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Should Howard be benched?

05 May 2013 - 04:05 PM

With the Ducks taking the momentum away after last night's loss I feel it's time for a goaltending change. Howard looks lost whenever the Ducks are within like 10 feet of the crease. He's been letting in soft goals all series, and rarely makes any big saves. I'm having a flashback to the 2008 season when Hasek was pulled for Osgood and then we started to pick up our game. The defense probably feels helpless because they're afraid to make a single mistake now because they know it will end up in the back of the net. It's Howard's job to bail out SOME of these mistakes, but he rarely does.


If you take a look at where Howard ranks so far in the playoffs for GAA and SV %, he is currently sitting at 15th place. That's an absolute joke. 




What does everyone else think? Is it time to bench Jimmy?

Chances of landing Parise?

08 May 2012 - 12:54 PM

I've been reading through the forum for a couple of weeks now, read countless articles, and this all leads to speculation that Parise will end up in Detroit. However, the Devils are one win away from going to the Eastern conference finals. Does anyone else think that since the Devils are lasting awhile in the playoffs that he may stay there? I really don't think he's going to leave New Jersey now that his team is most likely going to the conference finals. I may be over thinking this but he seems like a loyal teammate and the fans love him so why would he leave? He already said he wants to go to a winning team and doesn't care about the money. (Devils have gone farther then Wings, + have cap room)

I do not think he is going to leave New Jersey, but if he does I think the chances of the Wings signing him are nearly 100% based on comments from him and the articles I've read.

Post your thoughts.