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#2130764 Crosby's family trying to convice him to retire?

Posted by T.Low on 16 March 2011 - 12:15 PM

If he is forced to retire by his family that would be great, I hate that f*****.

That's kinda funny, cause I know you and all the plus five (or whatever it's up to at any given point) are not serious. Yeah, i hate that f***** too.Ha ha.

He's incredible. And it's a shame his season got cut short (and I'll be the first one to call out Don Cherry and the rest of the media; I don't think it was a dirty hit at all, it was an unintentional collision, more Crosby's fault than whatshisname's) because he was light years ahead of everyone in points.

And on the like vs don't like arguement, I'd love to play some pond hockey and then go have a beer with him (or hot chocolate cause the guy probably doesn't drink beer), even though I really don't like to hear about him from the casual fan. WHen the casual fan wants to talk hockey with me and thats all they can think of is the Crosby clip they saw on ESPN, I roll my eyes and think this dude has no clue as to what he is talking about.

But the casual fan is not here on LGW. There is NO reason Crosby has given the real hockey fan to hate him enough to hope his career is cut chort by a brain injury.

I hope he comes back to his 100% level, and is however awesome he is during the season and playoffs, and then the Detroit Red Wings beat him in the Stanley Cup Finals again, and again.

#2121372 Avery Sucks.

Posted by T.Low on 24 February 2011 - 04:27 PM

Say what you will, I'd love to have Avery back in a Wings sweater.


#2105298 Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

Posted by T.Low on 26 January 2011 - 02:10 AM

That's absurd. There are no Islander fans.

Not true. I know the guy.

#2075114 Retire Osgood's #30?

Posted by T.Low on 10 December 2010 - 12:21 PM

The Rafters are Sacred Red Wing Jersey grounds. More sacred than Ozzie, Shanny, and Feds. We're talking maybe once in a generation does a new jersey go up and retire. When was the last one before Stevie Y?

#2073075 Shane Doan at the trade deadline = 2011 Stanley Cup

Posted by T.Low on 04 December 2010 - 12:42 PM

Why would a playoff bound team trade their best player?

I really don't think Hudler is our best player.


Beer in mind, I enjoy blueadam's line threads. :thumbup: Keep up the good work, kid.

#2072034 Bert: (One of) the most hated athletes.

Posted by T.Low on 02 December 2010 - 08:30 PM

next game he came out chirping and playing dirty.

He wouldn't face Bert like a man which is what you gotta do sometimes.

A dirty player who made plays that could've ended other players careers had his ended. He received compensation and is fine making a living. He is also not a cripple at all. I hold nothing against Bert for what he did

You, sir, have some very good insights.

I do think his neck broke at the precise moment of head impacting the ice from Bert's one handed strength driving him into it, an instant before the pile piled on. Purely speculative, though.

Can you imagine a coach or another player walking into Moore's hospital room and saying what half the people wanted to say; "Dude wtf was your problem? Why didn't you punch the guy when you had the chance instead or turning and skating away like a *****?"

#2070267 11/28 GDT: Blue Jackets 2 at Red Wings 4

Posted by T.Low on 29 November 2010 - 05:45 AM

I missed the Filppula goal, my wife got home from grocery shopping and went into labor. We heard the last of the game just before we left for the birthing center.

We brought home a beautiful little girl that my wife named Olivia Cleary Lowell. Happy Holidays my fellow Wings fans.

#2068196 11/24 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Thrashers 5

Posted by T.Low on 24 November 2010 - 09:02 PM

It must be the stream. The screen is only showing less than half the view so you can hardly see anything; I imagine it must be very difficult for the Wings to play under those conditions. :ph34r:

#2067797 Ooops... Corey Perry

Posted by T.Low on 24 November 2010 - 11:49 AM

Saw that on NHL vids yesterday. Nice new move to add to his repertoire. Obviously still sufferring brain damage from fighting Pavel.

#2067415 Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

Posted by T.Low on 23 November 2010 - 12:00 PM

I haven't seen as much of his play this season as most of you would have, but I feel you're all being too harsh. Yes he's struggling, and I've sometimes yelled at the TV after seeing him do something stupid, but I feel like we need to give him time to re-adjust. Trading him would be absolutely disasterous because I'm certain that if a team was willing to trade for him, they'd give him consistent top 6 minutes and regular PP time. He sometimes gets that here, but if he doesn't instantly produce, coach gets frustrated and demotes him again, thus deflating his already low confidence.

Hudler is a very gifted player, he put up nearly 60 points last time he was here, obviously his slow start means that's unlikely to happen this season, but I am positive that things will turn around for him and by seasons end we'll be happy to have the little guy on the team again.

