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11 October 2010 - 09:58 AM

This is me.... and you know the Silver thing.. and yup.. that's the real one!!!Attached File  sarah photos 2 025d.jpg   47.03KB   29 downloadsAttached File  1SiStanleyf.jpg   40.6KB   27 downloads

In Topic: going to the Joe for the first time

09 October 2010 - 05:38 PM

walk over to greektown which is about a mile from the tunnel and eat there. they have a bunch of restaurants around there and most of them run free or cheap shuttles to the joe. you can even bring your drink on the bus too.

1. Fishbones - great southern style seafood
2. Pizza Papalis - Best deep dish pizza ive ever had with exception to chicago pizzas
3. Pegasus or New Parthenon - Good greek food
4. Monroe St. Grill - great steaks but pricey

Fishbones is the only one of the above that run a shuttle I believe. Theres a bar called the old shelleigh (sp?) that runs a free shuttle to the joe and thats usually what I do.

Hey Kids... WOW.. what a game last night.. we were lucky enough to be at the opening game of the season last night, the Pavel and Mo party!!!! It seemed like the ice was tilted in detroit's favor... but as we saw.. Anaheim just flat out sucked. Still an amazing game to be at, with Mo's first goal as a wing and well the whole Pavel Holyfield display!! We went out to dinner first at the old New Parthenon on a suggestion from a friend... which i have to was not what i was expecting.. seemed a little run down .. but the food was awesome!!! We didn't order.. we had the waiter do it all for us and he was really good to us!! Food and service was great.. so if you get chance .. try it out!!!!

In Topic: Opening night vs. Ducks

07 October 2010 - 12:45 PM

Ooooooooh hells ya I is going. Can't wait either.. Is it just me or was the
Off season realllllllllllllllly long???

In Topic: Red Wings Themed BlackBerry

27 August 2010 - 09:12 AM

i have a super old bb 8310. i was never able to find any decent wings themes. so i actually made my own. you might have better luck though as when i used to look, the only themes i could find were for the newer models. heres an example of what i made:

Posted Image

not that i have a chance in hell of making my own... but how did you make one???

In Topic: Wings presale code

27 August 2010 - 08:31 AM

Another ticket-related question: is it safe to buy off StubHub? I mean, I know it's a rip-off price-wise, but I just want to know if the tickets will actually show up. It's not my first choice, but I'm just thinking about a worst case scenario if I can't get a ticket for the Pens game when it goes on sale tomorrow.

On a semi-related note: HOLY CRAP!! I can't believe I'm actually going to do this!!! :yowza:

On another semi-related note: I'm sorry I've been coming in here and playing 20 questions lately...can I blame the off-season?

I have used STUBHUB many times. Ya the prices kinda suck but honestly it hasn`t been too bad. They are good. Just make sure you bring ID if your gonna pick it up. Dont forget to check the other LGW forums for people selling tickets. That has been useful for me aswell. Worse case scenario... try Kijiji or Craiglist.. but only if your gonna pick them up. Cheers and good luck

So HORNY for the season to start