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#2587856 Drew miller injury *Graphic content*

Posted by roboturner on 01 April 2015 - 06:29 PM

Would it be insensitive to start calling him Scar?

Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!!!

#2587686 3/31 GDT : Senators 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by roboturner on 31 March 2015 - 09:37 PM

The same people who are praising Mrazek would have been ripping on Howard for letting in the tying goal, complaining that he got his glove on it, should've stopped it.  It isn't that Mrazek lost in the shootout, it's that he looked totally clueless out there when the Wings actually put 2 on the board.  We don't know how Howard would have played tonight. 

Your right, we don't know how he would have played. But I don't think him pitching a shutout is a good starting place for a guess.

#2587546 3/31 GDT : Senators 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

Posted by roboturner on 31 March 2015 - 09:08 PM

At least we'll have a chance if it goes to a shootout

#2586913 Opinion: Petr Mrazek should be starting Game 1

Posted by roboturner on 29 March 2015 - 09:23 PM


Ok, I will...You cherry pick things that just support your argument, like ignoring the fact that I said Petr sucked today and tongue in cheek said, but technically Jimmy gave up the GWG.  You focused only on the GWG part, that is you cherry picking...


Again, giving up 4 goals, and three pretty bad ones, is bad, but technically, for stats, Jimmy gave up the GWG and got the loss...


Lets talk about Franzen's GWG...remember the argument "Franzen floats but he leads the team in GWG's?" Remember that? Now lets tie these two together:  GWG is the goal your team wins by, but most of Franzen's GWG's came when he scored the 5th or 6th goal in a 6-1 lead, then as the team derailed and battled back to lose by a 6-5 score, technically for stats the 6th goal was a GWG, but in real life it wasn't a goal that was scored that won the game, like it was 5-5 and he scored to win the game...BUT he still got credit for the GWG, right? My argument was always, the former, it really wasn't a GWG.


So tonight, Petr gave up 4 goals and Jimmy only one, sure Petr should have in reality gotten the loss because he played worse than Jimmy, but because Jimmy gave up the one goal that the team lost by, Jimmy was given the loss.  It's not like it was tied 4-4 and Jimmy gave up the goal, so really it wasn't a GWG that he gave up at the time, but technically speaking he did give up the GWG.


You cannot have it both ways.  You either talk about the importance of the goal, or you go by stats.  In Franzen's case, even though I was right in that most of his GWG weren't of that importance at the time they were scored, by definition of a GWG though, I was wrong.  Same goes for tonight, even though when Jimmy gave up the 5th goal, it was not a GWG at the time it was scored, but by definition of the stat, he did end up giving up the GWG. and getting the loss, even though the loss is more on Petr's shoulders than Jimmy's...


That was the only comaparison between the two.


$100 please...


Must we hold your hand in everything?  Petr is better than Jimmy IMO, but I can admit he needs more experience to be the legit #1, Jimmy is Jimmy and by default will be the #1 until Petr takes it from him fully.  Nowhere did I say Jimmy SHOULD be our #1, if you recall I was calling for him to be traded over the summer.  Petr will take the job from Jimmy, its just lack of experience in the NHL that is keeping that from happening. 


Right now though, if you really want to talk about who should be #1, neither seem to be wanting it. But Petr, being a rookie, at least as that as an excuse, Jimmy has noithing to excuse his s***ty play...



Don't bother man, he doesn't understand the concept of using similes and analogies to make a point about what was being discussed. Then, to avoid having to admit being wrong, he'll just claim you're not addressing the topic because of said use of similes and analogies.

#2586328 3/28 GDT : Lightning 0 at Red Wings 4

Posted by roboturner on 28 March 2015 - 06:44 PM


*Looks through past posts*


*80% Howard bashing*

*Looks through Howards recent stats*


*80% bad*

#2586273 3/28 GDT : Lightning 0 at Red Wings 4

Posted by roboturner on 28 March 2015 - 03:39 PM

I expected some of the LGWs members who are usually polluting these GDTs during a loss to swing by here and say some nice things about the Wings. They must be busy. It is Saturday afternoon after all. 



