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#2312033 Red Wings Sign Mikael Samuelsson to 2-yr, $6m deal (w/full NTC)

Posted by Glubki on 01 July 2012 - 05:25 PM

He is taller than Hudler - I'm trying to stay positive...

#2230608 Caps Fire Bruce Boudreau

Posted by Glubki on 28 November 2011 - 02:46 PM

Ack - just saw a picture of Hunter with grey hair at the arena and my midlife crisis began...

#2157218 Nashville vs. Anaheim

Posted by Glubki on 24 April 2011 - 08:36 PM

not comparing anything,just saying that the preds winning a first round series for the first time in 13years and the saints winning superbowl 44 are the two of the best monents in my life.i don't have that much exciting things in my life.

I'll feel the same way the next time the Lions win a playoff game... congrats!

#2067674 Operation curly fries.

Posted by Glubki on 24 November 2010 - 12:00 AM

They should give American's something non-fatty to eat. Maybe some carrots with low-fat ranch dip.

This from a resident of a country where one of the most cherished gastronomic dishes is French fries covered in gravy and adorned with cheese curds?

#1940899 Injuries now hitting Red Wings fans

Posted by Glubki on 14 April 2010 - 10:18 AM

My roids have been flaring up ever since my bi-monthly visit to Five Guys Burgers and Fries....