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#2408665 WCSF Game 3 GDT - Blackhawks 1 @ Red Wings 3 - (DET leads series 2-1)

Posted by TigerDan on 20 May 2013 - 10:38 PM

People saying the Hawks goal should count: don't kid yourselves.  How short are your memories anyways?  Holmstrom has only been retired for a year.   Rewind to the 2009 series and if that were the other way around and it was Homer in the crease, Hawks fans would cry bloody murder if that goal had stood and when it was disallowed, we as Wings fans would have said "ah, that sucks, but we're used to that call. Time to forget about it and move on."  Which is what the Wings normally did.  If anything, waving that call off shows refreshing consistency in one area playoff reffing over the past 20 years.  God knows there are a lot of other areas that have been called nowhere near as consistently.   Qwhineville whining about that call is laughable - I remeber his watching red a$$ed monkey face dozens of times when Homer was in the crease.

#2405455 WCSF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4, (CHI leads series 1-0)

Posted by DatsyukianDekes on 15 May 2013 - 08:54 PM


#2404542 2013 Round 2 Photoshop War: Chicago Blackhawks

Posted by MotorCityMadness on 14 May 2013 - 10:16 PM



This seemed appropriate enough...





#2396150 WCQF Game 3 GDT - Ducks 4 @ Red Wings 0 (ANA leads series 2-1)

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 04 May 2013 - 07:27 PM

Why in the heck isn't Tootoo playing, I don't get it....we could use him now to fend off FerryPerry


Because Marian Ilitch can't stand to see violence.

Aaron Ward is whining on TSN about how many times Bowman scratched him during the playoffs.


... to play when he was needed. Downey was the same. Is that such a difficult concept to understand?


He's needed.

#2392730 WCQF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1, at Ducks 3. (Anaheim leads, 1-0)

Posted by themcityblues on 30 April 2013 - 10:13 PM

Lol Ducks announcers:


Wings finish 15th in PK: "Middle of the pack"

Ducks finish 13th in PK: "Finished strong"


Detroit are masters of interference away from the puck.

#2392632 WCQF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1, at Ducks 3. (Anaheim leads, 1-0)

Posted by themcityblues on 30 April 2013 - 09:49 PM

These Ducks announcers are annoying.  1:30 into the game and they are complaining about an interference no-call.  A minute later they talk about the Ducks' advantage in the series, and how they think that the forward depth of the Ducks is superior to the Wings'.  As if they think these enormously talented kids can't play with 42-year-old Selanne.

#2390134 Should I take an octopus to Dallas?

Posted by 55fan on 26 April 2013 - 10:33 AM

It depends on how serious your relationship is.   Have you met her parents? 


I'm one of those old fuddy-duddys who think that octi should be reserved for the playoffs, but since this is as close as Dallas will get this year, it's kind of you to give them at least a taste of the playoff experience.


If you're really nervous about getting caught- wear a Stars jersey (get a cheap one at a thrift store) over a Wings t-shirt.  If the jersey is white and the t-shirt red, you might need a white t-shirt over the red one to camo the red.  Then once you get inside, give the Stars jersey to an underprivileged child (one whose parents haven't raised them as a Wings fan), ditch the white t-shirt (they're cheap at thrift stores) and wander about proudly wearing the Wings colours.


Or spend the game in a Stars jersey and when security asks who threw the octo, just shrug and ask them to explain icing.