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#2012382 Tired of the Hawks?

Posted by T.Low on 07 July 2010 - 10:59 PM

That reasoning is stupid. So you guys weren't that great and lost, but since Chicago didn't beat Detroit it doesn't count or worth as much. That logic is stupid. You want to beat the best to win it all and that is what Chicago did.

It's not reasoning and it's not logic. It's simply an observation of fact. Chicago won the Stanley Cup by way of Vancouver and San Jose, not thru Detroit.

That's all he's saying. Why are you so sensitive to it?

And too bad all the Chicago fans are back to watching baseball like usual so you have no one to talk hockey with except the real hockey fans of the Detroit Red Wings.

#2010951 Bob Probert passes away at 45

Posted by T.Low on 06 July 2010 - 01:28 AM

This probably my favorite.

#2009131 Is Vancouver the team to beat?

Posted by T.Low on 02 July 2010 - 11:32 AM

There is no "team to beat" in the West. It's up for grabs, but Vancouver has as good a shot at taking it as anybody.

Observing the facts: Vancouver made it into the final four in the West last year, then got ousted by Chicago, but after blowing Chicago out in the first game.

Chicago got weaker, Vancouver got better, Detroit got marginally better, San Jose...?

And some of the main Chicago guys that disrupted Vancouver's game are gone.

So...who is the favorite? Chicago will make the playoffs and once your in, who knows whats going to happen, but they're sure not the favorite. So, is Detroit the favorite? No. San Jose? Not at this moment. It could definitely be Vancouver's time.

The Sedins need to take the next step in the playoffs. Luongo needs to get rid of the C and get his mellon together. Sammy needs another blockbuster year, as does Raymond and Burroughs, and the D line is more solid.

#2008369 Willie Mitchell

Posted by T.Low on 01 July 2010 - 03:37 PM

Looks like Vancouver has signed Dan Hamhuis for 6 years 4.5 million, this pretty much means that Mitchell will not be back in BC! Do you all think that Mitchell could fill the void that Lilja once filled?

If you mean fill the void of defensemen with post concussion syndrome, yes, I think he could.

#2005084 1st Round Pick (21), Riley Sheahan

Posted by T.Low on 26 June 2010 - 03:01 AM

Know who else did good in junior? Kirk Maltby. 50 GOAL HANDS!

Good point, shoulda drafted a 7 goal scorer instead.

I mean what did Kirk Maltby do in the NHL besides win 4 Stanley Cups and play 1000 career games and 116 playoff games.

#2001637 Is it time to trade Cleary?

Posted by T.Low on 20 June 2010 - 12:52 PM

Dan Cleary will continue to earn a place on the Red Wings roster until the day he retires.

#2000257 The argument for not bringing back Bertuzzi

Posted by T.Low on 16 June 2010 - 03:26 PM

Bertuzzi had a stretch of 8 games in which he did well. That's it! IMHO, that is not enough. You could make the argument for about 7 other forwards who had hot stretches and helped the team. You could make a better argument for HOWIE! If it wasn't for Howie the Wings would no doubt not have made the playoffs. Maybe without Bertuzzi the Wings play the Hawks in the first round, avoid the long travel, oust the Hawks and move on. You could do these would've, could've, should've's all day long.

The fact is that Bertuzzi is getting older and slower. Draper was given a contract when we thought he was worth it.... and now we wish he never got that last contract. You don't give an old fart with history of health problems a two year deal at his age. Plus the Wings will have to deal with his legal distractions that have been reinstated click here. This is something the Wings don't need.

I disagree. He had a stretch of 8 games where he was frikin on fire!

He is an exceptional value at $1.5m. He demands constant attention from the opposition because he is always a threat, which creates a lot space for linemates. He has great hands, excellent passing sense and abilities, quick wits, quick shots, good moves. He can skate. He wears guys out.

He's not a poorman's Holmstrom at all, he's a poorman's Canuck's Todd Bertuzzi, with more emphasis on being a low budget Joe Thornton. He was always an awesome net presence in Vancouver. He had a move that was borderline legal that he scored on so often that opposing teams sent video of to the league for review.

I recall him backchecking like he wants to prove he belongs in Detroit. He
's busted his hump on the backcheck.

Yes he thinks a little too much at times and forces a turnover...but like they say, if you are not making mistakes out there then you aren't trying to make enough plays.

As far as 4rth lines go, here's a successful softie for ya: Robitaille centering Holmer and The Professor. About as much grit as a newborn babie's cheeks.

#1996253 Trade Cleary?

Posted by T.Low on 08 June 2010 - 12:12 PM

Hell no.

Dan Cleary is exactly what you want in a hockey player. Clears is one of the most versatile guys we have. He is a Jack of All Trades. He can effectively bang and grind on the fourth line, bang grind and score on the 3rd line, create space, bang, score and back check on the 2nd and 1st lines. More versatilve than anyone else we have.

I've seen too many games where the Wings came out flat except for Dan Cleary.

Cleary, the Physical Forechecking Playmaker:

Cleary the Net Minders Menace:

Cleary the Dangler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU0GAF0jdXk&feature=related

Cleary the Stand Up Guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLsO6YFc2uw&feature=related

Cleary the Fleet of Foot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qOgHvueGVE&feature=related

#1996236 Bertuzzi offered 2 year deal

Posted by T.Low on 08 June 2010 - 11:47 AM

I don't blame Bertuzzi for leaving so much as i do Brian Burke for being his medelling little self. (A man can't turn down that money and that term.)

