aways or other exceptional plays you could choose from.  


I really think that his offense from game-to-game this year has been better at age 34 than it ever has been.  I'm not saying he'll be on a record goals/assist pace (the lockout ruined the significance of those numbers anyway), but he just seems involved in setting up and finishing more consistently than I can ever remember.  The brilliant thing about him is that he doesn't do it with superhuman speed or a 100 mph slapshot.  In Datsyuk and Larionov, the Wings have had two of the most cerebral tacticians the game has ever seen, which is why this generation of fans is truly spoiled, even if we don't win a Cup every 5 years.


Unless he re-signs, which I don't expect him to do in advance, 2014 really could be his last year in the NHL.  I sure hope it's not, but I certainly wouldn't fault him for whatever he wants to do.  Just make sure you appreciate what you're seeing, because we'll be trying to explain to our kids in 10 or 20 years how this guy who never had a 100-pt season or scored more than 32 goals in a year was maybe the most special player we ever watched.

#2354203 Ericsson

Posted by StormJH1 on 11 February 2013 - 11:04 AM

The past criticisms of Ericsson's game were entirely fair.  It might be that we had unreasonably high expectations for him based on how he played in the '09 Playoffs paired with Lidstrom.  There were many examples from 2009-12 of poor positioning, total lack of offensive involvement, and a physical dimension to his game that was disappointing given his size.


That being said, his play this season has been outstanding, and is finally worth the contract that made LGW collectively groan when it was signed.  Of course, being surrounded by other crappier defensemen probably helps the perception.  But his breakout passes have been excellent, and he's always had a hard shot, it's just that his hands of stone usually render it moot.  And there were some key decisions in that Kings game Sunday where he jumped on passes and diffuse some potential disasters on defense.


I think one problem that Ericsson had was that he broke in with the Wings already in his mid-20's, and was perceived as being "over-ripe" (a 2002 draft pick that didn't debut until 2008).  But he was also a converted forward, and many tall defenseman (Chara, even Hal Gill to an extent) seem to struggle figuring things out until they've been in the league for several years.  My point is simply that maybe Ericsson (who just turned 28) is on a different developmental scale.  Whatever the case, if he kept up this level of play for the rest of the year, I think we'd be thrilled.

#2352246 Tomas Tatar Is Jiri Hudler 2.0

Posted by StormJH1 on 07 February 2013 - 12:22 PM

I think any time you draft a player, especially in hockey where there are so many hidden gems, you hoping they could be the corner stone of your franchise. Of course you dont always hit, but best case scenario is that every draft pick will be a star.


While you obviously hope for that to happen, I completely disagree with you in the following respect: If the Red Wings knew Pavel Datsyuk was going to be Pavel Datsyuk, there's no way in heck they let him fall to #171.  The two players drafted by Detroit AHEAD of Datsyuk were Carl Steen (#142, played in the Swedish league and never came over to North America) and Adam DeLeeuw (#151, Canadian Junior player who never played in the NHL).  It's one thing to avoid overdrafting a guy, but if they had any clue Datsyuk would become half of what he turned out to be, why were they drafting other North Americans and Europeans ahead of him?




You are correct that hockey seems to have a lot of "hidden gems", but the reasons for that in the 90's were different than they are now.  Heading into the Nagano Olympic games (first with professional players), it was still very much assumed that Canada and Russia were the talent powerhouses of the world.  Globalization and the internet have diminished the chances that Hakan Andersson wanders into some European rink and sees some prodigy that nobody else has even heard of.  Also, the profile of many other leagues not named the NHL or KHL has increased greatly following Olympic play and the 2004-05 lockout.  In addition to Yzerman and all the free agents, the Wings were built by the head start we seemed to have in spotting (and smuggling) Russians in the late 80's and early 90's, and Swedes before those players were fully appreciated (Swedes being a solid foundation of the '08 team).  I'm not sure there's an "untapped" market that the Wings can exploit now, but we will see.


Plus, you have to keep in mind the type of players that Datsuk and Zetterberg are.  They are undeniable talents, but they are also both very unselfish, 2-way players.  Neither of them possess a 100 mph slapshot, or blazing speed.  They aren't flashy players that blow away the competition like Pavel Bure on CSKA Moscow.  It takes a lot of foresight, but even more luck, to find a complete player whose overall intelligence and feel for the game that give them the edge at lower levels will also make them elite players as grown men in the NHL.  Guys with one particular elite skill, such as world-class speed like Andreas Athanasiou, don't make it past the 3rd or 4th round, even if they tons of other holes in their game.


Also, I don't think NHL GM's do draft players thinking that every one is going to be a star.  Drew Miller draft position (with ANA, not DET) was comparable to Datsyuk's, but I don't think anybody looked at the guy and thought: "here's a potential Hart candidate".  I think the hope at that late round was that he became a useful bottom-6 forward, which is basically how he turned out.

#2352215 Mrazek To Start Tonight

Posted by StormJH1 on 07 February 2013 - 11:33 AM

Excited to see him play (and glad it's not McCollum), but please everybody keep their expectations in check. This is not some overripe Jimmy Howard type working his way through the system - this kid is 20. And defense in front of him has been suspect to the point where even Jimmy has a 3.00-ish GAA. Sent on iPhone using Tapatalk

#2351369 Mike Ilitch's Apearance

Posted by StormJH1 on 05 February 2013 - 02:44 PM

Any Wings fan who can tell you with a straight face that they don't have respect for Illitch is absolutely nuts.  He's the definition of a "fan-owner" and his businesses have been extremely important in providing jobs, interest, and morale to a city that is about as dysfunctional as it gets, as anyone who's ever lived anywhere else would tell you.  He basically spent the Tigers out of the cellar.  Four Cups, Six SCF appearances, and two decades of consecutive Playoff appearance for a team that doesn't have a single draft pick higher than #19 overall (IIRC) on its roster.  I'm 31 now, and if you take the Tigers, the Red Wings, and even friggin Little Caesar's Pizza away, I'm not even sure I recognize my childhood.