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In Topic: WCQF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues

21 April 2016 - 09:04 AM

The Blues' ability to choke in the first round can only be rivaled by the Sharks. I'm not sure many realize how big this Game 5 is tonight. 


As for the suspension, I personally feel that he should've been suspended for is antics (throwing a tantrum at the refs, jumping Steen at the final buzzer, etc.) but suspending someone is pretty weak considering the connotation of that word has changed over the years (see: South Park episode "The F Word"). I think the league would've been better off giving a different reason for his suspension (unsportsmanlike treatment of the officials) than to just blame it on one word. 


Regardless, the series has been very even thus far and a Chicago victory tonight, on the road in a what will be a raucous building, without their most productive forward thus far, will allow doubt to creep into the heads of the Blues and lead to what could be the most devastating chapter in the long story of Blues early round collapses. 


Get it done tonight and please win by two goals or more, my heart can't handle many more of these one goal games.