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#2278167 Babcock heaps praise on the value of Jonathan Ericsson

Posted by Frozen-Man on 05 April 2012 - 09:41 AM

Interesting read especially considering how much his contract is dogged around here and that he is often the resident LGW whipping boy.

The entire article is here:

Babcock cited his former assistant, the late Brad McCrimmon, in describing a good way to judge a player's importance: "When you're thinking of trading somebody, make sure they get hurt for two weeks and evaluate your team without them.

"I think the appreciation for Jonathan Ericsson went through the roof when we lost everybody. When Big E wasn't there, our penalty kill wasn't even close. And since he's gotten back, we seem to be back on track."

Having Ericsson back has been helpful for the goaltenders, too.

"He does a great job on the PK of blocking shots and using his long stick to his advantage," Jimmy Howard said. "Having a big body out there like that makes a goalie's life a little bit easier."

#2275654 this team is soft

Posted by Frozen-Man on 30 March 2012 - 03:04 PM

"I wish we were the biggest, toughest, ugliest team in organized hockey... That's not how we're built, so you coach what you got."

- Mike Babcock, Jan. 2012

I'm not opposed to getting tougher and would wish we had more fights (I think they add a very enjoyable element to the game) but your quote is severely edited and doesn't really capture what Babs said or the point that he was making. The entire thing gives a different picture, and it was reported that when Babs made the statement you quoted he was joking, basically harassing a reporter for his question about the team's toughness.

“I wish we were the biggest, toughest, ugliest team in organized hockey. That’s not how we’re built, so you coach what you got. How’s that? No pride in that!” Detroit coach Mike Babcock said on Tuesday, drawing a laugh. “No, I take pride in the fact that we’re real disciplined. … We’re just built a different way, and you’ve got to win in your own way. Team toughness for us, toughness is how hard we are on the puck, and how we pursue it, how we keep coming. It’s got nothing to do with fighting and stoppages.”

#2275643 this team is soft

Posted by Frozen-Man on 30 March 2012 - 01:39 PM

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#2274871 Nyquist needs to stay here

Posted by Frozen-Man on 28 March 2012 - 03:40 PM

Agreed. I think Mursak is the only effective fourth liner we have right now. I really don't understand why Nyquist isn't on the third line, and Cleary given a rest against a soft team like Columbus. Plus, I really think Miller, Abby, and Nyquist has the potential to be a pretty effective line. They all skate well and I think Nyquist and Miller have very complimentary skill sets.

I agree Miller, Abby, and Nyquist could be a lot of fun to watch and really give the Blue Jackets fits. I think Nyquist's skills will be wasted on the fourth line.

#2274068 National Anthems in Ottawa

Posted by Frozen-Man on 26 March 2012 - 10:51 AM

I was laughing when I saw Crosby trying so hard not to burst out laughing. That was just painful

Yeah, it was funny watching most of the players try not to crack up. NHL.com thought it was funny enough to put a clip of it on their site "Sens and Pens get an earful of National Anthem." Karlsson is the funniest though you can tell he completely loses it.

#2274043 National Anthems in Ottawa

Posted by Frozen-Man on 26 March 2012 - 08:41 AM

Wow . . . it was like my ears got kicked in the crotch.

#2270769 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 16 March 2012 - 12:59 PM

Clearly the team still has offensive problems. I don't know if it's the offensive coach, or if it's the players, but next season, regardless of whether the Wings win the Cup this year, is going to see a pretty dramatic change on the forward lines.

I don't disagree about the PP, it has been abysmal and all the short handed goals against lately have just added insult to injury. I don't think it is quite accurate however, to say that the Wings have offensive problems in general. The Wings have had trouble putting pucks in the net lately (although I think injury has a fair bit to do with it) but they are still 4th in the league in goals for (as well as 4th in goals against and just one point behind 1st place for goal differential). Over the course of the season that have scored, they just aren't doing in lately (and again I think the loss of Pavs and Lids greatly impacts that).

