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#2041121 TSN's Top 50 NHL Players for 2010-11 Season

Posted by soultrain on 06 October 2010 - 10:49 AM

Regardless of who is on or off this list, it is still fun to check em out and argue

#2039866 Will Maltby be put on waivers?

Posted by soultrain on 03 October 2010 - 12:52 PM

he will be waived and clear waivers then be kick ass in grand rapids!

#2038373 Eklund predicts Central division rankings

Posted by soultrain on 29 September 2010 - 11:11 PM

Eklund also predicted that s*** would come from my ass this morning...dude was dead on.

#2036023 The NHL's Marketing Skills

Posted by soultrain on 23 September 2010 - 09:04 PM

The players should sell the game but the league handcuffs them and tapes there mouths shut!...NHL players are so god damn boring in interviews...it is unbelievable! Then a wild card like Avery starts calling his movie star ex-girlfriend a hoe...and the hockey media and league flip the f*** out! i call thatf****** bulls*** ..they should have let him and phanuf take it to the ice, and made a big deal about it...pro wrestling style!...instead the league fines him and sends him to anger managment.... and also the NHL clothing sucks ass and look ugly 9 times out of 10...i could go on and on! They really should hire me as a marketing consultant, because the old ass dudes running the marketing department are waayyy out of touch with what is going on.

#2035844 "Major" NHL announcement today

Posted by soultrain on 23 September 2010 - 10:52 AM

they are gonna ban the blackhawks piece of s*** "Dut da da Dut da da Dut da da da da da da Dut" stupidf****** goal song.

#2031695 Yzerman and Bolts to Come to Traverse City

Posted by soultrain on 08 September 2010 - 01:28 AM

it would be really sweet if stevie was a gm for the wings in the future.

#2031674 First Call Up Guess?

Posted by soultrain on 07 September 2010 - 10:34 PM

joey macdonald...just kidding... malts!

#2031444 #DanEllisProblems

Posted by soultrain on 07 September 2010 - 02:22 AM

f*** dan ellis...he put up a twitpic of a collapsed building in detroit saying it was a new luxary loft or something like that...he is an ass.

#2031148 Sharks sign Niemi

Posted by soultrain on 05 September 2010 - 12:51 PM

and to the poster about wait yourf****** turn. It was Osgood and Conklin. Not Howard.

before it was ozzy and conks...it WAS gonna be ozzy and howard...right after hasek retired after the '08 cup....do you remember? or no...That is point i was trying to make....it was howards turns (most people thought)...much like it was griess' turn in san hoe..as you said, shark buddy

#2030719 Kozlov signs in KHL...

Posted by soultrain on 03 September 2010 - 01:56 AM

that sucks balls.

#2030698 Habs re-sign Carey Price

Posted by soultrain on 02 September 2010 - 10:53 PM

wow...either we don't know s***..or the habs really f***ed this one up...halak was fire last playoffs.

#2030302 Kirk Maltby nearing 1 year, 2 way deal

Posted by soultrain on 30 August 2010 - 11:58 PM

:thumbup: ...happy to keep him around for another year!

#2026339 Lidstrom's Chances at Another Norris

Posted by soultrain on 15 August 2010 - 04:25 PM

I suggest you start drinking Scotch with water instead of mixing it with Vodka.

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#2026181 Lidstrom's Chances at Another Norris

Posted by soultrain on 14 August 2010 - 07:38 PM

if he started training with barry bonds...he could do it for sure.

#2026180 Where do you buy your Red Wings Gear?

Posted by soultrain on 14 August 2010 - 07:34 PM

i got a lidstrom jersey from dhgate.com for $32...and its $32 worth of awesome... :ph34r: