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Tough November Ahead

10 November 2011 - 09:32 PM

With the Wings winning two games in a row, I know like most, I am little excited because it's the beginning of them turning things around. However, I was looking at the schedule for the rest of this month, and it's looking pretty tough. For everyone who doesn't know, here the remaining schedule for the rest of the month:
11/11/11 vs. Edmonton
11/12/11 vs. Dallas
11/15/11 @ St. Louis
11/17/11 @ San Jose
11/19/11 @ L.A.
11/20/11 @ Anaheim
11/23/11 vs. Calgary
11/25/11 @ Bostom
11/26/11 vs. Nashville
11/30/11 vs. Tampa Bay

With two tough teams at home then a 3 game West Coast trip, game at home, tough game at Boston, and then two more tough ones at home, this next month could define the Red Wings season, their confidence level going forward, and where they stand in the conference. Realistically, I think the Wings could come out of this 10 game stretch 6-4 with their heads held high and a good bit of momentum heading into December.

What does everyone else think about this topic?