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#2200207 Detroit Fans Have Turned Ugly

Posted by Guest on 21 July 2011 - 07:32 PM

I think the author is on to something. I was in pure disbelief when DRW fans on message forums started crying when Sharks landed Brent Burns and acted like it was all Holland's fault. DRW fans were pissed because they think Wild would easily take Hudler + Kindl for Burns and a 2nd... then rant on that Holland didn't even try. That entire thing just really amazed me how ignorant some DRW fans (arm chair GMs) really are. This time of year is always the same, they expect Holland to make a block buster signing/trades at all costs, no matter how bad it hurts the future, just for the sake of making block buster signings/trades.

Then the Ericsson re-signing really took the cake. Lol. People thought Ericsson, despite probably being worth $3.5+ in the open market, should take no more than $1 million from Holland. When Holland gave him a slightly over-paid contract, which will likely be considered a bargain in year or so, Red Wings fans went ape s*** like he wiped his ass with the American flag or something, while completely ignoring that his cap hit doesn't hurt the team what-so-ever.

I have to agree with the author, he is right that DRWs are the most unrealistic and unappreciative fans in the game.