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#2450512 Philly Capitals line brawl

Posted by Resetti on 03 November 2013 - 05:21 AM

I like fights in hockey, but that goes with the assumption that the participants are willing combatants.  What transpired in the Philadelphia-Washington game, specifically with Emery charging down the ice and mugging Holtby, isn't something that belongs in the game.  Hockey's a violent game for tough guys, but nothing is less manly than throwing a temper tantrum on the ice because you stink.  Emery should absolutely have been suspended for that assault.

#2438654 buffalo and toronto fight

Posted by Resetti on 24 September 2013 - 04:10 AM

The game was in Toronto, Carlyle saw that Scott was still on the ice, and he sends out Kessel... that was a very bad idea.  One of the coach's jobs is to manage the game, and that could have been a devastating mistake on his part.  I'm not defending Scott -- he's a big idiot, see? -- but I think Carlyle deserves some heat for not protecting his star player.  And if Kessel really was baiting him at all... well, hasn't he seen those Messin' With Sasquatch beef jerky commercials?  Yeah, bad idea.

#2438548 Paul Ranger's Shootout Attempt(?).

Posted by Resetti on 23 September 2013 - 12:44 PM

Pretty sure the goal wouldn't be allowed anyway, as per rule 49.2: A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who kicks any equipment (stick, glove, helmet, etc.) at the puck, including kicking the blade of his own stick, causing the puck to cross the goal line.


Asked about the play after the game, Enroth said his initial reaction was that he felt Ranger was trying to embarrass him by showboating a bit but given time to think about it, it's not a big deal.  I mean, it's a pre-season shootout game... why should anyone actually be upset about this? 

#2406066 Red Wings don't belong in the same rink as the Hawks?

Posted by Resetti on 17 May 2013 - 09:20 PM

That's some garbage writing.  It's funny how fans like to run their mouths with all kinds of smack talk when all they're doing is sitting on a couch pounding some brew.  I guarantee you that the Blackhawks players don't dismiss the Red Wings when they're on the ice.  They're a good team, but cocky pricks like that author ruin it for me.

#2402920 ECSF : (7) Ottawa Senators vs (1) Pittsburgh Penguins

Posted by Resetti on 12 May 2013 - 09:19 PM

Wow, this thread features way, way, way too much overrating Crosby and way, way, way too much underrating Crosby.  There's some places it's just not even worth having a discussion about him... which is a shame because, honestly, if you cut away all the undue hatred and the undue media hype that surrounds him, there's a pretty unique player that deserves a fair shake.

#2400732 Ovechkin -- Laziest Play Ever

Posted by Resetti on 09 May 2013 - 07:55 PM

That's your captain?  Everybody in that organization should be embarrassed watching that play.  That kind of laziness isn't OK in the regular season.  It's downright pathetic in the playoffs.


But at least it yielded an awesome GIF.

#2399010 ECQF - (8) NY Islanders vs. (1) Penguins

Posted by Resetti on 07 May 2013 - 07:55 PM

I wanted to start a thread about it but am too chicken.


Anyone think the Islanders 1980-1984 consecutive playoff series wins at 19 will ever be broken?



#2397097 Ottawa - Montreal 5 on 5 fight

Posted by Resetti on 05 May 2013 - 09:03 PM

Gotta love it!  This is the kind of thing you like to see in the playoffs, and it's from wars like these that rivalries are forged.  This series smacks of hatred, and I just can't not watch a game like that.

#2395204 Refs this series!

Posted by Resetti on 03 May 2013 - 09:49 AM

Every fan base accuses the other team of "gooning it up," or that there's some league bias for or against a team... it's almost pointless to debate specifics.  They're going to miss calls both ways, so the most important thing is that they maintain a level of control that prevents things from becoming truly dangerous on the ice (e.g. player violently boarded that doesn't result in a penalty so headhunting begins in earnest).

#2382122 Anyone else liking the pre 2005 more?

