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#2020106 Wings offer Aaron Downey Tryout?

Posted by Kira on 28 July 2010 - 01:41 PM

I'll take him over Modano six days a week and three times on Sunday. Even if it's a two-way deal for the minimum, he's still worth twice Modano. :)

#2013705 Vey old game Russia-Canada

Posted by RusDRW on 11 July 2010 - 12:36 AM

Um, no. A little bitter? Random goal from 14 years ago?

THIS is why:

So no, the Canadian formula is not cheating. Their formula is outplaying the Russian team.

Edit: Source

yeah one of those things you base your glory on :) To answer your further questions... Yes, we got destroyed in 2010. That is ok with me. I accept this defeat. Similerly, to you accepting defeat in 2006 Torino OGs.

Back to the topic. Do you understand what "it seems" means in your native language? Looks like and "it seems" Brind'amour' was a bit different when he saw puck in the net. He didn't even question those refferies. However, it clarifies a bit for me though. I'm not even asking here why the previous Russia's goal was dissallowed. Watch a bit of this video and you'll see it. I'm ok with those goals. We scored more that 100 of those diasallowed goals against Canada in Canada since 1972. However, it was also cutted from your country's glory moments. Coincidence?

Hahaha. Logging onto LGW.com after a few drinks (or more) is fun.

Yeah, I've got more than enough and here it comes my national pride :) But to be honest I always wondered about that goal. Especially, when I watched that game - I was 10 years old...,

#2013678 Vey old game Russia-Canada

Posted by RusDRW on 10 July 2010 - 10:50 PM

to summarize, thta is how you win tournaments that are on you FFFFf***ing land... Wanna to be the best? Cheat on the best! That's you Cnadian formula!

#2006300 Cheechoo Placed on Waivers

Posted by WingsallTheway on 28 June 2010 - 06:36 PM

Trust me. We don't want this guy.

Been placed on waivers twice, and makes 3.5 MILnext season. Just because we pick him up on waivers doesnt mean that he will be signed at league minimum. Went from 93 points to 70, then 37, 29, and finally 14.

Honestly, there is really no potential here for him to get 56 goals and 93 points again.

#2002352 Brad Winchester

Posted by Bring Back The Bruise Bros on 22 June 2010 - 09:11 AM

If you don't like the thread,don't read it and don't reply to it.