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#2049545 Rypien suspended 6 games

Posted by dobbles on 20 October 2010 - 10:19 AM

i think something over the line must have been said. these players deal with tons of belligerent fans every night. so i find it hard to believe the altercation was unprovoked. additionally, malhotra seems to have heard it too as he gestures that the fans should be tossed. bieksa seems very peeved and even smacks his stick on the glass at the folks 10 or 20 seconds later. it doesn't necessarily justify what rypien did, but i think lots of people are trying to play the poor innocent helpless fan card. and 99 times out of a 100, then fan gets whats comin to them.

#2041616 Maltby appears to be leaning toward retirement

Posted by dobbles on 07 October 2010 - 05:52 PM

I asked this in another thread before I saw this one but given Maltby is on a 2 way contract and 37 years old if he retires how does it affect our cap.

my understanding is that the only time the 35+ rule applies is if the player signed a multi-year contract. so if draper retired, we would be on the hook for his cap hit still; but with maltby, he only hits the cap when on the detroit roster.

hopefully someone can confirm/debunk it.

#2037982 NHL Center Ice

Posted by dobbles on 29 September 2010 - 03:32 PM

if you can afford it, get it.

i was able to get it for free last year due to the dispute between versus and directv. it was amazing. i was able to see most of the wings games (i did have to miss the ones on versus because of the fight) but i would say i was able to watch at least 75 games. most were in HD as well. there were a few times where i would have to watch the other feed and not get ken and mick, but that was pretty sparse. additionally, its really nice knowing that pretty much every night you can come home and turn on some hockey. as someone that loves watching any hockey, it would be nice to have it on as i was working on things. even it if was the thrashers and panthers, it was still hockey.

there are lots of ways to get it cheaper or free online, but IMO center ice is well worth it. even if you just want to watch wings games it only ends up being 2 bucks a game.

#2035711 Pre-Season 9/22 GDT: Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins

Posted by dobbles on 22 September 2010 - 10:25 PM

Just logged on and checked the recap. Saw this "With a sellout crowd of 18,087 and both teams using much of their "A" lineups, the $321 million arena opened with an almost regular-season intensity." Ummm, on what planet is a Wings team that doesn't dress Lidstrom, Z-bug, Dats, Rafalski, Maltby, Hudler, Draper and Holmstrom "much of their 'A' lineup? Dude, pass that crack pipe over here.

Looks like I need to peruse about 350 posts to figure out how bad the Franzen injury is/was. :(


while i see your point and agree with it, i giggled a bit when i read that maltby is part of our 'A' lineup. dude will be in grand rapids soon; he's not helping you prove your point!

#2031877 Kirk Maltby nearing 1 year, 2 way deal

Posted by dobbles on 08 September 2010 - 04:31 PM

Reading some of these responses makes me glad Kenny is the GM and not the members of this forum.
Malts in GR = a great mentor for our PROSPECTS
Malts on the Detroit bench during the playoffs = added depth, experienced leadership, and another PKer.
so to those of you complaining about the deal, please understand Kenny is better than you. That is all.

oh its the classic can't disagree with anything holland does defense! such a great counter point!

how dare anyone think that its time to let a player go that has not had more than 11 points in a season since the lockout and is a combined -34 since the lockout?!?!?! i respect what maltby did, but there comes a point where you need to say goodbye to players. there are other ways for an organization to be loyal and supportive of their long time players aside from giving them contracts several years after they hit their expiration dates.

maybe maltby can be a good mentor in grand rapids by teaching our prospects how to play dirty and then not stand up for themselves and hide behind linesmen??? thats a good skill for any young player!

and maltby in the playoffs? thats just scary! if he is on our bench, then we might as well be ready for a long summer because it will be due to about 10 significant injuries. leadership? how many hundreds of playoff games does our roster have without him? PK? how many forwards are ahead of him on the pk depth chart at this point?

regardless of opinion on this signing, even holland acknowledges that the odds of maltby playing in detroit are slim. why not just do the right thing and retire?

