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tailgating game 4

18 April 2010 - 06:20 PM

Hi everyone, does anyone know of any tailgating going on for game 4? im not from detroit so i have no idea where or if this even happens.

Thanks in advance.

NHL Potty Mouth Police

12 January 2010 - 11:39 PM

It's been a long time since I've been on here but I came across this article and thought it was pretty great. I especially like the Roger Millions one so if you don't get it youtube the guy and you'll understand.




According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, last week the league came out with a warning and policy memo regarding foul language being used in the media.

(NHL Memo)
"Recently, we have had several instances of team personnel using inappropriate and profane language in media interactions and, in particular, in press conference settings. We appreciate the intensity and passion with which you approach your jobs, however, what is said publicly, and how it is said, reflects directly on the images of your respective organizations, the National Hockey League, and the game of hockey generally. In this context, profanity in public areas or where likely to be overheard by members of the media and/or general public is clearly inappropriate and unacceptable and, as previously advised in a memorandum to Clubs dated April 28, 2006, will be deemed a violation of the Media Regulations, NHL By-Law 17.4(a) (prohibiting statements "prejudicial to the welfare of the League or the game of hockey or of a Member Club"), and Article 6.3(j)(1) of the NHL Constitution (prohibiting conduct "detrimental to the League or the game of hockey"). Please be reminded that any such violations will subject both the individuals involved and their Clubs to potential fines."

The following is fake reaction from some of hockey’s more fiery personalities:

NYR coach John Tortorella
“I’m trying to win ****ing hockey games and they want me to watch my ****ing language?! Give me a ****ing break. This isn’t a god **** church league, this is the National ****ing Hockey League. **** me! Get a ****ing life. We played like sh** last night, am I supposed to say we played like poop? Or doo doo? Is that what I’m supposed to do? Am I Brooksy?

Oiler coach Pat Quinn
“What? They don’t like me saying I’m ****ed off. Well tell them to **** off. Or bring me that memo and I’ll **** on it. How about that?” Ask me to talk to you ding dong media people 10 minutes after we’ve had our ***es handed to us and I have to watch what I say or my mouth will get washed out with soap. What a ****in’ joke. Tell them to watch Gagner turn the puck over for three periods and not swear about it.”

Flames coach Brent Sutter
“When I’m ****ed off I’ll say I’m ****ed off. And right now, I’m ****ed off. If we win tonight I’ll only be mildly ****ed off, if we lose I’ll be really ****in’ ****ed off.

Sportsnet Reporter Roger Millions
“I’m having a tough enough time pronouncing Hitchcock and Babcock properly, now this? They must think I’m a sucker for punishment”

HNIC’s Don “Grapes” Cherry
“I’m the reason there is violence in hockey? If I come across that **** Downbiggin or whatever his name is I’m gonna rip off his head and **** down his neck.” What a ****ing beauty! Besides, swearing is a compromise between fighting and running away – something I bet the sweethearts in the league office know all about. Alright, enough of that. Now what are we doin’?...”

Leafs coach Ron Wilson
“This is all you media ****s fault. You poke and prod and needle. The league should have a stupid ****ing question fine policy too. It’s a wonder some of you don’t keep toilet paper handy to wipe your ****ing chins after you ask your turd-encrusted questions. I’ll make this promise, if you guys stop asking head up your *** questions I’ll refrain from answering them with language your mothers would never want to hear.” Now good ****ing day”

NHL Czar of Discipline Colin Campbell
“Hoepefully this will shut those petty G.Ms whiney ****ing mouths.”

Stars Announcer Daryl “Razor” Reaugh
“How would Bob Miller have circumvented this rule if Yutaka Fukufuji had become the starter in LA?!”