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#2586934 Petr Mrazek is the #1

Posted by Jericho613 on 29 March 2015 - 10:48 PM

I love the tangents LGW goes on sometimes. I feel like I'm one of the few that realize both goalies are not playing up to snuff but I think it has more to do with being hung out to try and blowing their confidence.

I honestly thing our goaltending problems come down to a much bigger problem of just buckling down and playing a good team game. An easy example was the 4-0 Tampa game. Detroit buckled down and didn't give them any grade a chances. Against the Isles tonight we gave up way to many good chances and a terrible PK. Yes not every goal was unstoppable but the team in front of him sure didn't help them out.

Overall this isn't a 1 man problem, it's a team problem. If we lock it down and actually help our goalies out which our team has not been doing, they can start gaining their confidence back and start making the big saves when we need them.



Your right. I'd say its Defense and Nyquist playing bad right now to pick a few problems. Maybe March was just that type of Month, like December was (losing the six straight game slide). I still think there is something wrong with Howard though, perhaps he is still hurt who knows. I'd roll with Mrazek these next two games. Nothing against Howard, I just still feel more confident In Mrazek. Even after todays game.  But I guess I'll be called  a Howard hater for choosing Mrazek.

#2586905 Petr Mrazek is the #1

Posted by Jericho613 on 29 March 2015 - 08:51 PM

I admit that clearly Petr is not quite ready to handle a full time #1 job where he can go back to back a play at the same level both games.  It just doesn't mean I think Jimmy is better. Petr is a rookie, whats Jimmy excuse? IMO Petr is better. But after watching today, he clearly isn't ready to take over the #1 legit spot yet, but he is hot on the heels of it!

 I can agree with what your saying. I will say that I don't hate Jimmy Howard, my gripe with Howard is I don't think he's earned his contract, much like I feel with Matt Stafford of the Lions.You have to win big in sports to earn those type contracts. Gotta do something great, not necessarily win a championship, but be good consistantly.  I think Howard can be a really good goalie but only if he has a defense in front of him. Same with Osgood, what if he didn't have the defenses on those cup winning teams, he would basically be what Howard is. Howard is not elite and never will be, thats not a knock on him its just the way it is. Thats why its up to the organization to put a defense around him. They just haven't been able to do that.

#2586896 Petr Mrazek is the #1

Posted by Jericho613 on 29 March 2015 - 08:21 PM

I don't understand why people are Howard sucks, Mrazek sucks. God they both play for the Red Wings. Something is not right with Howard and Mrazek can't seem to grab the starting job. Defense played a great Lightning team and shut them down. And yet today our special teams let us down. There is so much weirdness going on right now its crazy. Babcock is stuck in his ways, same D pairings game after game. Maybe March just has been a cursed month, who knows, only a few days left in March thank god. If Boston catches us in the standings then maybe some kind of fire will be lit under their butts. I still believe that when playoffs are close and the Wings need points they have that switch they turn on and until they miss the playoffs i'm gonna believe they make it. At this point it might be in a wild card spot, but I think they make it in the 3rd seed.

#2586377 Petr Mrazek is the #1

Posted by Jericho613 on 28 March 2015 - 10:24 PM

I'm not gonna jump in on whos better Howard or Mrazek. I will say this, Howard is not good right now, don't know why just is. Could it be Defense not playing good? Fair enough. But nobody can deny that defense doesn't play in shootouts either, those are on Howard. Mrazek should start for now until Howard gets his head right. There is something about Howard though, he will always be good, but not elite. Osgood was the same, good, not elite. It all comes down to defense, and Osgood had that. Wings fans are spoiled.  Damn we've only had some of the greatest teams in history, not to mention more legends than any other team play for this organization. How can we not be?  I say just let Mrazek have the next few games and see if we get some separation from Boston and Ottawa, by that time Howard should be fine. But if Howard continues his struggles, Mrazek deserves to start in the playoffs, for atleast the experience of playoff hockey. But hey just my opinion.

#2570456 Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

Posted by Jericho613 on 13 February 2015 - 10:16 PM

I'm not a big Maple Leafs fan by any means, but as a Lions fan, I can relate to misery. Thank god I also have the Red Wings and the Tigers.