#2031866 NHL 11 EASHL Team

Posted by dobbles on 08 September 2010 - 03:57 PM

improving your players is 2 fold: getting cards from experience, and using the boost slots and attribute boosts.

as far as player cards, you need a combination of games played and good grades. your games and grades online are totally seperate from offline. you can play BAP till your hearts content. it wont effect your eashl stats. each card you get gives you more XP to upgrade attributes.

in addition to this, there is upgrades attached to equipment. last year, it was the equipment itself that help boost slots. this year they are independent. but you still need to unlock each slot associated with each piece of equipment. at the bottom of this link is the various tasks needs to unlock each slot:


once you have slots open, you need to put boosts there. there are 3 boosts for every attribute: +1, +3, and +5. for each of the boosts there is another task associated with unlocking it. here is a post that tells how to unlock all the +3 and +5 boosts:


in addition to the various tasks, each boost slot and boost can be purchased from the psn store. lots of people just spend the money to get what they need. you can also do a combination both. buy some and earn some.

in addition, there are boost packs. they are player type specific. if you equip a boost pack, then you cannot use XP and individual boosts. it is an either/or situation. however, the boost packs can be a good step early on before you have earned cards and unlocked the multitude of individual boosts.

my advice? if you are new to online play it might be worth it to buy a boost pack. then you can be ahead of the game for a while. then you can work on earning your cards and earning boosts. then you can switch over after a month or so and be better off. if you want to earn the boosts, the best way to earn a ton of them is start an offline BAP career. many of the boosts require BAP success. they also require you play 40 games of the season to prevent simming the whole thing. the best way to do it is to put it way down on rookie and boost all the settings of human skills. then sim individual games and play only the 3rd period or last 5 minutes and get several points. i just finished the first regular season BAP and have 4 slots, 7 +5's, and 11 +3's unlocked so far. in my season i ended up with like 120 goals and 180 points. thats what i mean by super easy difficulty!

i know this has been long, but it seems like several of you are totally new to this, so i started at the most basic level.

#2029706 Should we try a new top Defensive pairing?

Posted by dobbles on 27 August 2010 - 11:30 AM

to me what is most needed is a switch up of pairings. its not so much about who gets the most minutes, but switching pairings up so players can compliment each others skill sets and also so that younger players can play with and learn from the older players.

#2028295 Penguins sign Arron Asham

Posted by dobbles on 22 August 2010 - 04:43 PM

And the prevailing argument has also become "do you know more than Holland?" Of course none of us know more about running a franchise than Holland. But it's about being a fan of the team. Analyzing and overanalyzing every move and throwing our two cents in. That's why this forum exists.

the funny part for me about this whole angle is we have no idea how Holland even feels on the issue. its been stated that Asham apparently wanted to stay in PA. so Holland could have thought Asham was the X factor, but it didn't matter because Asham didn't want to play here. there seems to be an automatic assumption that every player in the nhl wants to sign here first and if he doesn't, its because the wings passed on the player; not the other way around.

#2018707 Hawks trade Reasoner to Panthers for Jeff Taffe

Posted by dobbles on 23 July 2010 - 04:44 PM

We've been one and done in the cap era too so far. Come on bro, you call that guy out for living in 2004 and then try to bring up our old championships from before the lockout but then go on to call them one and done?

We like to take pride in the hockey IQ Wings fans have over other fanbases but I read biased stuff like this all the time on here and it makes me wonder.

the wings have played in 81 playoff games since the lockout. the next closest is the penguins with 62. that means the wings have played in almost 25% more games than any other team. i think that makes them pretty much top dog when talking about playoff success recently. sure we would all love to have more than 1 cup. but implying that chicago is one and done is really not that absurd. i do think a more accurate statement would be 2 and done since they did have a pretty nice run last year as well. but many fans feel that they won't be capable of getting back to the conference finals. so if their window of getting into the 3rd or 4th round is already closed, then its an applicable statement. sure we may all disagree if it is true, but its certainly debatable and not as absurd as you seem to think.

#2000372 Bertuzzi Signs 2 Year Deal

Posted by dobbles on 16 June 2010 - 07:10 PM

way too much for bertuzzi. the only reason he was a positive last year was because of his lower cap hit. he gets roughly a 30% raise even though he said he would only play for detroit or retire. also he said in the past that he would play for less money. so much for all of that.

#1999096 Toews: Most undeserving Conn Smyth winner in history?

Posted by dobbles on 13 June 2010 - 06:54 PM

It's truly sad that so many people who claim to be big hockey fans are using points and +/- to evaluate a player's performance.

