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In Topic: McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

08 September 2011 - 12:26 PM

Not for the next guy, it's not.

Russian officials, including Medvedev and Putin personally, always call to fix stuff, punish the responsible, tighten the security, etc. every freaking time a fatal accident happens. But with all the corruption that became a norm in Russian society what happens next, someone pays someone else to put a bad plane, train or boat in service, so they can make even more money while saving on maintenance costs. And, unfortunately, this is not the last transportation accident in Russia we have heard or are going to hear about. Don't know how many of you follow the news but there was a ship that sank in Volga river in July of this year with 122 confirmed deaths, 50 of those are children. Same freaking story, old ship, no maintenance done. People in Russia will talk about this particular accident for a few days and forget about it until the next one happens which, believe me, will not take that long. This is the list of all fatal air incidents that happened in Russia over the last 5 years - Russian Air Incidents, about 2 per month, 7 total in July of this year. Most of them we don't hear about because they don't involve the entire hockey team. This is why I'm always surprised when someone leaves NHL to play in KHL where I know they will face so many problems, safety being one of them.