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What is the plan with Mrazek?

10 July 2014 - 01:54 PM

I'm sure this question has been asked many times in varying ways here (sorry, I took a bit of a hiatus from the forum), but what is the end game with Petr Mrazek.  Yes, he's played all of 11 games in the NHL.  But the returns everywhere have been great.  He's consistently at a .920 or better SV % whether he's in the NHL or AHL (and it's not like this is the shutdown Red Wings defense of old in front of him).  He won an AHL championship at having barely turned 21 years old.


I'm still a Jimmy Howard fan.  Some fans may come to hate that deal in years to come, but try finding a long-term contract for a starting NHL goalie that worked out as planned - it almost never happens.  But it's very clear that Howard, if healthy, is going to have first shot at that starting job for longer than Mrazek is going to be prepared to wait.


I believe that Mrazek is good enough now to be an NHL backup or platoon starter.  But it's also true that goaltenders need game experience and are almost never handed starting NHL jobs before they are at least 23 years old.


With all that in mind, would you have resigned Monster and kept Mrazek in the AHL to get more playing time?  Or would you have preferred to have him in Detroit in something of a 65/35 split that would keep Jimmy healthy and get Mrazek enough game experience to continue his development.  Or is all of this a moot point because of Jimmy and Gustavsson's durability issues, and we're basically looking at a 3-goalie situation anyway?