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#2225191 Ryan Miller's opinion on Milan Lucic

Posted by TSM on 13 November 2011 - 08:21 PM

Any McSorely references related to the Miller attempted slash are R-E-tarded.

Listening to Lucic's postgame interview makes it worse. First tries to make the excuse that he wasn't looking, then bracing himself, because there was supposedly nothing he could do. Then, make a comment that (I'm paraphrasing) "If that happened to our goaltender we would have taken care of it, but we're a different team then they are". Essentially, yeah, he did it, but what are they going to do about it?

Wrong attitude to have. Difference between grit and goon.

I agree with this 100 percent! It must be a joint Yooper-Shanahan appreciation between the two of us as fans. What disturbs me about this whole thread is how differing people within this thread consider this type of play "fair ball" when we all know that it would be a different reaction had this been Howard. The rules exist for a reason because goaltenders that match Lucic's size are few and far between. Secondly, I'd be curious to know what Ryan's brother thinks about this entire thing from a player versus goaltender perspective.

what pisses me off about the homer broadcasters for Boston is how they talk about Lucic being justified and how the Bruins must have his back? Are you kidding????!!! I hate homer observations like this that make a mockery of common sense. I love the physical aspect of the game, but it's nice to see "class" displayed when an opportunity to gravely injure a fellow hockey player is shown. This is the home of Steve Yzerman afterall. Would he consider that a hockey play just because Miller made a play on the puck to prevent a scoring opportunity? I think not!

i want to retire the word "gutless."

it is way overused in hockey.

Really? How would you describe that sort of play? I consider Lucic to be a goon-sized gutless scrub? Does the succession of overused adjectives offend you?

#2183552 SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

Posted by TSM on 08 June 2011 - 01:16 AM

This is a great, candid article from the Vancouver Sun. I'm proud of them for laying it out there.


I loved this article; they need to hire Cam Cole as the interim Canucks coach as Vigneault is lost at this point. The fact that he couldn't see anything wrong with this hit (moral relativism based on coaching loyalties) is what bothers me about this whole thing.

"If Horton wasn’t already out before he hit the ice, he was by the time the back of his helmeted head struck the surface — and the helmet might well have saved his life."

I stated this very thing to my girlfriend last night about this type of hit. Without his helmet, Horton is most likely dead after a hit of that magnitude. Fans love to talk about how Kronwall stones people at the blue line, however the puck being in possession is the key to determining the difference between a hockey play and a late hit. In the case of this hit on Horton, what I don't like about it is how late the hit occurs. To me, hockey needs to be about respect between players. I would have had no issue if a hip check had been placed as that would have been enough of a wake up call for Horton to keep his head up at center ice (Insert Mickey Redmond's voice here). However, Vancouver opted to play the game differently and now they've woken a sleeping giant. The Canucks trainer is going to be having some long nights over the next week or so.

#2183201 SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

Posted by TSM on 07 June 2011 - 02:36 AM

It's funny as I was rooting for Vancouver until they opted to be a bunch of goons (see Anaheim or San Jose). No matter what, that hit on Horton is late and he's the type of player that I love. Goes out and plays hard, smile on the face, etc. Rome is a bum and should be out for the rest of the Cup Finals. This is the type of hit whereby someone is going to get killed. :-( The size and speed of the players these days guarantees it.

We have a series now and we all gotta love a goaltender that lays one on the Captain like Thomas did to Sedin. Bravo Timmay. :-P