#2270728 Wings getting a share of adversity

Posted by Frozen-Man on 16 March 2012 - 09:23 AM

Zetterberg, Franzen, Filppula, Kronwall, Stuart, White, Howard, Holmstrom, Hudler.

That's the Grand Rapids Griffins? :rolleyes:

f***, the Grand Rapids Griffins should win the Calder Cup every year based on that. Best minor league team in hockey history.

I don't disagree with your statement as a whole, they have enough of their full time players that the comparison is not accurate, however, I don't think Howard should be included in the group. I know that he played last game but he has been out so much that by his own admission he is not playing well, not tracking the puck fast enough, and the game is just going on too fast around him. A couple more games under his belt and hopefully he will round into form.

#2270646 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 04:18 PM

You don't understand comments/posts about different coaching styles/motivational styles in a thread about Calling the team out???


I understood other poster's comment on the subject, just not yours. All I could assume was you were advocating for Tort's style because NY is playing well this year. Throw in the "Awesome!" if you want but perhaps it wasn't a comprehension problem so much as a conveyance problem. Really, what is this supposed to mean?

Thinking about this and asking myself this question as a pure example of the two way listed above to inspire:
Does John Tortorella inspire performance through love?
Does John Tortorella inspire performance through fear?


What does that add to the conversation? You don't state Torts is a good coach, if his style works in NY, if his style would work here, if Babs has a similar or different style, or if Babs could/should emulate Tort's style. I still contend that your comment had no real relevance to the conversation, was it just a Deep Thought by Jack Handy?

#2270634 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 03:37 PM

I completely agree.

Thinking about Babs in this regard, my gut is that he uses the hardass with the lower performing and younger players, and the other approach with the likes of Lids, Dats, Z, etc... It's hard to tell with Babs though, he's so composed in the media that I never know what the interaction is 'behind the scene".

It's cute how you go back through the thread -1 all my posts. :clap: :blush: :P

#2270630 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 03:08 PM

Poster "Chunky Lover" posted about two ways in which to inspire; through love or fear. I simply made the comment about thinking of which of those two ways, as pure example, which one of those I thought John Tortorella subscribed to. I just picked Torts as an example not based on any winning/success that he's has or hasn't had...just picked him. Frozen-Man didn't read my statement that I chose Tort's as pure example, which lead to him making comments about how Tort's is a not a successful coach and who cares.

I read your statement, I didn't and still don't understand it's relevance at all.

#2270609 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 01:08 PM

First of all let me thank you for being my high school English teacher in doing a nice job correcting my grammar.

I hate to tell you but nothing in my post had anything to do with correcting your grammar. When you quote someone and modify the exact quote at all you are supposed to put it in brackets to show that you the modification. If I wanted to correct your grammar or show that it was improper I could use [sic] to show that there was a grammatical error but I needed to use the word "are" for proper grammar in the sentence I was writing. I could care less about your grammar.

Second of all when did I say the sky was falling?

Perhaps, in these statements:

99% of Franzens shots miss the net by a country mile.

Same with Hudler, for every good pass he makes he commits 3 turnovers.

We have been playing lackluster with flashes of brilliance for 2 seasons now.

Even with the terrible play of late the Wings are still 4th in Points in the entire NHL.

Everyone sees Holland as the second coming of Christ that does no wrong. Everyone seems to think that we can steam roll any team we are put in front of. I suppose that is why we have had early exits two years in a row now? . . . We as Wings fans have been incredibly spoiled with our success but it has also led to the fans being completely oblivious to thinking we could ever have any issues.

There may be a couple or random posters but seriously, who are you talking about? Most here acknowledge that there are problems with the team (as in almost every team, every year) but think that Holland by far one the better GM's in the league and that even with the recent poor play (which coincides with the "problem" of Dats, Lids, Jimmy, and 4 others injured) the Wings when they get healthy will still have as good a shot as anyone at the Cup.

Finally, regarding the "early exits" the last two years we still went to the second round of the playoff (and game 7 of that series last year), I know it is not what Wings fans hope for but only 4 teams out of 30 got farther than us the last two years.

