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Anyone else getting pissed that the Wings can't hold leads

14 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

So I can't rememeber which games specfically but last night's 4-3 OTL Vs the Blues has to have been the 3rd time this season so far that the Wings have had a 2 Goal lead and blown it. I realize the Wings are going through some changes but this had to be expected I mean Liddy couldn't play forever, Holmsy couldn't play forever and the team should have known that and been prepared. I'm fine with our roster right now but I'm very frustrated that the Wings can't seem to hold leads once they get them. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way or do you think I'm out of line. I feel the same way every year. I always have High HOPES for the Wings but I cna't say that I have High EXPECTATIONS for the Wings this season. I'm not saying we need a trade or a major signing but the Wings really need to work on maintaining leads once they have them.