If you think Jonathan Toews wasn't good in the Finals, you either didn'nt watch the game, don't understand the game, or are biased and bitter.

Toews is the type of player that doesn't need to score points to be the most dominant player on the ice.

Toews won more faceoffs than he lost in every Final game.

Toews won 60.2% of his faceoffs in the playoffs, tops among forwards who had at least 225 faceoffs.

Toews took 460 faceoffs, tops in the league. He took 33.7% of the Blackhawks' faceoffs.

Toews was 7th in the playoffs in shorthanded time on ice.

Toews led all forwards in the playoffs with 32 takeaways. He had just 9 giveaways, for a +23 differential that tied with Dave Bolland for best in the playoffs.

He had just 4 penalty minutes in 22 playoff games.

But yeah, let's give it to Byfuglien, who was minus 4 in the postseason. Or Keith, who turns the puck over in his own zone 3 times a period.

All I could do was shake my head and laugh when I saw a poster in this thread earlier call Hossa a "fraud" who "is just along for the ride.

Hossa is exactly the same as Toews, in that these guys don't need to get the points to be dominant on the ice. Throughout the postseason, Hossa was the second best forward on the Blackhawks.... and I don't think it was really close at all.

Hossa only played 57 games in the regular season, yet ended the season with the highest plus/minus of any player on the Hawks (+24).

No, he didn't score the goals in the playoffs, but this guy generated something every single time he touched the puck in the offensive zone, and was all over the ice at all times.

It's just sad that people still don't understand that point totals don't tell the story when it comes to players like Toews and Hossa. If anything, look at his plus/minus, which was +7 in the postseason.

seeing these 2 posts back to back made me laugh... i could really care less arguing about hossa, but the irony was too much for me to pass up...

#1993823 What are the Pros and Cons of next season?

Posted by dobbles on 03 June 2010 - 03:02 PM

I don't know what your missing besides a lack of hockey snobbery. This why I hate the people on these boards. Nice job trying to sound important on the internet. I hope your staying nice and cool in moms basement.

was this in response to my post? wtf? i just responded that i didn't think we would see many young players. and all of a sudden i am living in my moms basement? wtf?

i started off saying i didn't think the thread would go well. i didn't say that because i thought your OP was bad; i said that because i assumed the arguing would get really ugly about the team. it actually has been pretty good though.

#1989522 Red Wings patiently waiting for Lidstrom's decision

Posted by dobbles on 25 May 2010 - 12:49 PM

I think some people still think of him as a superstar power forward like he was in his Vancouver days and not a 36-37 year old with a bad back. Others have never forgiven him for the Moore incident. But 1.5M for an 18 goal winger ain't too bad in my book. He was healthy all season, carried the team in December, and if he could just cut out the bad penalties (and the refs quit with the reputation calls) there'd be little to complain about IMO

i don't think thats it at all. i think most people that are down on bertuzzi just get frustrated by the penalties, the lack of hustle, the of consistency, the lack of defense, etc...

with that said, i think most people ended up satisfied with the season he put in. personally i was worried as i think he was pretty bad for calgary the year before despite the point total he ended up with. i think this year he was looking very similar to that player through the first few months.

like i said though, i think people realize he isn't going to get 90-100 points each season like he once did; i think many folks just think his negatives outweigh his positives. hopefully if they bring him back he can have another year like this one as i think overall it was pretty good.

#1979361 how not to play a 2-on-1

Posted by dobbles on 07 May 2010 - 02:00 PM

even though it seemed primarily focused on comedy, it is a really good break down of what did happen and what should have happened.

#1979265 Todd Bertuzzi

Posted by dobbles on 07 May 2010 - 12:17 PM

as one of the harsh bertuzzi critics early in the season, i have been happy with his late season play and playoff play. i still have to yell at the tv a couple times a game because of bert, but at this point his contributions have outweighed his poor overall play. when factoring in his salary, he has definitely been a good signing. for a player like bertuzzi who is getting older, its all about being a complimentary player on your line. and i think he has really fit well on the zetterberg line. it had success late in the regular season with flip and then blew up last night with franzen. i would have never said this at the beginning of the year, but i would be ok if he was brought back. however, i don't think he merits much of a salary bump. he has said he would play for less here, so why not get him a contract similar to this years? many folks seem to think he will want 2-2.5 mil and i do think thats starting to be too much.