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In Topic: Ice Bucket ALS Challenge: Bettman edition

Yesterday, 06:25 AM

This is such a surreal position to be in. Thanks PlayMaker and everyone.


I know you wouldn't want this thread to be about you, but how you doing anyway man?  I know its been a while since you were diagnosed.

In Topic: Hockey 101: Zone exits for wingers

15 August 2014 - 01:00 PM

Is this a thread where all of LGW is in agreement on our problems moving the puck?  The inability of our D to make a pass under pressure?  The number of board battles our wingers lose in their own zone?  The lack of righties?  Check, check and check.


Quincey is the king of passing the puck into his partners skates, Kindl won't take a hit to make a play.  Smith got a lot better when he was taken away from Quincey and gained the confidence to start skating the puck out of the zone.  Lashoff just chips it out (the "safe" play) which means the puck just comes straight back at us.

In Topic: That Time Mike Vernon Used the Jedi Mind Trick

05 August 2014 - 02:44 PM

Aren't the ads based off of your internet usage? For instance my ads are for mycomicshop.com as I bought some comics recently from there.


I work for a Swiss company, in England, but the servers are all in Switzerland.  When I check LGW at work I get a lot of German dating websites.


And the occasional asian one ;)

In Topic: Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

04 August 2014 - 03:00 PM

Howard has top 10 stats, half of LGW still argues that he's average.

Gustavsson is often injured, and when he plays he is out of position, loses sight of the puck, fumbles the puck in the crease, and will somehow still win us games.


Soooooooooooo true :D

In Topic: Candiens, P.K. Subban agree to 8 year contract

03 August 2014 - 07:34 AM

But Franzen is on a terrible contract right?


In a few years, yes.  And especially since they changed the recapture rule in the last CBA and didn't grandfather it in.