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24 April 2012 - 04:10 PM

a 3-1 win in game 3 and a 1-2 OT-loss in game 4. marchenko with another powerplay goal in the win.

the odds seem to be pretty bad now for defending the title...but it ain´t over till its over.

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22 April 2012 - 05:52 PM

krasnaja armia lost the second game too with a final of 3-5. marchenko had a goal, but was a minus 3 on the night. now they will head back home for the next two games and try to get a W. btw, opposed to the first 3 rounds of the playoffs being best of 5 series, the finals will be a best of 7. so nothing is lost just yet.

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19 April 2012 - 03:00 PM

first game of the finals today. krasnaja armia lost 2-5 to omsk. no points for marchenko.

i guess krasnaja is the underdog in the finals as omsk finished 1st in the 32 teams league during the reg season while krasnaja only came in as 10th.

previous playoff-opponents reg season place

1st round: 11th
2nd round: 2nd
3rd round: 7th

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11 April 2012 - 03:38 PM

the junior team of cska (krasnaja armia) has won the west finals 3-1 and will play in the finals for the charlamow-cup again and try to repeat as champions.

marchenko has kept a hot hand. his updated stats:

14gp 2g 14a +8

BTW, marchenko plays alongside no.9 (NIKOLAY PROKHORKIN) and no.20 (NIKITA GUSEV) of the final european skaters draft ranking. GUSEV leads all scorers with 14g+16a in 14 playoff games. marchenko is currently 3rd overall in the scoring race.

again, these are just stats, but at least they are promising.

In Topic: Marchenko

07 April 2012 - 07:29 AM

Little update on him:

after missing most of the season because of a knee injury he came back for the last few reg season games and the playoffs for cska in the khl, which ended quickly, his stats:

reg season 6gp 0g 0a -4 toi 12:47
playoffs 5gp 0g 1a -1 toi 17:24

as the season for the big team ended he joined their junior team, with which he won the junior title last year and until now they are on a pretty good way again, leading 2:0 in the western conference finals in a best of five series, meaning they have already won two series so far (both 3:2). his stats:

for comparison first his playoffs stats from last year:

15gp 3g 8a +11

this year so far:

12gp 2g 10a +8 (with one of his goals being the ot-game-winner in game 5 of the semi series)

so at least if you look at the stats and results, it seems he has rebounded pretty well from that injury. hope he keeps up this trend next season. and he is already wearing the right number: 5