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Branching out

09 July 2008 - 11:32 AM

i think that the MLB needs to branch out a bit more . most of our proffessional teams are either in canada or the usa and thats it. i think its about time that baseball added mexico or puerto rico mlb teams because a lot of thier good players come from there. plus they are just south of the border if people are just too lazy to have mlb teams in japan (would love a mlb team from kyushu). would be best to put them in the national league because doesnt national mean all over the world?

well then again you do see teams like toronto in the american league and toronto is canada.

heck it might be interesting if the nhl even added russia , sweeden, and czechoslovakia nhl teams. in there then for sure it would be "national"

just my take on it guys. i think anything national needs to be officially "national" not just imported. would be hard for the american fans to watch but then again it shouldnt just be all about us.