#2511474 Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

Posted by Jericho613 on 19 April 2014 - 01:12 PM

Just knock his team out of the playoffs, that's revenge enough, then at the end when they shake hands, Danny can just spear him in the nuts and say have fun golfing loser. Now that's revenge.

#2508317 4/9 GDT - Red Wings 3 @ Pens 4 (SO). Wings clinch playoff spot!

Posted by Jericho613 on 09 April 2014 - 09:58 PM

I don't care who we play Im confident we could take both pits or bos we got a great 4th line and the kids will do great

 Now that's what I'm talking about. Gotta have some faith and not get scared of the big bad bruins or penguins, we are the Detroit Frickin Red Wings. And the beautiful thing is, no damn shootouts in the playoffs baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2506807 Red Wings race to the playoffs

Posted by Jericho613 on 05 April 2014 - 10:39 PM

Wings will be fine and totally make the playoffs. Montreal got lucky tonight, they get lucky during the regular season, but they will suck in the playoffs mark my words. Pens will have to be a statement game cuz I see the Red Wings playing them in first round and beating them. I really don't see the Wings going farther than the second round, but hey anything can happen. Go Wings 4 Life

#2485237 Darren McCarty On Chris Jericho's Podcast

Posted by Jericho613 on 19 February 2014 - 03:31 PM

Darren McCarty was on Chris Jericho's podcast today. Im a big Jericho fan so it was cool he had a Red Wing on his Podcast.




#2428965 22 Seasons of Domination

Posted by Jericho613 on 09 July 2013 - 10:53 AM

Lilja, Kuznetsov, Butsayev, Mowers, Gill, Bootland...

 LoL I forgot all about Mowers and Bootland. What about Cory Cross and his 16 games played.

#2418711 What would you give up for Malkin?

Posted by Jericho613 on 08 June 2013 - 09:07 PM

As much as I like Malkin, and would love to see him on a line with Dats the only way i would like to see the Wings get him is as a FA. No sense giving up future for him. Besides we are going to the East and I doubt they would trade him to same conference.

#2415979 The ugly elephant in the room

Posted by Jericho613 on 30 May 2013 - 03:11 AM

If it comes down to Chi and Pit, i'll root for Pit, they will always be my second favorite team even if Crosby is a whiny *****, hes got talent. Im a huge fan of Letang and Malkin, Neal is good too. Plus i wanna see Iginla hoist the cup. I never wanna see Kane or Toews lift the cup ever again.

#2391241 WCQF: (7) Red Wings vs. (2) Ducks

Posted by Jericho613 on 27 April 2013 - 09:57 PM

This is a great matchup for the Wings, we know we can beat them, we have Franzen and Flip finally playing good hockey, this is a great great matchup, Wings in 5, Bank It, I said time and time again we'd  make it into the playoffs, and now I'm telling you we will beat the Duckies.

#2381410 Ilitch is being cheap with the Wings now that the Tigers are good.

Posted by Jericho613 on 06 April 2013 - 04:54 PM

The first thought that went through my head when I read the topic title was "What an ungrateful ******* ***** ** ****."  First, the money that was earmarked for certain players was never necessary; second, there were no viable back up plans; third, the cap was expected to shrink.  Spending up to the cap at that point would have put us in a bad salary dump position; why sign some players only to have to buy them or others out?

Just because the Wings are going through a few speed bumps is no reason to turn on the man who lost millions of his own money for YEARS to keep this team here; spent millions of his own dollars to sign the best talent available and has given back more to his players and this town than any other NHL owner.  I think you owe Mr. I an abject apology.


Great post Vladdy16. One crazy 48 game year and some fans turn into spoiled brats, there is only so much you can do as an owner and a gm, now we have people making excuses towards Illitch favoring one team over another. Enough with theses stupid threads  and making excuses. I like this board cuz there are alot of great Wings fans and realistic Wings fans, we all know we aren't gonna contend for a cup but my god, excuses and whining is getting old fast. It will hopefully stop once we make the playoffs.

#2376190 Wings sign D Dan DeKeyser to 2-year deal

Posted by Jericho613 on 29 March 2013 - 05:33 PM

Awesome, first Verlander signs extension, now we get DeKeyser. Great day to be a Detroit sports fan.