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#2041631 Maltby appears to be leaning toward retirement

Posted by GROwl on 07 October 2010 - 06:56 PM

my understanding is that the only time the 35+ rule applies is if the player signed a multi-year contract. so if draper retired, we would be on the hook for his cap hit still; but with maltby, he only hits the cap when on the detroit roster.

hopefully someone can confirm/debunk it.

That's been my understanding too. Also, it only applies is he signed the multi-year deal past 35. If he signed a 15 year deal when he was 25, the cap hit doesn't apply if he retires a few years early.

#2000306 Honest Question about AHL ownership

Posted by GROwl on 16 June 2010 - 05:09 PM

CapnSmitty is right. The Griffins are independently owned (by a group headed by Dan DeVos). They have had a Primary Affiliation with the Detroit Red Wings since 2002. Prior to that, it was with the Ottawa Senators. The newest agreement was signed in the Spring of 2007 and extends for a 5 year period - if I remember correctly. As part of the 2007 agreement, the Wings acquired responsibility for the GR coaches, and immediately fired Head Coach Greg Ireland who was the winningest coach ever for GR. I think this responsibility was negotiated back the following year after a horrible season with the new coach that Detroit picked. He was released too.

Also based on the agreement, Detroit must provide a minimum number of players to GR - I want to say its like 16 or 18. The rest are GR's responsibility. They sometimes sign a secondary affiliation with another NHL team - like with Dallas when the Stars were without their own primary AHL affiliate. As part of the affiliation agreement, GR works with the NHL club to determine how much playing time a player gets and on any individual development issues.

It is not common for employees of the AHL affiliate to graduate up to the NHL affiliate since they are usually independently owned. However, often the AHL coaches and equipment managers become like Black Aces similar to the players when the AHL season is done if the NHL team is still in the playoffs.

#1972596 If the wings gets Eliminated by the Sharks....

Posted by GROwl on 03 May 2010 - 05:02 PM

Yeah. Gotta get ny hockey fix before the season is completely over. Would definitely prefer it to be the Wings...but its a long drought til October.

#1936959 Future stud for the Wings D?

Posted by GROwl on 11 April 2010 - 09:46 AM

Which is still, honestly, a success... just to have a consistent player in the NHL (which he might not be). But Kindl almost made the team 3 years ago, and really has done little since then. I am actually hoping he might be a bit like Quincy, and that after that initial taste, he simply is on auto-pilot until he gets back to the Big Show again... only this time, instead of with a different team, but replacing Lebda for the Wings.

Kindl and Quincey have nothing in common. I've seen them both regularly in their first three years of their career.

Quincey - big, physical with a heck of a hard shot and a good hitter. More of a stay at home D-man. Not a fighter, but will drop his gloves in a second if it means protecting his teammates.

Kindl - faster, better skater than Quincey. More offensive upside, but far less defensively. Not a fighter nor a hitter. Not a stay-at-home D-Man...often caught behind the play in break away situations. Needs a D partner that can cover both spots. Has always finished the season with a negative +/- (-34 his first year; -14 last year; -4 this year to date).

Question: Does anyone remember who Kindl was generally paired up with 3 seasons ago when he almost made the Wings' roster?