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#1931463 Ozzie hides when backing up

Posted by DetroitWhat on 04 April 2010 - 12:39 AM

Has anyone else noticed that Ozzie seems to be hiding ever since he has become the clear cut backup. Usually the backup goalie hangs out on the bench/hallway near equipment manager Paul Boyer and charts the shots during the game. The backup also usually comes out on the ice with the rest of the players after the game to congratulate the winning goalie. I have been to a couple of home games recently and have noticed that Ozzie does not stand on the bench or come out to congratulate Howard after a victory. I have read nothing but positive quotes from Babcock and Howard about how great of a teammate and mentor Ozzie has been for Howard but I am very surprised that he is not being a team player. Even Hasek let his ego go during the 2008 playoff run when he was diminished to a backup role. He continued to be great in practice and sit on the bench and support Ozzie and the rest of his teammates on their run to the cup. I am disappointed in Ozzie and feel that he is being a bit selfish. What are your thoughts?