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Flyers Haters

19 February 2012 - 05:10 PM

I live in Philly, and I have never run across unsolicited comments in all my years as a red wings fans until now. Apparently this streak has pissed off alot of Flyers fans, and I have been told that this streak is BS and deserves an asterisk. Its to the point where its almost like how the Pats fans were treated during spy gate, and that was outright cheating. What kind of an area is this where such a great streak is treated in such a way? Here is an article for an example, its even the press here:


any of you living outside of Detroit finding a similar attitude? I have to wonder if its a Philly thing, I mean they havent won a cup since the 70's, and the Wings were one of the teams that blocked them from winning on in 97.