The positive aspect is that all the other boys on the team are working even harder pulling their own weight and his so that we are still winning while he get's intouch with his emotions, his self esteem, and confidence. :puke:

If you think LGW is harsh on Hudler now, just imagine how bad it would be if we had been losing.

#2066855 Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

Posted by T.Low on 21 November 2010 - 11:18 PM

I keep watching for him, but most of the time I don't notice him.

You don't notice Who?dler?

If this is the Juri Hudler Watch Thread, first we're going to have to find him before we can start to watch him. My friend is a retired Bloomfield Hills detective; I'll call him.

#2062367 Miller likely out and Eaves in againstColorado

Posted by T.Low on 12 November 2010 - 11:13 PM

You joke.
Hudler is a scoring forward.


What makes a scoring forward a scoring forward?


When is a scoring forward not a scoring forward?

When he's not scoring. When he's neck and neck in points with the 3rd pairing Dmen.

#2059624 Lidstrom & Modano Interviews on CBC's After Hours

Posted by T.Low on 08 November 2010 - 12:02 PM

Rage, thanks for the OP and editing the YT clips back in. I was not able to watch After Hours and it was great to see those interviews. It's a side of the game we don't get to see often enough. Really enjoyed it.

Back when I went to Walled Lake Central, Livonia Stevenson was in our league, so it's fun to hear them mention Livonia.

Thanks a bunch.

Maybe this answers some questions about Modano's "slower than fans wanted" start; he's gasping for lungs and legs trying to keep up with the team until he get's himself in Red Wing shape. Go Mike, Go!

#2057821 Get ready folks, hitting is about to exit our game

Posted by T.Low on 05 November 2010 - 01:40 AM

Man are th fans of the NHL becoming softened up as well or what?

Thornton steps outta the box skates up the to the red line and hits him, not east west. And his elbow was tucked in.

It is a bad angle but if you look, the penalty boxes are behind the red line and thornton hits him at the red line so it is not east west.

This is a textbook hit, it was a suicide pass and unfortunate for perron because he didnt know thornton was coming out of the box but what does big joe do? Let him skate by because the guy has his head down? If thats what the NHL has come to then its a bulls*** league and turning into the god damned NBA

Summed up quite nicely.

I dislike Thornton as much as the next guy, but it was a clean hit. "Head on a swivel" is a lost phrase in modern day hockey. The announcer says the puck was not on Perron: well only cause the he missed it. Big Joe timed it perfectly, the puck had already been there but Perron misses the puck and gets caught by Big Joe.

The hit wasn't blind: the hittee (Perron) was blind because he had his head down instead of on a swivel. That's not Joe's fault. Thats a fundamental mistake by Perron. Watch where the f*** you're going cause it's a nasty game out there and people want to take your head off.

Also, I didn't hear any goalie stick whacking away on the ice warning of the last few seconds of the penalty so his team knows there is a man coming out of the box (FWIW)

This is what is going to be very difficult for the NHL: There is a difference in a hit to the head, and a hit that invloves the head. One is much more avoidable than the other. I don't know how the NHL is going to be successful in this quest to rid the game of hits to the head. It's a great intent, but the reality is not so clear.

There is also a major difference in leading with the elbow vs leading with the shoulder and following thru with the elbow (actually, it's following thru with the forearm, but therefore the elbow does come up too, of course): the ladder being legal and clean. Joe lead with the shoulder and followed thru with the forearm. Clean.

I can totally understand the NHL wanting and needing to protect their assetts (read million dollar players)by being concerned about hits to the head, but it is going to be difficult to get it right and accurate. And they still have a problem calling routine penalites correctly during a game; good luck with this new headshot issue.

The much more frequent high speed collisions are an unforeseen byproduct of the lack of clutching and grabbing and waterskiing (hooking a guy for a ride all the way down the ice).

I totally understand the OP's thread title. It's a legitimate concern.

#2056668 Hudler + Helm

Posted by T.Low on 03 November 2010 - 12:44 PM

The OP is interesting.

First off, I hesitate to break up Huds, Modano, and Cleary yet.

They have had some great chances but they seem to be just a half step off in timing. I still have faith that it will come together.

That being said; Hudler is the weak link, not Mike Modano. Hudler totally looks like a guy who's had it a lot easier while making almost 3 times the money (factoring salary w/out taxation). Huge money, star status, less effort, much less of a price to pay. He may never return to the player he was before he left. 70 pts? The Wings are going to be lucky to get 40 pts out of him this year.

I do see the merit of putting Helm up to center Mike and Jiri; he will do the hard, dirty work, and possibly be the playmaker when Mike and Jiri find the open spots on the ice for easy one timers. But that does indeed penalize Cleary. But Dan Cleary is a role player and no doubt will take one for the team when asked or assigned.

I still have faith in Modano; but my faith in Hudler is on lifesupport.