Now the the hockey game is over, I just wanted to interrupt my travel plans, pull my car over so I could stop by letsgowings and say that it looks like Howie finally pulled his head out of his ass and game the team a shutout! :)

#2585474 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

Posted by roboturner on 26 March 2015 - 07:32 PM

Wlecome to HowardDidn'tHaveAChance.com!


Feel free to browse our inventory :)


Our most popular have been

"Ericsson with the turnover!" 

"Screened by his own man!" and the always popular 

"It's the Defense!!"


Hurry now while we have our 2-for-1 special, and don't forget that you're shipping and handling are free when Howard's SV% is below .900!!

#2585244 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

Posted by roboturner on 26 March 2015 - 02:18 PM

Happy Birthday 31st James Howard!!!


Prediction: Howard moves either slighty towards losing the starting job or slightly towards keeping it. Or somewhere in between.

#2585001 3/24 GDT : Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

Posted by roboturner on 24 March 2015 - 09:51 PM

Everyone is missing her obvious point, no one was in the GDT all game until the loss, then they come out, instead of contributing all game.

Maybe people like to oh I don't know, Watch The Game while it's on?? Is that unreasonable? People watch, then post their comments after?


s***, do you get mad at people for not giving their opinion every five minutes of a movie instead of just watching it and then discussing it after it is done?


There isn't some conspiracy here where people just show up to hate on the loss, they just want to discuss it with other people when it's over.

#2584829 3/24 GDT : Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

Posted by roboturner on 24 March 2015 - 09:05 PM

Just remember the only reason we have a chance to win this game because the offence showed up to bail Mrazek out.

#2584637 3/24 GDT : Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

Posted by roboturner on 24 March 2015 - 08:33 PM

if any of you guys missed this post, don't worry, just go back to every GDT that Howard has played in that game and its the same post for every goal he gives up...seems that every goal he gives up, someone says he had no chance. No offense to you Hockeytown19, its just were sick of excuses for Howard. Not that you're making up excuses, but its always the same thing when someone tries to defend Howard.

That is total truth right here. 


I totally get that there are goals where they really aren't his fault or he gets hung out to dry.


But when every single goal it's "Not his fault..." "Nothing he could do..." "Ericsson this..." "Quincy that..." I mean COME ON!!!


Nobody has a problem throwing Ericsson under the bus for a turnover that leads to a goal. Nobody has a problem saying Smith wasn't covering his guy. God forbid Howard get some of the responsibility of his position... 

#2584432 3/24 GDT : Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

Posted by roboturner on 24 March 2015 - 07:32 PM

They've been slowing down for awhile though, you're part of the usual group.
Even when you're not able to watch the game you still check in to see what's going on and for updates.

I try and check in and read the thread, but since I usually can't watch the games I try not to comment too much on what I can't see.  (unless i can see a NHL.com clip of a goal or something)

#2584123 3/22 GDT : Blues 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by roboturner on 22 March 2015 - 01:45 PM

Howie was solid today. Good to see :)

#2582601 Mrazek to start how many games?

Posted by roboturner on 17 March 2015 - 02:33 PM

Howie definitely doesn't have it together right now. He may have pushed himself back a little bit too early. From the games I've been able to watch, there were a number of goals where it looked like he gave up on them. I'm not saying he would normally do that, but I think it's an indication that he's still hurting.

Mrazek is still young and that means the occasional rookie mistake, but his puck handling just completely changes the game in our favor. I know I've been kind of scoffed at for stating how much it would help, but I hope people have been able to see the difference and might be coming around to it. And I don't mean to be a dick, but let's not forget how Howie injured himself in the first place.

I remember when Howard first came up and started splitting starts. I kept thinking "this is the guy? This is our goalie of the future?" Five years later he's improved no doubt, but he still plays like a timid kid. I just don't get that vibe when Mrazek plays.

#2582367 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by roboturner on 15 March 2015 - 02:26 PM


Have you been reading these threads lately? That’s normal language. 

Yeah, they've been saying that Howie is in a slump...which he is!


Nothing to suggest that Mrazek is a celestial magician or Neo from the Matrix just putting his hand up stopping the pucks mid shot, just a better goalie.