Bert could have had a satisfying and redeaming end to his career; a stable home with the Wings for his last five years, complete with a lap around The Igloo with The Stanley Cup. But Burke had to act as if he was showing some loyalty by throwing ridiculous $ at Bert that he knew would not ultimately stick, ultimately resulting in a one way ticket to the hinterlands of Calgary.

Bertuzzi is definitely a bargain at this price, but you have to realize he cannot bang and wreck like he used to. You young guys have no idea what a bad back does to a man. Especially a big man like him. That guy has to summon courage and strength from the Gods just to get out of bed in the morning after a game. Obviously it has reached the point where it's almost unbearable or he would not have implied that it's not worth the pain to look for a new team and start over again, he'd rather just hang up the skates. The thought of putting himself through all that s*** just to make $1.5m for a year in Columbus then $1.2m in Toronto or something just isn't worth it.

I really hope he gets to Hoist in The Winged Wheel.

#1994384 Ron MacLean saves a man's life

Posted by T.Low on 04 June 2010 - 04:42 PM

i think the first thing that goes through your head is: a human being is in trouble and needs help, i better try and do something about it. not, gee i bet they wanna die so i should just stand by and let it happen


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

#1993951 Ron MacLean saves a man's life

Posted by T.Low on 03 June 2010 - 05:42 PM

Maybe the guy thought no one in the world cared if he was around any more. This story showed that two guys did care. It can change someone's outlook.

I know someone who was going thru a hard time and try to take thier own life...and now 22 yrs later she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, so I married her. She's pregnant with our child right now.

Looking at her now, no one would ever believe she ever tried to kill herself. She doesn't waste a moment, overfilling with life, motivates me, challenges me, and inspires me.

Good job Ron and "other guy".

#1990407 Yzerman Likely to Target Wings Players

Posted by T.Low on 27 May 2010 - 03:14 PM

Really?...That's a 2.5 plus hour drive 1 way...I know Drapes hails from the greater T.O. area, but making that daily commute would be a pain!

:lol: - Dman or a forward?...My 2 lads are of the 'stay @ home' type of defensemen ;)

Still too early to tell; only 11 weeks into GR. We should know as the season progresses down there. :D He was pretty active on the first game film we saw at 7 wks. pregnant. The Dr. said he was showing off for us, already showing signs of grit with a lot of jump. (Actually too early to tell the gender at this point; we'll see the next time we look at films!)

We had one drafted last year but never showed up to camp- (ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg had implanted outside the uterus, in the fallopian tubes). It was hard on the team to be sure, but overcoming the adversity made the team stronger. This season looks good so far.

While its great for some teams, we've never really considered looking into free agency, although my wife has a sister that was acquired as a UFA from Korea. At this point, we're looking to build our team thru the draft. But you never know.

Thanks for asking. :lol:

#1989688 Tampa Bay forum?

Posted by T.Low on 25 May 2010 - 06:31 PM

3:1 ratio at this point... but that'll do. For now. I demand satisfaction, though! I can't sit around knowing that Stevie doesn't have a proper internet fanbase! Could it actually take a group of Red Wing fans to make a 3rd party Bolts forum? LoL

The Bolt fan said Stevie Y is a "good guy"...(heavy sigh, roll eyes).

#1979309 Todd Bertuzzi

Posted by T.Low on 07 May 2010 - 01:01 PM

Not to take anything away from Bertuzzi, but I think Franzen was the biggest reason Bert racked up those points.

Bertuzzi created the drop pass to Franzen by cutting across the lane and dragging the D with him creating a momentary criss cross screen for Nabby and thats all Johan needed to blast one by him. Don't underestimate that play by Bert. Same with his pass all the way across ice between defenders to Raffy's wheel house for the one timer. And the perfect screen and tip for the first goal. It wasn't going in without his redirect. That is how he scored many if not most of his goals in Vancouver. If that first goal didn't happen, who knows what the outcome of the game would have been. it sure set Franzen off on a terror. Bert has great vision, great playmaking sense, and great hands, and he is still a big body out there to reek havoc.

His down fall is when he thinks too much and a little too slowly, then he tries to force a play even though it's timing has passed. I think Franzen moves into the scring lanes with such speed and precision that Bertuzzi doesn't have time to think too much, he just sees it and figures out a way to get him the puck. ANd franzen finishes.

Do not under estimate the value of Bertuzzi's role in Franzen's goals. Bertuzzi earned his 5 point night.

#1979289 Todd Bertuzzi

Posted by T.Low on 07 May 2010 - 12:46 PM

I'd love to see him return. He is looking like he did back in Vancouver, at least somewhat.

As for lines


Thank you for making a posivite Bertuzzi thread. I've seen him in his prime in Vancouver and even though I wanted to root for the guy, there was just something about his attitude that I couldn't get past. Never liked him until he was languishing in Florida and it occured to me that he could be a good trade deadline pickup for the Wings and low and behold thats what happened, although it wasn't that successful at the time.
Now I'm glad he's a Red Wing and really want to see him hoist The Stanley Cup.

Game 4, last night, Bertuzzi really showed where he excells in this part of his career; playmaking and net presence (which includes scoring in front of the net). He showed his patience with the puck, and his passes to Franzen and Rafalski both were right in the sweet spot for perfect one timers, and they were not easy passes to make. He is most valuable when he plays with a bonafide scorer like Franzen, Z, , and Naslund. His potential value will not be realized if he is paired with Homer (unfortunately, he can only carry the goal scoring bucket for so long).

I'd really like to see him find a home here with Detroit for $1.5 or $2m.

Bert, Z, and Franzen is a monster line. To swicth it up every now and then,move Z to Pav and Homer's line and insert Filp between Franzen and Bert.