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#2379366 Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

Posted by Osgood4President on 03 April 2013 - 12:55 PM

Line 1:  Thank you for calling Little Caesar's Pizza, how can I help you?


Line 2:  This is Ken Holland, how much for a large Pizza?


Line 1:  $10


Line 2:  Too rich for my blood, goodbye. 



The following day in the Free Press, "Well I worked the phones but nothing made sense".


I, for one, am glad Kenny wouldn't accept getting ripped off and paying double what something is worth.

#2369244 Red Wings close to re-signing Howard

Posted by Osgood4President on 15 March 2013 - 09:58 AM

 Howard is in his prime, yes, and is a legit #1 goalie and top 5-7 in the league.  sign him until he's 34-35....yes please.


Mrazek is a couple years away likely.  If he turns out to be a showstopper in a year or 2, we have a nasty G tandem, which we haven't had in....?  Someone fill this blank_________  Or we have an option to move one for other needed assets, like a top 6 goal scorer.


McCollum couldn't prove himself useful in the AHL.  His audition has come and gone.


We had Hasek/Osgood in '06-'07 and '07-'08, won the Jennings trophy in the latter. Pretty good tandem in my book.


If you're looking for 2 big names, we can go back to '03-'04, when we had Hasek and CuJo. That turned out to be a political nightmare in the locker room, but they're two undeniably great goalies.

#2348354 Finding a dance partner and rebuilding our team.

Posted by Osgood4President on 29 January 2013 - 10:25 AM

I would love to believe that to be true, but I have heard he wants to play his last year in the KHL, but I also heard he wants to retire at 40, so we may get 3 more years out of him  :w00t2:


methinks BlazeYoungblood meant that Dats would retire from the NHL in Detroit

#2346061 Brunner is a start, but.....

Posted by Osgood4President on 25 January 2013 - 10:34 AM

Teemu Pulkkinen is listed at 5'11", right handed RW, ridiculous shot, coming to North America next season.


Tomas Jurco is in Grand Rapids now, 6'2" RW. He's having a slow start, but he could end up being a sniper at the NHL level.


Martin Frk is playing over in Czech Republic, listed at 6'. likes to shoot. has a cannon.


we actually have a pretty deep prospect pool up front. these are just a few we haven't seen in the winged wheel yet that we might in the next couple of years.

#1976247 Who would you most blame for a round 2 loss?

Posted by Osgood4President on 05 May 2010 - 02:31 AM

Howard. Not that its his doing..when was the last time we've seen a rookie goaltender carry a team to the finals? I can't remember one. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and comes back next year knowing what it takes to win in the playoffs. Its been said before, no way you are going to win in the playoffs if you have to score 5+ goals every game to beat the other team. Maybe that worked in GR but this is the NHL. Welcome to the pros, kid! Kudos on a solid rookie year though.

I think Patty Roy went to the finals (and won a cup?) in his rookie year.

I agree with the fact that it's hard to win when you need to score 5 goals, but the blame shouldn't fall solely on the goalie. Howie has been facing a good number of shots per game.

I'm not saying he should have let in all the goals he has, but come on. Goaltending is not our only problem.

Here's hoping Jimmy picks himself up along with the rest of the wings, and we can pull off some amazing stuff to finish this series.