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In Topic: Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

01 August 2014 - 04:49 PM

Last season Howard costed us around 10 games before Jan.1st and then after that he found his game. To add to that, We missed Pav and Hank for half the season, Weiss pretty much the whole season, Helm off and on all year, Franzen was hit or miss, Alfie missed time, Danny D, Smith and Ericsson all missed chunks of time. Going into this season, with a very good schedule that we have, a fresh healthy load, there is NO REASON to think that this team cannot do substantially better than we did last year. I mean for God sake, in March alone, we litererally did not have Pav, Hank, Weiss, Helm, Anderson (5 centerman) hence why we had to trade for Legwand. I would LOVE to see how any other team in the league would fare in that situation. Lets stop being so negative and wait to see what our healthy team can do, with the kids also playing important roles.

In Topic: Alfie wants to play

16 July 2014 - 04:40 PM

If Holland was willing to re-sign useless Cleary to another AWFUL contract, then he better be willing to give a contract to Alfie. I will be SHOCKED if he does not bring Alfie back since Alfie said he wants to play. Alfie at 40% is still better then Cleary. Alfie scored 17 goals last season, would have hit 20 had he not missed some games. He was a good leader for the kids while Pav and Hank were both out. He is still extremely effective and is such a smart hockey player that can make our powerplay more lethal then not having him there. I say we bring him back and see what this team can do with a healthy Pav, Hank, Weiss and Aflie. 

In Topic: Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

07 July 2014 - 10:30 PM

What do you think the Wings biggest problem is?

Quincy is our 5th best dman and we are wasting 4 million on him... Pretty sure that is a hugeeee problem.

In Topic: Hockey News: Red Wings D hunting

07 July 2014 - 07:24 AM

Everyone here is aware that Tatar just had a better rookie season than Datsyuk right?  He's also about 200% more gritty than the majority of our team.  How on earth is everybody so willing to trade him away for a project defenseman.  Because that's what Myers is, lest we forget.  A project.  Just like the countless other projects we've acquired over the last five years which haven't panned out. 


I, for one, am not willing to move a guy who just scored 39 points buried on our third line (with rookie linemates) for a guy that Buffalo fans affectionately nicknamed "The Gentle Giant". 


Trade for someone better, or don't trade.  I prefer the latter actually.  No more shortcuts.  That's what got us into this mess. 


While that is true, it is also kind of misleading. In 2002, Pav was playing his rookie season on a team of legends. He was playing behind superstars such as Stevie Y, Federov, Shanny, Hull, and so on. He did not get that much playing time and did not get much powerplay time. In contrast, Tatar was relied on by the Wings this season because of injuries. He got close to 20 min a game at some points this season. I am not saying Tatar is not good, but that is misleading to say. However, I do agree with you that I think it is a mistake to trade him away unless it is for an Erik Karlson.

In Topic: Well...at least we're not Philadelphia. Giroux Arrested.

02 July 2014 - 08:35 PM

Why would that be better?

Dude, don't get me wrong, I love Tatar as much as the next guy.  But staying up late drinking in your apartment is not even in the same ballpark as getting drunk and punching a cab driver or going to a college party in a different state, at a school you didn't go to.  If I'm drafting one hockey player for my beer olympics team, it's Kane, hands down. 
One a real note for one second.  Just imagine how good Patrick Kane would be if he tried and/or gave a damn. 

It would be better because I hate Crosby and would love the NHL posterboy to be made fun of for it.