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#2667211 2016 Round 1 Photoshop War: Tampa Bay Lightning

Posted by P. Marlowe on 12 April 2016 - 07:17 AM



I made this last year. Hedman and Stamkos are hurt, Filppula and Johnson are having bad years and Mrazek won't be starting in net... Oh well.


#2652171 Patty with a Hatty (Eaves Gets 3 in 1 Period)

Posted by P. Marlowe on 12 February 2016 - 04:30 AM

NHL.com Video


Lately Patrick Eaves has gotten playing time in Stars' first line with Seguin and Benn and he has 7 points in the last 4 games. Last night against Chicago he scored a hat trick in the first period. The game ended 4-2.



Eaves entered with four goals in 34 games, but he put Dallas in front at 3:19 with a wicked shot over Crawford's right shoulder. After Klingberg scored on a backhand that went off the right knee of Blackhawks defenceman Niklas Hjalmarsson and through Crawford's legs, Eaves tacked on a pair of power-play goals.

Seguin found a wide-open Eaves in front for a redirection past Crawford on the glove side at 16:26. He added a rebound goal off Seguin's shot with 16 seconds left in the period.





#2641514 Hey!

Posted by P. Marlowe on 07 December 2015 - 09:12 AM

"I swear that puck was going at least 200 MPH!"
"I think you're off at about 100 miles..."
"What?! You mean it was going 300 MPH?!"
- NHL 2002 Announcers

#2634359 Looks like Tyler Bertuzzi is a ****** like his uncle

Posted by P. Marlowe on 31 October 2015 - 03:54 PM

His uncle is a shadow he doesn't deserve. If you're going to judge Tyler do it without comparing him to Todd.

#2623405 Worst Free Agent Signings Ever

Posted by P. Marlowe on 18 August 2015 - 12:05 PM

I suppose the salary cap and how high the average salaries are reasons why recent bad contracts are even worse than they used to be. Still it would be interesting to read about bad contracts from previous decades. Something like in 1953 Bruins gave a monstrous $500/year contract to a defender who ended up being a bust and the francise barely escaped bankruptcy.

#2618729 Free agents this off season

Posted by P. Marlowe on 02 July 2015 - 01:26 PM



Williams recalled his son, a month ago, saying, "Daddy, if we don’t go back to L.A., you should play with Ovechkin, because he’s the best."


That's cute.

#2615860 OT Changes

Posted by P. Marlowe on 24 June 2015 - 01:17 AM

bring back ties


I agree.



#2596979 2015 Round 1 Photoshop War: Tampa Bay Lightning

Posted by P. Marlowe on 21 April 2015 - 04:15 AM


#2582501 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by P. Marlowe on 16 March 2015 - 01:49 PM

Kerry Fraser's take on the game (TSN.ca):


Wes McCauley is a patient referee with very sound judgment. He is not one to overreact. I can guarantee that there was way too much being said from the penalty box, the players' bench and on the ice by the Penguin players that resulted in the unsportsmanlike conduct and misconduct penalty that was assessed to Kunitz at the end of the period. There was absolutely no need for Kunitz to go out of his way to slide the puck in the direction of referee McCauley who was standing at the Zamboni entrance waiting to exit the ice. When players engage in excessive whining and complaining, as it appeared the Penguins did in the first period, the referee will stop the 'drip' and shut off the tap by imposing a penalty. Teams can develop a reputation for whining no differently than players do for diving and embellishment.


The Penguins have earned the undesirable reputation with several of the referees for having too much to say. As a team, they need to turn off the tap on their own as they move toward the playoffs. The referees' patience has already worn thin.


#2573550 Zetterberg leaves after 2nd Period; "upper body injury"

Posted by P. Marlowe on 22 February 2015 - 01:21 PM

Ericsson fought Benn earlier in the game. I thought that thing was supposed to stop cheap shots and make rats and other rodents scared. Still Benn hit Z right in front of Ericsson. How is that possible? Didn't Ericsson enforce Benn enough or is Benn just too much of a rat to understand "the code"?

#2570234 Sabres and Stars swap goalies: Enroth for Lindback

Posted by P. Marlowe on 12 February 2015 - 02:49 AM

Lindback once was to be Tampa's number one goalie and Yzerman paid a lot to get him from Nashville. Not all he does is genius.

#2567990 2015 Draft

Posted by P. Marlowe on 03 February 2015 - 11:30 AM

Something about Ahl just smells like a minor leaguer to me.

#2564707 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by P. Marlowe on 19 January 2015 - 03:36 AM

9 wins in the last 12 games. I'm glad that after the awful 1st period they didn't go the good ole Canadian eating-lumberjacks-for-breakfast-with-Don-Cherry-pie rote throwing tantrums and "sending a message" and actually worked hard to salvage the situation.


I also know that I'm quite late to the joke.




Also this from TSN.ca:


All 11 of Buffalo's defeats during this skid have been in regulation. The last time a team lost 11 in a row, all in regulation, was when Pittsburgh dropped 13 straight from Jan. 13-Feb. 12, 2004, according to STATS.



I wish Sabres will win soon and one of the Penguins greatest records stays intact.

#2555033 Ben Bishop and Darren Pang swap goalie pads

Posted by P. Marlowe on 09 December 2014 - 04:19 AM

Ben Bishop is a Vezina-candidating beast, but Jimmy Howard's stats this season are identical to his.

#2550972 11/22 GDT - Red Wings @ Maple Leafs - 7:00 PM EST

Posted by P. Marlowe on 22 November 2014 - 04:01 PM

I hope Wings win and salute the crowd after the game.