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In Topic: The Elite Dylan Larkin

08 January 2016 - 12:36 AM

So all that matters is points? Funny how Wings fans used to say Lidstrom should have won the Norris when he wasn't in the top 3 in points. Now that Larkin is playing a Selke caliber 2 way game, we are going to say that all that matters is points? Jesus. And god, how completely HORRENDOUS is 62 out of 560 skaters league wide when you're 19 years old. What a bum. Time to send him to GR.

BTW, 2 more pts and he's tied for 41st. And he's leading the league in +/- now again.



Nowhere do i say this is horrendous, he's obviously a very good player, but elite means being among the very best of your sport. 62nd in the league puts him as essentially the third best point producer on average for an NHL team, if you want to take elite that deep into the talent pool I guess we're not going to see eye to eye. Also nobody is going to give somebody who has played wing all season any Selke consideration.


Plus minus is also an extremely circumstantial stat, that is only useful(if it is at all) over the long run.

In Topic: The Elite Dylan Larkin

07 January 2016 - 11:54 PM

Good. You're getting vuhklemped for no reason. We are just debating, brah. Larkin's an all star. I dont know what else he could do right now to make you feel he is elite. He's lighting the lamp, he's assisting, he's killing it in plus minus, coach is starting to double shift him. What do u want out of the guy?


He's an all star because the NHL mandates every team be represented, and each division make a team. I love Larkin, but he's tied for 62nd in league scoring, hardly elite.

In Topic: The Elite Dylan Larkin

07 January 2016 - 10:54 PM

I have a question then.


Do we consider Crosby and Ovechkin elite in their rookie years - basically from the get-go? And I mean elite among all players not just looking at the 2005/06 rookies. 


Because it seems like the general consensus (except Bill) is that Larkin is not elite yet. I'm wondering how people feel about Crosby and Ovechkin in their rookie years. Would you have labelled them as elite their first year? Or "not yet"


To me it's pretty obvious they were elite players immediately. I still can't believe Gretz left Crosby off the Olympic team. I think what a lot of people forget too is that Crosby is a year younger than Ovie, who had been playing pro in the Super League for 4 years already. In Crosby's 19 year old year he jumped to 120 points and winning the Art Ross. All of this is no knock on Larkin, as these are two of the best young players ever to play in the NHL, but just that Larkins having a great year for a rookie, but has to continue on this path and improving for a few years before we can talk about elite.

In Topic: The Elite Dylan Larkin

07 January 2016 - 02:41 PM


Sidney's rookie year was in 2006, this was the first year post lockout when a ton of rule changes were made to increase scoring. The "trap era" arguably ended in 2004.

2006 had the most goals per game in the last 20 years.




He was still sixth in league scoring which is pretty incredible, and Ovie was third. Rookies that dominate amongst their peers like those two did are extremely rare.

In Topic: The Elite Dylan Larkin

06 January 2016 - 11:23 PM

Well, you got me there Bobby. You debunked my ass pretty good on that one.


Just off the top of my head Ekblad made it last year, and Crosby and Ovechkin obviously would have made it in their first years, but it happened to be an Olympic year.