Posted by Resetti on 07 April 2013 - 07:37 PM

The argument that there are teams in bad markets that water down the product of the game is valid, but I don't think that's something to necessarily pin on the salary cap.  It's bad leadership.  The NHL has the opportunity to relocate teams like Phoenix and haven't to this point.  


As far as the salary cap goes, it's about creating a level playing field.  You're right that money doesn't buy championships, but in baseball you can pencil in half the playoff field just by looking at rosters.  Teams without deep pockets face an uphill battle from the start.  You have MLB cities that haven't seen playoff action in literally decades.  I question whether some of those small market teams are even focused on winning.  I'm pretty sure clubs like the Pirates have just pocketed all kickbacks from the luxury cap instead of funneling that into improving the on-field team.  The fans suffer under this model.


The salary cap pushes the burden of success on management and scouting.  In a luxury cap scenario, talented players just have to float out into free agency until they land on Cash Island.  Some teams end up being relegated to Pro Farm status.  What's fair is having all teams built under the same set of rules.  The NHL messes a lot of things up but the decision to have a hard salary cap is one thing they have right.  Teams should not have a competitive advantage on the basis of being owned by a billionaire.

#2377561 Crosby left the game after puck to the face

Posted by Resetti on 01 April 2013 - 12:22 AM

Yeah, soccer really captures the gist of it.  Sports are supposed to be entertainment.  I don't know what it is that drives some people, makes them so unconscionable.  Maybe they don't have enough going on with themselves so they live vicariously through sports and teams, and it becomes bigger than them. 


At any rate, the unbridled hate that comes out of stories like these make me a cynical man.

#2377533 Crosby left the game after puck to the face

Posted by Resetti on 31 March 2013 - 08:55 PM

Wow, some of the comments here and elsewhere are really low.  While I'm not expecting anybody to be losing sleep over an injury to another team's star player, celebrating the pain anybody goes through with that kind of injury is rotten.  Sports really brings out the worst in people, especially those shielded by the anonymity of the Internet.


From what I'm reading, Crosby did not need to get his jaw wired shut.  That's significant because it means he should be able to get back to solid foods earlier than someone who required that procedure.  Athletes in particular who go through that tend to lose weight and strength, which sets back their recovery even further.  Hopefully Crosby recovers in time for the playoffs.  I, for one, prefer to watch hockey with its best players active.

#2376285 Iginla Traded to Pittsburgh

Posted by Resetti on 30 March 2013 - 12:31 AM

Guess that's what happens when the list of teams you want to go to magically goes from 4 to 1 cause this one time in the Olympics, Iginla passed Crosby the puck and then it went in the net...  I can no longer be a fan of Iginla either way now that he's a Penguin.


"Magically"?  If I were to submit a list right now of my top four dreams jobs in film, I might list some production companies that invest billions of dollars into projects.  The chances of them taking me aren't great, but I think a place like 20th Century Fox is a place I'd want to go.  I also include Filmways, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Independent Pictures.  All of these places would be great landing spots for me.  I hear that 20th Century Fox wants me to work for them; suddenly, I'm really excited about an opportunity that's apparently mutual.  There's nothing really "magical" about it.  Why is it such a difficult concept to grasp that submitting teams that you're interested in doesn't mean that a NMC-player is bound to that list?

#2372843 NY Rangers

Posted by Resetti on 24 March 2013 - 12:20 AM

I think the lesson to learn from the New York Rangers is to not underestimate the value of good, hard-working role players.  Last year they were the Eastern Conference's top team, but after a big trade with Columbus, they might not make the playoffs at all.  A great "team" isn't the collection of talent, it's the sum of its parts.

#2372482 Potential playoff chances projection **Mod Warning Post #10**

Posted by Resetti on 23 March 2013 - 01:11 AM

If every team in the league maintains their current pace, then the standings at the end of the year will look pretty much identical to what they are now.  ;)