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In Topic: Franzen on IR

23 January 2015 - 04:17 PM


There are all sorts of mental health issues, only some of which deal with emotions.  That's the difference.  So no, it's not splitting hairs. 


Otherwise, I agree that it's perfectly reasonable to wonder why a guy's having a down year IF he is indeed having one.  However, in this case I think his character is being assassinated based on two things...A) We already know why he's out of the lineup.  He's got a neck injury (whiplash) which has been diagnosed.  B)  He's not having a down year.  22 pts. in 33 games puts him on pretty much the exact same scoring pace as he's produced at for the whole of his career.  There's nothing to suggest that his game is suffering, and if it were, there's nothing to suggest it's anything other than the injury sustained during the hit to the head. 


He's injured.  He's not a malingerer, and if he has had (most aren't permanent) mental health issues, there's no reason to believe they're what's keeping him out of the lineup or causing a down year (which he isn't). 

My mistake, man. I was responding to the notion that some have that he is lazy and sucks. I don't think so, and I know many also do not. Your summary makes sense in the immediate sense. I wasn't intending to accuse him of sitting out because of emotional or mental issues. I was addressing his streakiness that some consider laziness. I should have been more specific.

In Topic: Franzen on IR

23 January 2015 - 02:44 PM

Didn't he play through a subdural hematoma while simultaneously tearing through the Avalanche in 2008? Yes, that was a while ago, but maybe he does play through injury when it is A. not diagnosed, or B. not threatening to his quality of life after hockey. 2008 was before all the NFL and NHL concussion-related suicides. Maybe he doesn't want to end up like some. Can anyone blame him for that?

In Topic: Franzen on IR

23 January 2015 - 02:39 PM


Equating his acknowledgement of performance anxiety with "emotional issues" not only grossly simplifies whatever it is that holds Franzen back from dominating the NHL, but it also demonstrates a REMARKABLY narrow understanding of mental health issues.  Just stop. 

It does nothing of the sort. Anxiety is an emotion. I didn't say he had "mental health issues" because I thought it would be somewhat equivocal.


There is nothing gross, simplistic, remarkable, or narrow about my comment. I think I understand in some way what he described in the early interview, and it could be something that still affects him.


Some people think their observation is infallible and they make statements that are disrespectful. I'm calling for compassion as it is possible there is more to the issue than they see.

In Topic: Franzen on IR

23 January 2015 - 12:09 PM


But you have evidence to suspect him of "emotional issues"?


This whole thread has turned hokey.  Why don't we all stick to Franzen and hockey and not try to assassinate/dissect his character.  Regardless of how we feel about him on the ice, there is absolutely NOTHING to suggest he's not a decent, committed, hard working, emotionally stable person. 



Relevant Quote:


"I've always been shy and the first season here, I was almost afraid to score. Then I knew I would be interviewed afterward. It was almost as if I shot at the post instead, but only almost.  But it was never so, I went and chased the goal if we led the game. I don't now, either."

In Topic: Franzen on IR

23 January 2015 - 10:19 AM


I don't. The guy makes me sick... to have all that ability and no desire is such a waste of everything (Ice time, roster spot, and yes...Money too). That money, whether its considered to be alot or not, would be better suited towards a player that gives a s*** and plays.

I think he has emotional issues. Wasn't it mentioned a few years ago that he was struggling with depression? I've had a job that required a lot of travel and I struggled with those issues too. Give the guy some slack.


Fedorov had personal issues too. I remember Bowman snatching a heckler's sign that criticized Fedorov's contract dispute during one of the '90's playoff runs. He didn't want him to lose his confidence.


Think of your own performance at work. Do you always perform at the highest level? Especially when you are down about something? No one has any evidence to suspect him of malfeasance.