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Leafs/Wings 24/7 Episode 2 Discussion (12/21)

21 December 2013 - 07:32 PM

I'll be tuning in right after tonight's game.  I wonder if camera are rolling for this game, it would only make sense.


Anyone notice that there is a game every time there is a new episode?  HBO and the NHL couldn't have worked together on that....oh well.



For those needing to catchup:

Who's Ready For Tons of Outdoor Hockey? (Winter Festival and Class

03 December 2013 - 08:06 PM

Dang title getting truncated...why have the field accept more characters when it'll just cut them off.
Thought it would be nice to have some kind of pre-event discussion regarding the Hockeytown Winter Festival and Winter Classic.  I hope to cover a lot of info in here, with stuff I've learned over the past month or so, including what I got in the mail, from the Detroit Red Wings Box office.
I'm prepared ;)   (I actually have too many)
I blanked out the bar-codes
Winter Classic - Michigan Stadium


January 1st, 2014 -- NBC, Postgame: FSD

Game Starts:  1pm

Gates Open: 10am

No Re-entry, even with ticket, except for cases involving an emergency.


Live Cam
General Info and Map
Official Gameday Guide (same one that they sent to me in the picture)
Various Links:


Prohibited Items
They really are stressing: No bags or purses of any kind

Full list of items:  http://www.nhl.com/i...s.htm?id=633254

along with all policies:  http://redwings.nhl....ge.htm?id=79817


Ticket Info

I was told during a discussion regarding transferring/selling tickets with the Red Wings box office that only official hard tickets will be accepted at the gates for the Winter Classic.  This was why those that used the Red Wings ticket manager system you could not print or transfer the Winter Classic tickets.  So these tickets will be like the ones sent out (see picture) or the basic "boring" ones Ticketmaster prints (like my OHL/AHL tickets) as they only had the hard copy option (per juiceman).  I would be wary of anyone selling tickets that aren't actual hard tickets.  Tickets sent out by the Red Wings box office started arriving Dec 2nd to customers.  Tickets are being sold through the Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange site (TIckets Now), information regarding this is also supported through the Red Wings box office...as they sent out a notice for it.


Scan of ticket (back): 2y2y.th.png

Mobile App



More information can be found here (specifically at the bottom):  http://www.nhl.com/i.../2014/microsite


Hockeytown Winter Festival - Comerica Park


Open Skates and various events: Dec 14-26

Great Lakes Invitational (Day 1): Dec 27 -- FSD PLUS

MSU vs MTU @ 3:30pm

WMU vs UM @ 7pm

Gates Open: 2:30pm

Great Lakes Invitational (Day 2): Dec 28 -- FSD (Tape delay for Championship game)

Consolation Game @ 3:30pm

Championship Game @ 7pm

Gates Open: 2:30pm

OHL Doubleheader: Dec 29

Windsor Spitfires vs Saginaw Spirit @ 1:30pm

London Knights vs Plymouth Whalers @ 5pm

Gates Open: 12:30pm

AHL Game: Dec 30  -- FSD

Toronto Marlies vs Grand Rapids Griffins @ 5pm

Gates Open: 4pm

Alumni Showdown Double Header  -- FSD

Game 1 @ 1pm

Game 2 @ 3:30pm

Gates Open: 12pm

Re-entry is allowed for all games.


Live Cam



General Info and Map

Fan Guide: https://docs.google....LVVuRnhHSlQ2Vmc


There will be free autographs each day, at 3 different booths, leading up to the alumni game (no autographs that day)...in the Fan Zone  They don't have a specific schedule or who listed yet.

They will have an open skate on a synthetic ice rink for each event day, in the Fan Zone.

Coke Zero Fan Zone

Free to those with a ticket for that day's event.  $5 per person for all others, per day.  Re-entry is allowed


Dec 27: 1pm-10pm

Dec 28: 1pm-10pm

Dec 29: 11am-8pm

Dec 30: 1pm-8pm

Dec 31: 11am-4pm


Blue Info Sheet: dba0.th.png


Prohibited Items

Pretty standard list of items that aren't permitted for any sporting event.  Bags and purses are allowed, but will be inspected.

Items and polices here: http://redwings.nhl....ge.htm?id=79817


Ticket Info

Part of the discussion as mentioned earlier was that tickets to all these games can be transferred via web, along with being able to reprint the ticket.  The Red Wings box office says that when the ticket is reprinted (through their system) it generates a new barcode, so the old one becomes void.  They said you can then sell them through the Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange site (TIckets Now) since it's all tied to their system.


GLI/Alumni games - scan (back): p7gr.th.png


More information can be found here: http://redwings.nhl....ge.htm?id=93007
 Clothing Recommendations

I went to the previous Red Wings Winter Classic at Wrigley in Chicago.  Believe me, it gets very cold with a slight breeze.  Baseball parks are a little more open and not really designed to block the wind (as much compared to football stadiums).  My brother and I had on 4 layers, which included heavy winter coat and snow pants, and we could still feel it (temp was in the upper teens).  It was still fun, but if I had on anything less it probably would have affected my enjoyment.  Long underwear, wool socks and snow boots can go a long way; we dressed pretty much like we were going snowmobiling.  So come prepared, and try to get a gauge on what works best at other games prior to the Winter Classic...since you can't leave once you're inside.

Hope to continue updating this as new information comes up (mods feel free to as well).

****(Stuff) no one says about the Wings

22 November 2013 - 12:06 PM

Saw this on HFboards, some really funny ones in there.  Thought it would be a good one to have here for those to subtly vent their frustration.


I'll start with some low hanging fruit.....



Wings got a steal with the Sammuelsson signing.

Fox Sports Detroit 13-14 Red Wings Schedule

22 August 2013 - 09:01 AM

FSD Released their season schedule.  71 regular season Wings games, plus 3 preseason games.  12 of the regular season games will be on FSD+ and 11 games will be on NBC/NBCSN.


There will be a season preview Sept. 27th @ 5pm.




Chris Chelios Hired by Fox Sports 1

16 August 2013 - 12:30 PM

This news is a little old, but didn't see it posted here.


Chelios will be joinging the NHL/hockey team as an analysit on the new sports network Fox Sports 1, which is launching early tomorrow morning at 6am ET.


He's mainly schedule to cover the Olympics, but could see him on there from time to time for NHL coverage.



“I talked about that with the people from Fox,” Chelios said. “I’m going to leave it up to them. I can sit on the fence, I can be edgy. I think I can be charismatic.

“I’m going to start doing some telecasting from the house two or three months ahead of time.”

Here's another story: http://www.chicagono...fox-sports-176/


Should be interesting seeing what his personality will be like on air.  We all know how much he loves the camera....