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camo wings hats any one?

15 January 2009 - 01:53 PM

this is for the outdoorsy type wings fan, or anyone who might like camo lol... i know im new here but iv been a member before i just couldnt remember any of my log in info... so i made this new name... any way heres the details.

i have an offer from a guy who sets up and embroiders hats for taxidermy companies... i talked to him about getting one made w/ the red wings logo, since i cant fin one i like in retail. he said he can do it, and its cheap... but i have to have a min of 12 to do it. th cost for me to get them and ship them to you would be right around 10$ a pop. would any one be interested? i can take the money via paypal even. post up if ya want one or two or 30... the min order is 12. i need 11 more.:tu heres the hat it will o on.

im thinking of doing the logo in a camo color as well, or red and white... im not sure, i could use some input on that as well.