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In Topic: Mattias Ritola

12 April 2010 - 11:11 PM

So any GR fans out there with an update on how his season finished up? I was really impressed with his play both last year in training camp and during his short stint with the Wings this season. I am really hoping that the Wings give him a shot a roster spot this fall as everything I have seen in his game the last year looks so very promising. Even if he isn't a full time player, I think being around guys like Z and Pav will only benefit him and the team in the future.

In Topic: Downey Elbows Opposing Goalie In AHL Playoffs

03 May 2009 - 01:11 PM

QUOTE (MileHighWingsGuy @ May 3, 2009 - 12:49PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Downey consistently hurts any squad he's with. I never liked Avery when he wore the Winged wheel and like Downey even less. Every game I see him in its about
fighting and sending a message instead of playing hockey. We have way too much talent both here and in the farm systems to ever see his crap again. I want to see some
more cups hoisted and I think he's a detriment to whatever team he's on. Suspend him? Good riddance.

Obviously you are an idiot. Why? Your first statement shows you know absolutely nothing about the player. If you did, you would know that Downey helped lead the Providence Bruins to a Calder Cup. He helped Detroit win a Stanley Cup last year. Winning a championship hurts a team how? Secondly, he hurt Detroit last year how? Stepping up and pummeling Ian Lapierre after his cheap shot to Lidstrom was a detriment to the team? You really are an idiot who should be watching figure skating, not hockey. Cheap shots happen in all sports, people get emotional and therefor stupid. Having a guy who is willing to step up and do something about it is not something everyone can do. Having someone who is willing and able to do it and do it in a way that doesn't hurt his team is hard to find and sorry to say, Downey doesn't hurt his team.