#2270543 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 10:59 AM

Our road record surely proves we are a force to be reckoned with. When we were on our home streak I will agree we were playing with more passion.

I'm sorry but some of you here have the blinders on and need to step out and realize that not all things Red Wings is completely out of this world amazing. If that were the case we wouldn't be sliding down the standings, we would actually be converting on our PP and we could kill a penalty or two before letting in a shorty.

Neg me all you want because I am sure it's coming because I am speaking out but seriously some of you need to open your eyes and realize we need to start doing something different. Our players are clearly getting tone deaf.

Couple of things:

1) Were the players getting tone deaf when they lost 6 in a row earlier this season? Because they managed to do pretty well after that slump.

2) If you are going to be using our record to try to show that the Wings are not a force to be reckoned with why don't you also use their home record to show that they are a force to be reckoned with, or even their over all record - they are after all 4th in the entire NHL in points. The vast majority of teams in the NHL would love to have the Wings record and would dread playing them in the 1st round of the playoff (because they are in fact a force to be reckoned with).

3) I don't have blinders on and think that "all things Red Wings[are] completely out of this world amazing[,]" however, I do think they are as good as any team in the NHL and have a legitimate shot to go deep into the playoffs. Perhaps you need to take off your blinders and realize that the sky is not falling and the Wings are in fact still a good team who are battling major player losses and playing poorly during this slump.

4) The fact that we are "sliding down in the standings" yet still have the 4th best record in the NHL is a testament to the fact that the team (when even reasonably healthy) is a very good team.

Finally, it is funny to me that the Wings players "clearly getting tone deaf" amazingly coincided with Dats, Lids, Jimmy and 4 or 5 other players all getting hurt.

#2270530 Call the team out

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 09:46 AM

I could careless if they scored or not; 99% of Franzens shots miss the net by a country mile. "Franzen shoots! Wide high off the glass"

Same with Hudler, for every good pass he makes he commits 3 turnovers.

IMO, this is not a SLUMP. They just aren't lucky enough to be winning like they had been. We have been playing lackluster with flashes of brilliance for 2 seasons now.

the Wings must be the luckiest team ever to win 44 out of 71 games (61.97% win percentage). I can think of 12 other teams in the Western Conference that wish they were so "lucky" and had as many "flashes of brilliance[.]" Also, pretty lucky to win 23 games at home in a row which makes them luckier than any team in the history of the NHL. Have they won some games that they shouldn't have? Yeah sure, however, they have also lost some games that they should have won. That is the way hockey and every other sport goes. Yes the Wings are in a slump, due somewhat to injuries (including one to the guy that NHL players ranked as the 2nd best player in the league and one of the top 2 or 3 best defensemen ever to play) and due somewhat to bad play, lethargy, etc. But most teams have slumps, most teams have bad games and bad streaks. It doesn't mean that the wins they had are "lucky" or "flashes of brilliance[,]" on the whole the Wings are too good and win to many games for that to be the case.

#2270528 Need to get Lidstrom back soon

Posted by Frozen-Man on 15 March 2012 - 09:33 AM

I'm wondering if this injury trouble is going to hurt his chances of playing beyond this year. Prior to this year, in his 19 year career, his missed about 29 games in total (or about 1.5 games per year on average). He's already missed 9 games this year, which is easily the most in his entire career.

Is age finally catching up to him....is this a bad sign for coming back? Or, maybe he is just taking an extra long break to rest up for playoffs? Eevn under that scenario I would be thinking (is age catching up to the point where he needs too much rest....will he come back next year?)

It's funny but I thought it might be having the opposite effect, because for one of the only times in his career he is sitting on the outside watching guys play while he can't be involved. Just might spur him to think about how much he is going to miss it all when that inevitable day comes, and convince him to prolong that day as long as he can. Also, I doubt being will make him wonder if age is catching up with him too much. A deep bone bruise could happen to anyone and can take a while to come back from just because of the nature of the injury.