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Possible Winter Classic @ Comerica Park

17 December 2010 - 11:32 AM


After recently reading this article about the Wings wanting to host the Winter Classic, I have been trying to figure out this question.

Who could/should they play?

I feel like the only division rival they could play is Chicago, but that's been done before. I think the NHL would like the game to always include two teams from the U.S. So, while I think Toronto or Montreal would draw interest, I'm not sure the league would allow it. I doubt they would bring in a team from a warm climate. Minnesota makes a little sense, but they want to host their own, and aren't much of a national tv draw. The Rangers? Wouldn't they rather host their own game?

I love the Winter Classic, but the originality could wear off in a hurry if they keep recycling the same teams every year because 2/3 of the league can't draw an audience on tv.

Side note, I would love to see 24/7 with the Wings and how Babcock handles things.